Chef Andrew

Chef Andrew

Verified chef

After starting at the bottom of the restaurant kitchen food chain nearly 10 years ago, Chef Andrew has worked his way up through the ranks and is now the sous chef at a well-known private dining club in the St. Louis area where he is responsible for entrée development and daily vegetable preparation. When he’s not in a restaurant kitchen, Chef Andrew enjoys teaching cooking classes and concocting unique dishes to enter in local culinary contests.

Cozymeal guest reviews for Chef Andrew

Sean L.


04 Mar 2019

Chef Andrew did a great job - very detail oriented! The tuna poke he made was excellent. We talked about our respective trips to Hawaii while he was making it, and how poke is such a omnipresent dish there. He used authentic ingredients and said where to find them locally. The result was full of texture and flavor. I could have eaten a pound of that! Also had interesting knowledge about basement gardening (fresh herbs and veggies) and composting.