Chef Albert

Chef Albert

Verified chef

Chef Albert is an expert in all things sushi. His culinary experience includes time spent as a traveling sushi chef and the manager of a sushi restaurant before becoming a franchisee of his own sushi bar. He offers endless energy as he shares his knowledge of sushi creation with students of all skill levels. Chef Albert is excited to help others master his chosen art and experience the happiness food preparation brings.

Cozymeal guest reviews for Chef Albert

Nicole W.


04 Oct 2021

Chef Albert taught me how to make a dragon and california sushi rolls. He was very precise on how he rolled the sushi using the bamboo device which shaped the sushi perfectly. He also taught me how to cut the roll. He was very passionate about sushi as he owns his own restaurant. The presentation of the final result was a very important step as well. He topped the sushi with a homemade eel sauce and sesame seeds. It looks delicious!