Zwilling Pro Hollow Edge Santoku Knife

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Size: 5.5"
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Italian design and German engineering come together with the Zwilling Pro Hollow Edge Santoku Knife. This santoku knife is a unique blend of Western and Eastern culinary techniques. A broadly curved front makes quick work of Western-style rocking cuts, while the straight back brings in the chopping technique of Asian-style cutting.


The ergonomic full-tang handle and curved bolster of the Zwilling pro 7 hollow edge santoku knife offer comfort, safety and fatigue-free performance as you use a pinch grip to slice hard cheeses, disjoint poultry or mince a holy trinity for Cajun gumbo, jambalaya and étouffée. For smaller hands, the Zwilling pro 5.5 hollow edge santoku knife is a terrific choice for professional or home chefs.


An ice-hardened FRIODUR blade is precision-honed with a laser-controlled edge for sharpness and durability while preparing apples for pie or dumplings, slicing super thin carpaccio and prosciutto for a charcuterie board or chopping potatoes, beef and carrots for a hearty stew. Indentations along the hollow edge santoku knife blade edge prevent pieces of food from sticking. Fewer particles on the blade equal less time spent cleaning your cutlery tools and more time spent preparing your favorite recipes.



7” - Blade Length: 7.09”; Handle Length: 5.31”

5.5” - Blade Length: 5.51”; Handle Length: 4.33”

Care & Use: Dishwasher safe, hand washing recommended

Materials: German stainless steel

1 Product Review
Cozymeal Team Shot
Cozymeal Team
09 Jan 2023
The Zwilling Pro Hollow Edge Santoku Knife makes our list for its versatility and stylish design. Whether you enjoy using Asian-style chopping cuts or prefer the rocking technique of Western-style cutting, you’ll have no problem switching back and forth. We especially love the indentations that prevent vegetables, herbs, citrus and more from sticking to the blade.