Miyabi Birchwood 7" Rocking Santoku Knife

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Hailing from the samurai sword–making capital of the world, the Miyabi Birchwood 7" Rocking Santoku Knife is an ideal choice for any cutlery collection. Hand-honed and ice-hardened for superior sharpness, durability and accuracy, the steel blade and ergonomic birchwood handle join forces to make chopping meat, vegetables and fish easy and stress-free. Whether in the hands of a novice or experienced chef, this unique knife is a prime culinary companion. Handcrafted in Seiki, Japan.

Dimensions: 7.09” blade; 12.68” overall length
Care and Use: Hand wash only. Avoid detergents with bleach or citrus oils. Avoid cutting on hard surfaces such as stone, metal or glass.
Materials: Micro-carbide powder steel blade. Birchwood handle

Chef Approved
Chef Lisa *
Chef Lisa *
Boston Proper, MA
Aptly named, this knife ROCKS! It is by far a superior utility knife as it finely slices like a Santuko yet has the rocking motion of a Chef’s knife. Does one need both knives? If you are planning on investing in knives, but would prefer just a few, buy this knife and take great care of it. It is an investment, as all kitchen equipment should be. This 7” Rocking Santuko has a sturdy handle displaying the blade running all the way through the handle. Initially, the handle may feel heavy, however the blade balances it out. I want a secure handle when I need to cut into a root vegetable. The top of the bolster gradually flows into the blade, making it comfortable to hold and the edge has a slight angle to it, making it easier for your fingers to hide behind. That created a comfortable and controlled grip for my small hands, which I find to be extremely helpful. The blade is thin and very sturdy, creating refined cuts, and the granton edge helps prevent most foods from sticking to the blade. The knife edge is double beveled, making the blade much sharper, and is helpful to know when it may need to be sharpened. The broad blade curves slightly upward to form a tip, enabling this knife to rock forward. This knife has the precision of a Santuko and the working capability of a Chef’s knife. It is one of the best knives I have ever worked with.
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