Cuisine::pro iD3 7-Inch Black Samurai Santoku Knife

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The striking Cuisine::pro iD3 7-Inch Black Samurai Santoku Knife seamlessly blends premium performance with stunning artistry. Expertly crafted from Japanese steel mined from the Chou-Ki Chiba region, this knife is made to resist stains, acid damage and corrosion while providing antibacterial protection to the blades with its distinctive black matte ceramic coating. Cuisine pro iD3 knives are designed with a low tip and broad blade tapered at an acute angle for improved dexterity and precision cutting. Each lightweight knife features a razor thin edge with every curve thoughtfully constructed for agile slicing and dicing without damaging delicate herbs, fruits or vegetables.  


Inspired by the traditions of Japanese master craftsmen and the makers of Samurai swords, the graceful Damascus blade is distinguished by its dark hue and a flowing, mottled design, reminiscent of ripples in water. Combining centuries-old craftsmanship with modern innovations, this Japanese santoku knife has built-in iD3® Microdot Technology in both the handle and blade for a firm, comfortable grip and effortless release of even the thinnest slices and stickiest foods.


Like this show-stopping santoku knife, the entire Cuisine pro samurai collection is the result of premium Japanese stainless steel expertly crafted with unmatched artistry and a gorgeous addition to your premium cutlery collection.


Dimensions: 7” blade

Care & Use: Hand wash

Materials: Japanese stainless steel