The 27 Best Restaurants in Philadelphia in 2024

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The 27 Best Restaurants in Philadelphia in 2023

Looking for the best restaurants in Philadelphia? The City of Brotherly Love offers an immensely rich food culture driven by both American and international flavors. There are perfect eateries for every food-related need and occasion, including date ideas in Philadelphia, raucous group gatherings and quiet lingering solo lunches with amazing views. 

We’ve rounded up a few of the best Philly has to offer, including everything from high-end French cuisine and chef-selected four-course menus to the city’s favorite taco stands, delis and sandwich shops. You will also find a wealth of international flavors courtesy of Philadephia’s diverse populations that rival any of the U.S.’s largest cities.


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Find the Best Restaurants in Philadelphia

Looking for things to do in Philadelphia? Food tours are a perfect way to get a sense of Philadelphia's restaurant scene. They will take you to some of Philly’s best spots for both casual and formal dining experiences as well as introduce you to the city’s most famous dishes like its famous cheesesteaks. You can find food tours in Philadelphia that will help you explore its food history, bustling nightlife and favorite recipes.  

The 27 Best Restaurants in Philadelphia

1. Laser Wolf

A second location of the popular Brooklyn eatery, this Israeli-inspired Philadelphia restaurant is known for its charcoal grilled meats as a prime local example of a "shipudiya" or "skewer house." 

The Vibe

Chic, but casual in demeanor, Laser Wolf specializes in unpretentious Middle Eastern cuisine in a laid-back, industrial-inspired environment. It also has a highly competitive wait list, so plan ahead.

What to Order

Grilled lamb, beef and chicken skewers are their most popular items, as well as Middle Eastern favorites like baba ganoush, Lebanese potato salad and falafel spiced cauliflower. They also have a large selection of Turkish coffees, mocktails, beer, cocktails and wine. 

Laser Wolf | 1301 N. Howard St., Philadelphia, PA 19122 | $$$$

Laser Wolf is one of the best restaurants in Philadelphia
via Laser Wolf 

2. El Chingon

This South Philadelphia restaurant focuses on Mexican traditional cooking from Chef Carlos Aparicios, who traveled throughout Mexico to learn new dishes and techniques with an emphasis on regional flavors.

The Vibe

Both rustic and contemporary, El Chingon is a great spot to stop in for lunch in its plant and brick-filled interior with a chic aluminum lunch counter.

What to Order

El Chingon specializes in tacos tucked in house-made sourdough tortillas and Pueblan sandwiches, which pair meat and vegetables between fluffy and delicious Mexican bread. While the restaurant is BYOB, you can bring your own tequila to pair with their ready-made cocktail mixings. 

El Chingon | 1524 S. 10th St., Philadelphia, PA 19147 | $$

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3. Little Fish

Another Philly BYOB favorite, Little Fish is a small but popular eatery specializing in classic seafood-inspired fare with a gourmet feel.

The Vibe

Casual and laid back with hand-written menus and an open kitchen, Little Fish is known for well-plated dishes that feel elevated, making its cozy interior perfect for a date night or special occasion. With only seven tables in the small dining room, make your reservations early to get a spot for a perfect date idea in Philadelphia or an intimate, small-group gathering.

What to Order

Start with an order of scallops or oysters, then settle in with the octopus, Tasmanian sea trout or red snapper.

Little Fish | 746 S. Sixth St., Philadelphia, PA 19147 | $$$

Visit Little Fish for one pf the bets Philly meals
via Little Fish 

4. Dankbaar

This Dutch Philadelphia restaurant is intimate and cozy, offering up hearty food in a BYOB atmosphere courtesy of Chef Joncarl Lachman.

The Vibe

Old European charm abounds at Dankbaar, with colorful mix-matched dishware, white tablecloths and dynamic artwork providing a backdrop for delicious dining.

What to Order

Try the fish and rabbit stews with heaping baskets of house-made bread with garlic butter, followed up with duck confit or the escargot  For dessert, go for the pineapple brioche or the dark chocolate bark. 

Dankbaar | 1911 E. Passyunk Ave., Philadelphia, PA 19148 | $$$

5. Suraya

Suraya is a specialty market, restaurant and garden located in the bustling Fishtown neighborhood serving Middle Eastern and Lebanese cuisine at its finest with an emphasis on Levantine ingredients and kebabs.

The Vibe

Lively and modern with a vintage edge, Suraya hosts a large, bright dining room with a cozy fireplace and a big outdoor patio.

What to Order

Each weekend, the “Taste of Suraya” offers you a chance to sample various menu items along with wine, beers and signature cocktails. Try the baba ganoush and their famous hummus, as well as lamb, beef and halibut kebabs.

Suraya | 1528 Frankford Ave., Philadelphia, PA 19125 | $$$

Visit Suraya for a more unique dinner in Philly
via Suraya

6.  Gabriella's Vietnam

Another of South Philadelphia’s favorite BYOB Asian restaurants, this Vietnamese kitchen run by Chef Thanh Nguyen specializes in food from her native Saigon using fresh and seasonal ingredients.

The Vibe

Gabriella’s Vietnam has the feel of an upscale eatery with a more casual environment, featuring an interior heavy with cozy wood and industrial accents hung with local artwork and ephemera.

What to Order

Try the open-faced dumplings or lemongrass tofu followed by the seafood or salted egg fried rice.

Gabriella’s Vietnam | 1837 E. Passyunk Ave., Philadelphia, PA 19148 | $$$

7. Booker's Restaurant & Bar

Located in West Philly, this Black-owned restaurant features classic soul food and has been a family-owned business for over 30 years.

The Vibe

Casual and contemporary, Booker’s has a cozy and homey vibe with occasional live performances.

What to Order

They are known for their fried chicken with sides like collard greens and seafood mac and cheese or more contemporary classics like their grilled lamb chops and watermelon mint salad. 

Booker’s Restaurant and Bar | 5021 Baltimore Ave., Philadelphia, PA 19143 | $$

For the best fried chicken in Philadelphia pay a visit to Booker's
via Booker's Restaurant and Bar

8. Laurel

The first Philadelphia restaurant of Top Chef winner Nicholas Elmi, Laurel focuses on American cuisine with French influences with an emphasis on seafood in particular. 

The Vibe

The interior of Laurel is both rustic and provincial with a little bit of luxury, including dark, rich wood and gray tufted chairs, making it an excellent romantic dinner restaurant in Philadelphia.

What to Order

Try the paprika aioli-spiced mussels, the foie gras or the Peking duck followed up with one of their gorgeously plated dessert options like huckleberry or Asian pear.

Laurel | 1617 E. Passyunk Ave., Philadelphia, PA 19148 | $$$$

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9. White Yak

Located in the Roxborough neighborhood, this Philadelphia Tibetan restaurant specializes in hearty meat, chicken and vegetarian momos as well as Tibetan-style curries, handmade noodles and soups. 

The Vibe

Bright, yellow and filled with wood accents, White Yak is cozy and filled with Tibetan art pieces and accents, making a perfect spot for a long lunch or date night.

What to Order

Try the vegetable or chicken momo or the crispy pork ribs. Chili chicken is a hit as well. Finish the meal off with the fried banana tempura. 

White Yak | 6118 Ridge Ave., Philadelphia, PA 19128 | $$

Explore other cultures by visiting this restaurant in Philadelphia
via White Yak 

10. Honeysuckle Provisions

An Afrocentric grocer and café, this Philadelphia restaurant specializes in sandwiches, salads, sides and fresh baked goods.

The Vibe

This bright and airy space only offers takeout, but Honeysuckle Provisions can usually be found bustling and with sizeable lines during the day and a brisk takeout business.

What to Order

The menu constantly changes, but suggestions include their version of a classic peanut butter and jelly sandwich with apple butter or one of their popular hoagies with a side of potato salad. They also have meal kits you can take home.

Honeysuckle Provisions | 310 S. 48th St., Philadelphia, PA 19143 | $$

11. Kalaya

Located in Fishtown, this Thai restaurant in Philadelphia was opened by 2023 James Beard award-winning chef Nok Suntaranon based on recipes created in her native Thailand.

The Vibe

This bright, light-filled space is filled with plants and greenery under a lofted skylighted roof, making Kalaya one of the best Philly restaurants to visit day or night under the stars.

What to Order

Try the crab curry or the chicken dumplings along with one of the many tropical cocktails, beer slushies and wines from the bar. 

Kalaya | 4 W. Palmer St., Philadelphia, PA 19125 | $$$

Try this beautiful crab curry at this Philadelphia restaurant
via Kalaya

12. Jezabel’s

This Argentine bakery and Philadelphia restaurant is located in West Philly, where it serves up all manner of South American pastries and baked goods from its large bakery cases.

The Vibe

One the most popular Philadelphia restaurants for breakfast and lunch, the interior of Jezabel’s is chic and contemporary with a casual, trendy feel, perfect for spending hours with coffee and pastries on their outdoor patio.

What to Order

Jezabel’s is famous for their empanadas, medialunas and afforjores, all made with pastry dough created and baked on-site.

Jezabel’s | 206-208 S. 45th St., Philadelphia, PA 19104 | $

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13. Juana Tamale

One the most popular new Philadelphia restaurants, this brick-and-mortar location began as a birria taco pop-up courtesy of chef Jennifer Zavala, which attracted a cult following before it even opened its doors.

The Vibe

Colorful and filled with artwork and fun cultural accents, Juana Tamale is filled with bright furniture and vintage touches that create a laid-back environment.

What to Order

Sample some of the classic Mexican options like tamales and juicy birria tacos or the popular birria ramen.

Juana Tamale | 1941 E. Passyunk Ave., Philadelphia, PA 19148 | $$

Visit Juana Tamale to experience one of the best restaurants in Philadelphia
via Juana Tamale

14. Hardena

This cafeteria-style Indonesian restaurant in Philadelphia is a great spot to stop for lunch or an early dinner.

The Vibe

Casual and colorful, Hardena is filled with Indonesian artifacts, photographs and local artwork. 

What to Order

Favorites include the goat curry or jackfruit stew followed up with classic Indonesian dishes like fried corn fritters or chicken skewers. 

Hardena | 1754 S. Hicks St., Philadelphia, PA 19145 | $$

15. Amma's South Indian Cuisine

A long-loved institution, this Indian restaurant in Philadelphia has a huge menu and multiple locations throughout the Philly area. 

The Vibe

With a large bright lofted dining room, Amma’s is both rustic and contemporary, with trendy steel cafeteria-style platters and plates.

What to Order

Try popular Indian dishes like samosas, chicken curry, tikka masala or one of the many dosas.

Amma’s South Indian Cuisine | 1518 Chestnut St., Philadelphia, PA 19102 | $$

Explore Indian cuisine in the city of Philly
via Amma’s South Indian Cuisine

16. Rex at the Royal

This New Orleans-inspired Philadelphia restaurant offers a huge selection of Southern and coastal favorite dishes heavy on seafood.

The Vibe

This spacious lofted interior of Rex at the Royal feels both industrial and formal, filled with chandeliers and stained glass accents.

What to Order

Try the crab fondue, the shrimp and grits or the crawfish pot pie. They also have a large bar with signature cocktails like the tequila-based Por Dio.

Rex at the Royal | 1524 S. St., Philadelphia, PA 19146 | $$$

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17. The Love

New American fare meets old-world charm at The Love, located in Rittenhouse Square, which serves up cozy comfort food in a bubbly and chic atmosphere.

The Vibe

High arched ceilings complement The Love’s rustic feel, accompanied by wood accents and candlelight, making it one of the best Philadelphia restaurants for a romantic date night outing.

What to Order

Popular menu items include the buttermilk fried chicken, the beef shortribs ragu and the batter-fried cauliflower. 

The Love | 130 S. 18th St., Philadelphia, PA 19103 | $$$

For a lovely time, visit The Love in Philadelphia
via The Love 

18.  Vernick’s Fish

This seafood-focused Philadelphia restaurant, winner of a James Beard award, is a luxurious locale for a date night or special occasion.

The Vibe

Vernick’s is stylish and well-appointed, with huge windows and a lofted ceiling towering above a spacious dining room, complete with an expansive raw bar and seafood counter.

What to Order

Sample the grilled black sea bass, the spicy tuna tartare or the red snapper ceviche for a taste of Vernick’s finest. They also have an extensive dessert menu if you want something sweeter after the main course.  

Vernick’s Fish | 1876 Arch St., Philadelphia, PA 19103 | $$$

19. Pod

This Philadelphia restaurant offers a wide selection of sushi and other Japanese dishes in its University Park Location.

The Vibe

Pod’s distinctive and modern décor is imbued with neon lights, photos on the wall and a funky cosmopolitan feel.

What to Order

Try traditional Japanese cuts of beef or sushi, or opt for more modern dishes like the JFC bucket (Japanese Fried Chicken) or the lobster bao buns.

Pod | 3636 Sansom St., Philadelphia, PA 19104 | $$

Tryy Japanese fried chicken at this popular restaurant in Philadelphia
via Pod 

20. Down North Pizza

Excellent pizza with a socially conscious vibe, Down North Pizza’s mission is to offer employment opportunities to former inmates at fair wages.

The Vibe

Down North Pizza does a brisk carryout business but does have counter seating for dine-in eating amid framed local photography. 

What to Order

Down North’s distinctive Detroit-style pizzas have clever names like the Roc the Mic, Say Yes and Big Head Pizza. Try a slice or a whole pie. Appetizers include spicy crab fries and various kinds of wings. 

Down North Pizza | 2804 W. Lehigh Ave., Philadelphia, PA 19132 | $$

21. Parc

A classic French all-day bistro, Parc sits right near Rittenhouse Square, offering a beautiful spot for people-watching and dining on exquisite French dishes.

The Vibe

This romantic Philadelphia restaurant offers a spacious indoor dining room that accommodates small or large parties, as well as an outdoor seating area perfect for spending long hours with a bottle of wine, excellent French dishes and exquisite desserts. 

What to Order

Try the escargot, steak frites or the beef bourguignon. For lighter fare, choose their classic burger and pommes frites with grilled onions and raclette cheese.

Parc | 227 S. 18th St., Philadelphia, PA 19103 | $$$

Parc is one of the best restaurants in Philadelphia
via Parc 

22. Mish Mish

This Mediterranean Philadelphia restaurant has a seasonally changing, locally sourced menu that revels in classic takes on traditional dishes as well as innovative meldings of flavors.

The Vibe

Low-lit and romantic with an elevated fare, Mish Mish is the perfect date night spot, whether you are in the dining room or one of the café tables that sit beside the open windows that look over Philly’s Singing Fountain.

What to Order

Highlights from the menu include the pomegranate glazed chicken, the beef ribs and the New Jersey corn. 

Mish Mish | 1046 Tasker St., Philadelphia, PA 19148 | $$$

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23. Royal Izakaya

This creative take on a neighborhood sushi spot tucked beneath sushi favorite Momotauro feels exclusive. You enter through a dive bar-style room and into a bustling dining room serving elevated Japanese cuisine.

The Vibe

While the entrance feels secretive, Royal Izakaya’s vibes are very accessible, with a full photo menu to help you make creative and diverse choices. Japanese street culture filters through the ambiance, making it dynamic and visually interesting.

What to Order

They have a wide selection of sushi and sashimi but also serve several chef-specialty dishes like sourdough okonomiyaki, salt-broiled Norwegian mackerel or pork and vegetable gyoza.

Royal Isakaya | 780-782 S. Second St., Philadelphia, PA 19147 | $$

This is one of the best Japanese restaurants in Philadelphia
via Royal Isakaya

24. The Good King Tavern

Located in Bella Vista, this French Philadelphia restaurant feels plucked right out of France, offering a more casual and budget-friendly alternative to Parc.

The Vibe

The Good King is a decidedly laid-back spot to enjoy French cuisine’s classic dishes, with a cozy indoor dining room lined with blue booths and a large outdoor seating area. 

What to Order

They offer all the classic French flavors like escargot in herb butter, duck of the day and mussels Marseilles. They also have an extensive and robust wine list. 

The Good King Tavern | 614 S. Seventh St., Philadelphia, PA 19147 | $$

25. South Philly Barbacoa

Located in the Italian Market, this Philadelphia restaurant often has lines around the block for its signature tacos due to appearances on Netflix’s "Chef’s Table" and "Ugly Delicious" series. 

The Vibe

Simple but colorful with a bustling exposed kitchen, South Philly Barbacoa is a perfect spot to stop for a to-go taco or to grab a quick lunch.

What to Order

The barbacoa tacos, of course, are created on house-made tortillas and with a citrus-based marinade that simmers for hours. 

South Philly Barbacoa | 1140 S. Ninth St., Philadelphia, PA 19147 | $$

One of the best restaurants in downtown Philadelphia is South Philly Barbacoa
via South Philly Barbacoa

26. Vetri Cucina

Vetri Cucina is an elevated Philadelphia restaurant that boasts a pricey tasting menu from chef Marc Vetri that runs $165 per person for four courses.

The Vibe 

This cozy and rustic dining room boasts chandeliers overhead, big windows and high ceilings, making it a perfect romantic spot for a fine dining experience.

What to Order

There is only one option with the four-course chef-chosen menu, but many praise the roasted lamb, foie gras pastrami with toasted brioche and ricotta cavatelli with wild boar sausage. Follow it up with the chocolate polenta souffle.

Vetri Cucina | 1312 Spruce St., Philadelphia, PA 19107 | $$$$

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27. Middle Child Clubhouse

This Philadelphia restaurant is the larger version of the popular Midtown Village Middle Child deli with a Fishtown location, complete with more of a sit-down feel, full bar and larger menu.

The Vibe

Casual and lively, Middle Child Clubhouse has the feel of an old-school game room complete with sports memorabilia and game tables.

What to Order

The menu has an emphasis on New American cuisine inspired by deli classics and international flavors. Try the okonomiyaki-style latke, grilled maitake with crispy egg or the spaghetti with crab gravy.

Middle Child Clubhouse | 1232 N. Front St., Philadelphia, PA 19122 | $$

Check out one of the best Philadelphia restaurants
via Middle Child Clubhouse 

Philadelphia’s restaurant scene has something for everyone and every occasion. Whether you are looking for an elevated night out or a quick bite, Philly will not disappoint.

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