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Are Potatoes Gluten-Free?

Published on September 29, 2023 | 0 Comments
Are potatoes gluten-free?

As dietary considerations have taken center stage and individuals are more aware of what they put on their plates, a simple yet fundamental question persists: Are potatoes gluten-free?

While potatoes are gluten-free in their natural form, they could become contaminated with gluten when prepared with certain ingredients. The way potatoes are cooked can also transform their gluten-free status. 

What are some considerations to keep in mind when cooking potatoes? Are sweet potatoes gluten-free? Are mashed potatoes gluten-free? Let’s dive into discovering more about potatoes in their gluten-free form.


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What Is Gluten?

Gluten is a protein composite that plays an important role in giving dough its elasticity and helping it rise during the baking process. It is made of glutenin and gliadin that, when combined with water and kneaded, form networking that gives bread and other baked products their characteristic chewy texture.

For some individuals, eating foods with gluten can be problematic. 

For example, Beyond Celiac defines celiac disease as an autoimmune disorder that triggers an immune response when gluten is consumed. This immune response damages the villi of the small intestine, interfering with the way it absorbs nutrients from food.

People suffering from celiac disease or any type of gluten sensitivity need to be extra careful in selecting the right ingredients and cooking methods. 

Some common foods that contain gluten are:

  • Wheat

  • Wheat-derived ingredients (durum, farro, spelt, etc)

  • Flour and starches

  • Barley

  • Rye

  • Triticale 

assortment of wheat bread styles
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Are Potatoes Gluten-Free?

Yes, potatoes are gluten-free. They naturally do not contain gluten, so they're a safe ingredient if you have celiac disease.

However, how you prepare them or the ingredients you use can alter their gluten-free status. You need to ensure that no other gluten-containing ingredients are added to potato dishes when cooking.  

Some ingredients commonly used when preparing recipes can transform potatoes into no longer gluten-free dishes. Malt vinegar, soy sauce, teriyaki sauce, barbecue sauce, pre-made seasoning mixes and bread crumbs, among others, often contain gluten. 

The safest way to keep your potato dish gluten-free is by carefully reading the ingredient labels or choosing certified gluten-free products.  

roasted potatoes
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Are Sweet Potatoes Gluten-Free?

Yes, sweet potatoes are also naturally gluten-free. 

However, as with regular potatoes, when cooking them, you need to ensure that there are no gluten-containing ingredients. Or, if you are craving gluten-free snacks like sweet potato chips, remember to read the label in case they have any additives with gluten.  

Sweet potatoes are gluten-free if made with the right ingredients.
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Are Hash Browns Gluten-Free?

The question of whether hash browns are gluten-free is more tricky as hash browns are processed food, so it really depends on the way they have been made as well as the ingredients used in their preparation.

Frozen hash browns can be gluten-free or contain gluten. This will depend on the brand and the way they are processed. If the frozen hash browns are only made of potatoes without any additional ingredients, they are likely to be gluten-free. 

Similarly, fresh hash browns are gluten-free as long as they are not cross-contaminated with other ingredients during preparation.

hash browns on a round plate with sauce in the center
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Are Mashed Potatoes Gluten-Free?

Yes, mashed potatoes are gluten-free as long as they are prepared with the right ingredients. 

The two most common ingredients used when making mashed potatoes are milk and butter, which are naturally gluten-free. If you decide to buy a pre-packaged mashed potato mix, ensure these do not have any additives with gluten. 

Mashed potatoes are gluten-free naturally.
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Are French Fries Gluten-Free?

Yes, french fries are gluten-free. However, the same disclaimers as above also apply here. The way they are prepared or the ingredients involved can take away their gluten-free status.

A common risk is to eat french fries at restaurants that use a shared fryer. This means that they do not only fry fries but other gluten-containing items. 

The safest way is to make them at home, ensuring you use the right practices and ingredients. For example, when exploring new recipes like shoestring fries or spicy fries, you just need to inquire whether the ingredients and seasonings are gluten-free. 

You can also ask the restaurant about their frying practices to avoid eating cross-contaminated fries. 

freshly cooked french fries
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Tips for Keeping Potatoes Gluten-Free

1. Take a Gluten-Free Cooking Class

One of the best ways to ensure you’re eating gluten-free potatoes is by taking a cooking class. You’ll learn from top-rated chefs the best methods to ensure that all your potato dishes are gluten-free. During these classes, you’ll also be able to get more creative and explore unique flavors and cuisines. 

You can look for cooking classes near you or in other interesting locations. There are cooking classes in NYC and cooking classes in New Orleans, or you can also opt for taking online cooking classes in the comfort of your home. 

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2. Always Read the Ingredients Label

When using pre-packaged potato products like frozen hash browns or french fries, make sure you read the ingredient labels to ensure they do not have gluten-containing ingredients.

An easier way is to always go for gluten-free certified products. 

woman reading ingredients on cereal box in supermarket
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3. Choose Unprocessed Potatoes

Choosing fresh potatoes is a great way to maintain a gluten-free diet as it eliminates the risk of hidden sources of gluten that might be present in some ingredients or pre-packaged potato products.

a variety of potato types in a blue bowl
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4. Be Careful With Cross-Contamination

Just as at restaurants, cross-contamination can happen at home when other members of your house do not have any gluten intolerance. For example, if many people are cooking at home and you use a utensil that is in contact with a gluten-containing product, this can cause a reaction.

Always make sure to use clean utensils, tools, cutting boards and cookware.

Wash cookware and surfaces carefully to ensure your potatoes remain gluten-free.
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5. Choose Gluten-Free Seasonings and Sauces

Many seasonings and sauces commonly used contain gluten, like soy or teriyaki sauce, for example. When shopping for seasonings or dressings to use with potatoes, make sure these have a gluten-free certificate, or read the labels carefully.

naturally gluten-free tamari
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6. Communicate With Others 

This applies whether you eat at a restaurant or at a friend’s house; it’s always helpful to ask them about their preparation methods and let them know about your dietary restrictions. 

chef explaining the menu to two female customers
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So, in short, are potatoes gluten-free? Yes! You can enjoy them in many preparations, from creamy mashed potatoes to crispy hash browns. All you need to do is check labels, avoid using ingredients or seasonings containing gluten and watch for cross-contamination.

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