8 Best Pans for Pancakes in 2024

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The best pans for pancakes make whipping up breakfast a pleasure.
Our editorial team recommends the best products through independent research, selection and careful review. Prices are subject to change.

Whether you love to make stacks of fluffy pancakes or piles of super thin crêpes, using the best pan for pancakes makes whipping up these quintessential breakfast foods quick, consistent and incredibly easy. So how do you choose the best pancake pan for your kitchen? 

Considering everything from size and special features to materials and ease of clean-up, we've rounded up our favorite pancake pans for a variety of home cooks. For those in need of the best pan for pancakes to add to their kitchen collection or looking to upgrade their options with a specialty pan, here are our selections for the eight best pans for pancakes.

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Best Pancake Pans

1. Best Classic Pancake Pan: Zwilling Clad CFX Ceramic Non-Stick Fry Pan

Innovatively designed for durability and performance, the Zwilling Clad CFX Ceramic Non-Stick Fry Pan is the best pan for pancakes in terms of classic features and dependability. The scratch-resistant Ceraforce XTREME ceramic non-stick coating combines with a sturdy aluminum core for a long-lasting pan that stays stick-free while providing consistent, even cooking. This best pan for pancakes features convenient, no-spill pouring and comfortable handles that make Saturday morning breakfasts a breeze. 

Why This Product Is Cozymeal-Approved

We chose this classic pan as one of the best pans for pancakes for its premium non-stick qualities and even heat distribution that make it perfect for turning out beautifully browned stacks of flapjacks every time. It will quickly become your go-to best pan for pancakes, omelets and so much more! 


Zwilling Clad CFX Ceramic Non-Stick Fry Pan
via Zwilling

2. Best Aluminum Pancake Pan: Demeyere AluPro Aluminum Non-Stick Fry Pan

With its cold-forged aluminum core, the Demeyere AluPro Aluminum Non-Stick Fry Pan offers superior heat distribution, eliminating undesirable hot spots that cause inconsistent browning. The advanced layers of non-stick coating on this best pan for pancakes ensure the easy release of your food and hassle-free clean-up. The Plasma Primer feature provides improved resistance to metal utensils and protects against peeling, blistering and corrosion. 

Why This Product Is Cozymeal-Approved

We love the high-quality construction and enhanced durability of this aluminum pancake pan. With three sizes to choose from, it’s easy to select the best pan for pancakes to add to your cookware collection. 

Demeyere AluPro Aluminum Non-Stick Fry Pan
via Demeyere

3. Best Pancake Pan Set: GreenPan Reserve Ceramic 10” & 12” Fry Pan Set

Combining two of the most popular pan sizes into one elegant set, the GreenPan Reserve Ceramic 10” and 12” Fry Pan Set provides exceptional performance with a modern, minimalist aesthetic. These PFOA-free best pans for pancakes are finished with a signature diamond-infused ceramic non-stick coating that sets them apart from standard cookware. Oven-safe up to 600°F and compatible with most stovetops, these pans offer top-of-the-line durability and versatility, so you can even experiment with different kinds of pancakes from savory okonomiyaki to airy, oven-baked Dutch babies. 

Why This Product Is Cozymeal-Approved

Don’t let the sophisticated appearance fool you; these pans are seriously tough! We were deeply impressed by the durability and versatility of this set of the best pans for pancakes and so much more. We especially like how valuable this set is for new cooks. If you are just getting started in the kitchen, investing in the best cookware sets that include a selection of quality cookware will help you prepare a variety of dishes.

GreenPan Reserve Ceramic 10 inch & 12 inch Fry Pan Set
via GreenPan

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4. Best Specialty Pancake Pan: Nordic Ware Silver Dollar Pancake Pan

Having the right types of pans in your kitchen for the task at hand makes cooking easier while improving the quality, taste and even the presentation of your food. This best pan for pancakes is ideal for creating perfectly portioned silver dollar pancakes. Cooking up to seven 3-inch mini pancakes at a time, the Nordic Ware Silver Dollar Pancake Pan turns out consistent mini-pancakes that are just the right size for kids, although adults definitely enjoy them too! The PFOA-free non-stick coating and cast aluminum structure ensure easy release and even heat distribution to achieve that iconic golden brown.

Why This Product Is Cozymeal-Approved

We love the versatility and capacity of this best pan for pancakes. The specialty silver dollar mini-pancakes can be customized with your family’s favorite flavors for an easy breakfast for the kids or, with a savory twist, they can serve as the base for elegant canapés.

Nordic Ware Silver Dollar Pancake Pan
via Nordic Ware

5. Best Pancake Pan for Families: Anolon X 12” Fry Pan With Helper Handle

The spacious Anolon X 12” Fry Pan With Helper Handle is a thoughtfully constructed pan designed with feeding families at top of mind. The unique combination of aluminum and stainless steel mesh locks in flavor and promotes outstanding caramelization and browning. This innovative piece of cookware features a PFOA-free non-stick coating and is safe to use with metal utensils. The convenient helper handle on this best pan for pancakes makes transporting the hefty pan from stovetop to table safe and easy. 

Why This Product Is Cozymeal-Approved

The helper handle is a game changer for cooking and serving family-sized portions. The large capacity makes this the best pan to make pancakes for the entire family.

Anolon X 12-inch Fry Pan with Helper Handle
via Anolon

6. Most Versatile Pancake Pan: Staub 13” Fry Pan/Paella Pan

Whether you’re whipping up a batch of fluffy flapjacks on the stovetop or a pan of delicious oven-baked pancakes, the Staub 13” Fry Pan/Paella Pan is the best pan for pancakes to add plenty of versatility to your cookware collection. Designed to last for generations, this cast iron pan is built for easy maneuverability while cooking and seamless transfer from stovetop or oven to table. It’s no wonder it made our list of the year’s best fry pans.

Why This Product Is Cozymeal-Approved

We chose this best pan for pancakes for its timeless design and durability to last a lifetime. This versatile pan handles anything and everything from big breakfasts to one-pot dinners! 

Staub 13” Fry Pan/Paella Pan
via Staub

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Best Crêpe Pans

7. Best Cast Iron Crêpe Pan: Staub Crêpe Pan With Spreader and Spatula

Thin, buttery crêpes are a delightful French classic that can be enjoyed either savory or sweet. The sturdy Staub Crêpe Pan With Spreader and Spatula provides everything you need to easily produce delicate crêpes in your own kitchen. Enduring cast iron combined with a scratch-resistant enamel coating makes crafting perfect crêpes easy and consistent from the first to the last. Utilize the included wooden spatula and spreader to bring home the experience of an authentic French crêperie.

Why This Product Is Cozymeal-Approved

Pairing the timeless appeal of cast iron with a modern enamel finish makes this the best crêpe pan for both durability and convenience. This innovative cast iron is even dishwasher safe! 

Staub Crepe Pan With Spreader and Spatula
via Staub

8. Best European-Style Crêpe Pan: Ballarini Crêpe Pan Set

Made in Italy, the Ballarini Crêpe Pan Set is the key to turning out consistent, authentic crêpes at home. With low sides and non-stick coating, this lightweight pan offers easy flipping and even browning. The wooden spreader and spatula help create thin, tender crêpes just like you would find in a Parisian café. 

Why This Product Is Chef-Approved

This elegant crêpe pan is highly regarded by Chef Craig for being lightweight and easy to hold while offering long-lasting durability and excellent heat retention for even browning. It is also the perfect size for making classic French crêpes.

Ballarini Crepe Pan Set
via Ballarini


From fluffy, golden brown hotcakes to light, tender crêpes, having the best pan for pancakes in your kitchen cabinet makes preparing breakfast fun and nearly effortless. Whether you love the nostalgia of a silver dollar mini-pancake, whipping up a stack of traditional flapjacks for the family or being transported to Europe with a buttery, delicate crêpe, having the best pan for pancakes at the ready will make sure you can always satisfy any pancake craving. 

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