The Best Breakfast in Las Vegas: Top 17 Restaurants in 2023

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best breakfast in Las Vegas

Choosing eateries serving the best breakfast in Las Vegas is a delicious challenge. Our list includes upscale spots, low-key locales and everything in between.

Whether you're headed to Sin City to win big, catch a world-class performance or just soak up the energy, finding the best breakfast in Las Vegas is a must. Where else can you find buffets open around the clock, serving up early morning favorites anytime hunger hits? Lady Luck is on your side no matter where you go.

With so much good stuff waiting around every corner, you'll need to know which restaurants are serving up the best breakfast Las Vegas has in store. Why spin the wheel and take your chances when we've rounded up our picks for the best breakfast in Las Vegas? From homestyle favorites to upscale delights, these restaurants are your best bets!

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Find the Best Breakfast in Las Vegas

Guided food tours in Las Vegas are a sure path to the best breakfast restaurants in Las Vegas, on and off the Strip. These excursions are led by local experts who'll take you straight to the good stuff. You'll explore exciting locales and learn the history of this mythic metropolis while sampling the tastiest bites in the city.

The Best Breakfast in Las Vegas

1. Omelet House

A family-owned diner opened in 1979, Omelet House serves some of the best breakfast in Las Vegas from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. daily. The name tells you all you need to know about the house specialties served. Highlights include a Wall of Fame with photos of A-list guests who've stopped by.

The Vibe

Laid-back to the max. Wood paneling and eclectic décor create a comforting hall perfect for sinking into a menu loaded with inventive and filling breakfast fare.

What to Order

Benedicts are already one of the best breakfast ideas, but how does lobster Benedict grab you? Medium eggs with tender lobster and creamy avocado served on an English muffin nest. Or maybe the Jolly Green Giant is more your taste, a mix of garden vegetables cooked into fluffy eggs with melted cheese.

Omelet House | Multiple Locations | $$ 

Omelet House has some of the best breakfast in Las Vegas.
via Omelet House

2. Jamms

For straightforward feasts, Jamms is one of the premier breakfast restaurants in Las Vegas. A quick jaunt off the strip brings you to this diner's paradise for a banquet of domestic American tastes meant to satisfy.

The Vibe

Airy and filled with light, this spacious diner is a welcoming spot to settle in for a dish or two of the best breakfast in Las Vegas.  

What to Order

Fans of sweet breakfasts will swoon for French toast made with slices of pound cake in place of bread. The signature breakfast sandwich stacks scrambled eggs, cheese and meat between Texas toast slices with potatoes on the side. 

Jamms | 1029 S. Rainbow Blvd., Las Vegas, NV 89145 | $$ 

a sweet breakfast
via Jamm's 

3. eat.

The lower-case "e" in eat signals a relaxed approach to the best breakfast in Las Vegas. The earthy feel is courtesy of Chef Natalie Young, the community-minded culinary entrepreneur whose soulful kitchen generates a friendly atmosphere for folks to gather for food with heart.

The Vibe

Modern and industrial interiors give this fast casual spot more than a touch of contemporary charm.

What to Order

If the cinnamon biscuits don't grab you by the taste buds, the all-day eggs menu featuring Tex-Mex huevos motuleños with its intriguing blend of chiles and bananas will. For plant-based eaters, the tofu scramble is a sure winner.

eat. | 707 Carson Ave., Las Vegas, NV 89101 | $$ 

one of the best breakfasts in Las Vegas
via eat.

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4. Makers & Finders

As a fixture in the Arts District, Makers & Finders brings creative flair to breakfast fare, in an energetic diner with character to spare. With Latin comfort food peppering the menu, this diner's satisfying platters and plates give the best breakfast in Las Vegas a thoughtful update.  

The Vibe

Light and bright inside, with a fun patio for outdoor dining, M&F is a hipster's haven for the best breakfast in Las Vegas.

What to Order

Churro waffles are a menu attention-getter, combining traditional Latin treats with breakfast toppings for a dessert-style dish. The breakfast empanada skillet offers more substantial dining, with two authentic hand pies filled with bacon, eggs, potatoes and cheese.

Makers & Finders | 2120 Festival Plaza Dr., Unit 140, Las Vegas, NV 89135 | $$ 

Makers and Finders has great breakfast in Las Vegas.
via Makers & Finders

5. Lou's Diner 

Originally called Jo-Ells, Lou's Diner has been a staple serving the best breakfast in Las Vegas since 1969. This nostalgic nook offers a deep menu filled with familiar favorites, all prepared with a special homestyle magic.

The Vibe

Lou's is a trip back to simpler times in the early days of the Strip, with easygoing interiors and a general store for souvenirs.

What to Order

A dish like chicken and waffles brings down-home spirit to the best breakfast in Las Vegas. Belgian waffles can be topped with a scoop of ice cream if your sweet tooth is looking for a fix.

Lou's Diner | 431 S. Decatur Blvd., Las Vegas, NV 89107 | $$ 

sweet waffles
via Lou's Diner

6. The Blue Skillet Pancake House 

An old-fashioned diner serving up no-nonsense classics, The Blue Skillet Pancake House is where hungry eaters go to load up on hearty selections from one of the best breakfast menus in Las Vegas. Large plates ensure that everyone in your crew will walk away satisfied.

The Vibe

Familiar cafeteria-style dining makes The Blue Skillet a comfortable option for families or large groups on a budget.  

What to Order

Tennessee-fried steak and eggs tops the menu for protein lovers, while the Triple Play offers up trios of eggs, potato pancakes and your choice of sausage and bacon to stoke your Las Vegas luck.

The Blue Skillet Pancake House | Multiple Locations | $$ 

Blue Skillet has great breakfast in Las Vegas.
via The Blue Skillet Pancake House

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7. BabyStacks Cafe 

With BabyStacks, beloved menu selections get the sweet treatment, transforming familiar fare into some of the best breakfast on the Strip in Las Vegas. You'll find fresh takes on domestic selections sharing the table with exciting international options.

The Vibe

Fun dining is the order of the day at BabyStacks. Families, couples, singles and groups will have a blast settling into this sunny spot for their small stacks and sunny-side ups.

What to Order

Pancakes that read like a bakery menu are a must-try for anyone with an appreciation for sweet breakfasts. Most notable of the bunch are the red velvet, cinnamon bun and banana cream pie stacks.

BabyStacks | Multiple Locations | $$

red velvet pancakes
via BabyStacks

8. Black Bear Diner

Climb into a booth at Black Bear Diner and you'll swear you're nestled in misty mountains rather than in the low desert Las Vegas landscape. The food matches the atmosphere, bringing some of the best breakfast food in Las Vegas an essence that's always alpine cool.

The Vibe

High forest feels in the dining room give Black Bear diners the cozy cabin experience amidst the neon jungle of the Strip.

What to Order

Big dishes like the pancakes-eggs-sausage combo The GRIZZ! put classic creations in the center of the table. Breakfast sliders featuring sausage, eggs and cheese on brioche buns break things down into smaller bites.

Black Bear Diner | Multiple Locations | $$ 

Black Bear Diner is one of the best spots for breakfast in Las Vegas.
via Black Bear Diner

9. Hash House A Go Go

"Twisted Farm Food" as described by Hash House A Go Go offers delicious shake-ups of model Midwestern specialties. Brunch is an all-day and night affair, putting the best breakfast in Las Vegas within reach at any hour.

The Vibe

The best all-day breakfast Las Vegas has to offer also comes in one of the most fun environments. Combine a kicky pub house, a contemporary café and a reimagined farm diner, and you have the colorful flavor that abounds in this modern mash-up. 

What to Order

If you don't try the HH Big O' Pancakes while you're here, you'll be missing out on the most fun selection among the best breakfast in Las Vegas. This colossal cake is the size of a tractor steering wheel and comes stuffed with sweet fixings.

Hash House A Go Go | Multiple Locations | $$ 

chicken and waffles
via Hash House a Go Go

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10. The Egg & I 

The name The Egg & I doesn't imply the star of the show in this diner as much as it sings it out loud and proud. Though omelettes, scrambles and over-easies are the main event, an inclusive menu also offers traditional dishes to please diners with a range of appetites.

The Vibe

Spacious seating with open booths and tables gives the dining room a friendly sensibility for customers to enjoy.

What to Order

Cincinnati-style chili gets its own section of the menu with omelettes, burritos and skillets that make marvelous use of a Midwestern comfort food. You'll also find eggs fancied up Hawaiian, Italian and Mexican style, adding global spice to the best breakfast in Las Vegas.

The Egg & I | Multiple Locations | $$ 

eggs Benedict
via The Egg & I

11. MTO Café 

Breakfast and brunch are a way of life at MTO Café. The contemporary crowd favoring a mid-morning meal rather than early dining will find their place here. 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. hours of operation during weekdays shift to 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. on weekends, perfect for some of the best breakfast Las Vegas has on the menu.

The Vibe

A most modern café, with warm wood fixtures and bright spaces filled with natural light.

What to Order

There's no getting out of Vegas without trying the King Elvis, a mash-up of bacon, banana, peanut butter and Nutella served on pancakes, waffles or French toast. Add a gigantic Megamosa to whet your whistle.

MTO Café | 500 S. Main St., Las Vegas, NV 89101 | $$ 

MTO Café serves great breakfast in Las Vegas.
via MTO Café

12. Blueberry Hill Family Restaurant

Belly up to the counter at Blueberry Hill Family Restaurant for a classic diner experience with a menu to match. The atmosphere is easy-going, and the menu makes the best breakfast in Las Vegas seem like a timeless treasure anyone can get a piece of.

The Vibe

From the backless barstools at the counter to the no-frills tables and booths, simplicity rules at Blueberry Hill.

What to Order

Irish eggs Benedict is a palate pleaser, mixing corned beef hash and stewed tomatoes with poached eggs and hollandaise. Chocolate Oreo pancakes from the Sinful Delights section is a sugar fiend's dream come true.

Blueberry Hill Family Restaurant | Multiple Locations | $$ 

via Canva

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13. Bouchon at the Venetian

Bouchon at the Venetian is where the high rollers hang out for the best breakfast on the Strip in Las Vegas, bar none. French cuisine from Michelin-starred chef Thomas Keller ensures big spenders will have an elegant time brunching in fine style.

The Vibe

Upscale and urbane, this posh dining room is a five-star space from entrance to exit.

What to Order

Be daring and go for the escargot de Bourgogne, get tempted by a tray of oysters and mussels or keep things simple with a selection of French pastries. 

Bouchon at the Venetian | 953 E. Sahara, Suite A-2, Las Vegas, NV | $$$ 

Bouchon is a fabulous spot for breakfast in Las Vegas.
via Bouchon at the Venetian

14. Mimosas Gourmet

A fantastic collection of American favorites awaits lucky eaters at Mimosas Gourmet. This diner feels like a colorful celebration, where the best breakfast in Las Vegas includes brunch beverages that make the delicious dishes more special.

The Vibe

Light and lively, with plenty of happy energy served with every order. 

What to Order

The chicken enchilada omelette is sure to entice with its strips of tender chicken and zesty red sauce. Country dining fans can enjoy homemade biscuits and gravy in a combo served with eggs and meat.

Mimosas Gourmet | Multiple Locations | $$ 

a plate of breakfast
via Mimosas Gourmet

15. Tableau

As part of the Wynn Resort, Tableau comes with a pedigree that includes some of the best breakfast choices in Las Vegas. From simple smoothies to top-tier brunch spreads, this luxe dining room makes the first meal of the day an affair to remember.

The Vibe

High-end chic yet cool and casual, perfect for resort-style stays or drop-ins for a bite.

What to Order

The Tableau Breakfast includes everything you could ever want from the best breakfast in Las Vegas, including eggs, potatoes and pastries, all in a single order. 

Tableau | 3131 Las Vegas Blvd., Las Vegas, NV 89109 | $$$$ 

Tableau is a luxurious spot for breakfast in Las Vegas.
via Tableau

16. Therapy

New American brunch plates made with superior style are what define Therapy. Bottomless mimosas are never a bad thing in a brunch spot, and Therapy offers up some of the finest in the city. A worldwide clientele will attest to the exciting early morning menu offerings.

The Vibe

Electrifying yet chill, like the best breakfast in Las Vegas served in a space that doubles as a bar and dance club.

What to Order

Hawaiian banana French toast will put you in the island spirit in the heart of the desert, while an Atomic Omelet pays homage to Nevada's nuclear heritage with smoked bacon and caramelized shallots.

Therapy | 518 E. Fremont St., Las Vegas, NV 89101 | $$ 

Hawaiian banana French toast
via Therapy

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17. AmeriBrunch Café

Walk five minutes down the street from Fremont and you'll find AmeriBrunch Café, one of the newer purveyors of the best breakfast in Las Vegas. This café is a family-owned space that adds their own magical touches to dishes you know and love.

The Vibe

Sharp yet unpretentious, this urban oasis shares the spirit of American breakfast cuisine in a welcoming room filled with sunshine.

What to Order

With brunch served all day, every day, you can make return visits for delights like chorizo fries and eggs, smoked pork belly hash and s'mores pancakes. Craft coffees and cocktails can come along for the ride! 

AmeriBrunch Café | 316 E. Bridger Ave., Ste. 102, Las Vegas, NV 89101 | $$

fruit-covered pancakes
via AmeriBrunch Café

Early risers, night owls and everyone in between can enjoy the best breakfast in Las Vegas any time of day. Adventurous eaters can even plan a breakfast crawl and take a taste from a delicious array of diners, restaurants and buffets serving up incredible first-meal food. 

And since this affordable fare is served throughout the day, you'll have plenty of time to feed yourself and plenty of money left over to feed the slots!

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