Chef John

Chef John W.

Verified chef

An experienced and knowledgable culinarian, Chef John has a true passion for cooking, and he is always looking to share it with others. Having worked in many notable restaurants in the Washington, D.C. area and for events such as the PGA Tour, Chef John knows how to create an incredible meal from start to finish. According to him, it's about more than just crafting a meal; it's giving people a joyful culinary experience.

Cozymeal guest reviews for Chef John

Brittney W.


24 Feb 2020

ZERO stars! My entire experience with John was completely unprofessional. He never showed up or contacted me to say that he wouldn't be coming. Leading up to the class John was very unresponsive. I asked a few questions, & it took him DAYS to respond. He only responded after I followed up a second time. One of my specific questions was if there were any preparations that I needed to make to my kitchen for the class. He failed to even address that question at all. The day of the class, I called & texted him once he didn't show up on time as well as sent him a message through Cozy Meal, he never responded to any attempts to communicate with him. Today, the day after the class, I was notified by customer service at Cozy Meal that he was involved in a car accident that was the reason for this absence. Neither the chef nor Cozy Meal notified me that the class would be cancelled. I understand things happen, but there is no excuse for someone not contacting me. I didn’t hear from anyone until I reached out this morning when they opened requesting a full refund. My choice to book John for my friend's birthday celebration was a huge mistake, & him not showing up completely ruined everything. I would have been more understanding had someone notified that there was an issue. Save your time & money book with another chef.

Christopher M.


14 Feb 2020

Chef John was outstanding during our Valentine's Day experience! Every dish in our 3 course meal was cooked perfectly and bursting with flavor! I'm an excellent cook (not my words), but I still wanted to learn more from an expert, and Chef John gave me several insightful tips during our experience. He was respectful, engaging, humorous, and personal - all without divulging too much or prying into our guests private conversations. He cleaned, washed dishes, and even swept after all the courses where complete. Chef John remained in constant communication with me in the Cozymeal interface and address our dietary restrictions, as well as our request for an alternative "pastry-style dessert!" I will recommend him to my family, friends, and colleagues.

Jim H.


02 Jan 2020

First of all, the meal was delicious. But beyond that, John gave us many helpful tips and took the time to explain each step in the cooking process. He also gave each of us an opportunity to assist in the preparations for each course. A very delightful evening with a personable and friendly chef.