17 Best Indian Restaurants in Boston, Massachusetts in 2024

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Indian restaurants Boston

While this coastal town may be known primarily for fresh seafood and Italian food, there are plenty of incredible, authentic Indian restaurants in Boston. The vibrant colors and bold flavors of Indian cuisine are ultra-craveable, plus it’s a welcome change from your typical carry-out or dine-in roster. 

Indian cuisine is traditionally vegetable-forward, making it a smart choice for the crowd when dining with vegan, vegetarian or pescatarian friends. Whether you’re looking for the full sit-down experience or the best tikka masala to-go, there are plenty of fantastic Indian restaurants in Boston to tempt you.


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Find the Best Indian Restaurants in Boston

Few things are more satisfying than coming across a new restaurant and falling in love with the food. There’s nothing wrong with your regular spots, but it’s fun to add some new ones every now and then. When you take food tours in Boston, you can count on a trained expert to show you some of the best spots in town whether it be a dive bar with the best cheeseburger or a mom-and-pop shop with your new favorite lobster roll. You can always request international fare, and you just might find the best Indian restaurant in Boston along the way.

17 Best Indian Restaurants in Boston

1. The Maharaja

Nestled just behind Harvard Square you can find The Maharaja, a delightful Indian restaurant in Boston. Everything is as authentic as it gets, from the décor to the imported spices. Lauded as one of the top-rated Indian restaurants in Boston, this spot earned the Diner’s Choice Award from OpenTable last year. 

The Vibe

Ornate from floor to ceiling, a big draw to this Indian restaurant in Boston is its traditional décor. Take a seat in a finely detailed hand-carved wooden chair looking out through arched glass windows. 

What to Order

You can’t go wrong with anything here, but this spot is particularly known for its chicken tikka and chicken tikka masala, along with tandoori chicken. Despite the popularity of its chicken dishes, this Indian restaurant in Boston also has a huge selection of vegan and vegetarian-friendly options. 

The Maharaja | 57 John F Kennedy St., Cambridge, MA 02138 | $$

A vibrent chicken tikka with naan and rice is available at this Indian restaurant in Boston.
via The Maharaja

2. Dosa n Curry 

This Indian restaurant in Boston is 100% vegetarian, fusing cooking methods and flavors from three unique provinces in India with elements of Chinese cooking thrown in too. Eating veggies has never been more delicious thanks to a selection of slow-simmered curry sauces and warm naan at Dosa n Curry

The Vibe

This Boston Indian restaurant enjoys a supremely cozy location, allowing you to snuggle up in a booth and enjoy the tantalizing aromas wafting out from the kitchen. The spot receives high praise for its extremely attentive service alongside seriously superior Indian food in Boston. 

What to Order

The dosas, of course! These rice pancakes are the perfect vehicle for all sorts of chutneys and homemade sauces. 

Dosa n Curry | 447 Sommerville Ave., Somerville., MA 02143 | $$

Stuffed dosa with various spicy dips.
via Dosa n Curry

3. Punjabi Dhaba

Located on the outskirts of the city, Punjabi Dhaba has been named the Best Indian Roadside Café yet again and after a bite of its tikka masala or saag paneer, you’ll understand why! This restaurant has been on a mission to bring the bold flavors of Punjab to the city of Cambridge at a reasonable cost since 1998 and has earned its reputation as a favorite Indian restaurant in Boston for many locals. 

The Vibe

Inspired by the roadside cafés in Punjab, everything feels casual, even down to the food counter set up with old-school aluminum trays. This Boston Indian restaurant is cash-only, except for delivery or online orders.

What to Order

Chicken tikka masala and lamb vindaloo are bursting with bold flavors and the popular saag paneer with spinach and cream sauce is simply delightful. 

Punjabi Dhaba | 225 Hampshire St., Cambridge, MA 02139 | $$

Chicken Tikka Masala, Garlic Naan, Vegetable simosa and butter chicken is available at this Indian restaurant in Boston.
via Punjabi Dhaba

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4. Himalayan Kitchen

Himalayan Kitchen in Sommerville brings you the freshest Nepalese-Indian fusion food around. Get your fix of high-quality, specialty ingredients like simmered goat meat or marinated baby back ribs at Himalayan Kitchen, a Boston Indian restaurant loved by locals. 

The Vibe

A small and cozy spot, this Indian restaurant in Boston is just as busy with carry-out orders as it is with guests dining in. Snag a spot at the back bar under the blue lights to enjoy a chilled glass of mango lassi while you wait for your delicious Indian meal. 

What to Order

Step outside the box and try the chicken tikka pizza, a fusion dish for the whole family. This Indian restaurant in Boston is also known for its aloo gobi, chana masala and stuffed dumplings. 

Himalayan Kitchen | 40 Bow St., Sommerville, MA 02143 | $$

Fried chicken with a variety of vibrant sauces ranging in spice levels.
via Himalayan Kitchen

5. India Pavilion

India Pavilion has been in business since 1979, making it one of the oldest Indian restaurants in Boston. The extensive menu follows old family recipes and blends North Indian cuisine with flavors of South Asia for a delightful fusion that will tantalize your tastebuds. 

The Vibe

There is a warmth and coziness to India Pavilion that makes you want to settle in for a hot bowl of curry. Lots of red and dark wood tones make the spacious eating area feel more intimate.  

What to Order

Be sure to come to this Boston Indian restaurant hungry and enjoy the expansive lunch buffet. The saag paneer and coconut soup are crowd favorites and the chicken curry is second to none. 

India Pavilion | 17 Central Sq., Cambridge, MA 02139 | $$

Try the lunch buffet featuring various curries and naan bread at this Indian restaurant in Boston.
via India Pavilion

6. Passage to India 

Formerly found in Porter Square, Passage to India moved to Cambridge Crossing to continue its streak of more than 30 years as one the top Indian restaurants in Boston. The family that runs it also has a food truck, Tandoor & Curry on Wheels, bringing their delicious family recipes to diners all over town. 

The Vibe

Bright and modern, the new space at this Indian restaurant in Boston also features a sizable outdoor patio and full-service bar. The ambiance is warm but casual, perfect for a night out at a classic Indian restaurant in Boston.

What to Order

One of the 12 kinds of naan offered is sure to hit the spot, and the chicken vindaloo or lamb rogan josh will (almost literally) blow you away. 

Passage to India | 3 Glassworks Ave., Cambridge, MA 02141 | $$

Chicken vindaloo and lamb rogan josh can be found at this Indian restaurant in Boston.
via Passage to India

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7. Kantipur Cafe 

Another Nepalese-Indian fusion menu, Kantipur Cafe seeks to offer the most authentic, high-quality Indian dishes in Boston. 

The Vibe

This Boston Indian restaurant is sleek and modern with white walls and minimalist décor, yet the space feels inviting with lots of wood from, floors to tables, to warm it up. 

What to Order

The momo dumplings, a Nepalese favorite, are the specialty, loaded with meat or veggie fillings. This dish comes in a total of five different preparations, including steamed or served with a spicy broth. Plus, this spot has almost 20 exclusively vegetarian dishes for you to enjoy, far more than many other Indian restaurants in Boston. 

Kantipur Cafe | 119 Hampshire St., Cambridge, MA 02139 | $$

Chicken momo tandoori with Bara (black lentil).
via Kantipur Cafe

8. Shanti

Another long-standing Indian restaurant in Boston, Shanti has been serving Indian and Bangladeshi fusion food since 1999. This location offers an array of proteins from lamb and goat to beef and chicken along with plenty of vegetarian options to boot. The restaurant does “spicy” very well, but there are plenty of mild dishes for all to enjoy. 

The Vibe

Another very authentic spot, the décor is colorful with shades of warm terracotta and cooling mint green. 

What to Order

The buffet changes regularly at this Boston Indian restaurant and fresh food is brought out every 15 minutes. Chicken shaag is the most popular dish (although they’re all delicious!), and the butter chicken is also a must-try. 

Shanti | Multiple Locations | $$

A variety of the fresh cuisine including the butter chicken.
via Shanti

9. Mela Modern Indian Cuisine

Enjoy a slightly elevated take on traditional Indian cuisine in Boston at Mela, located in Boston’s South End. Enjoy a date night here with the prix-fixed dinner for two. This spot could be one of the most romantic restaurants in Boston for the spice-enthusiast couple. 

The Vibe

Light and bright with sky blue walls and fluffy white light fixtures, there are nods to classic Indian décor with wonderfully ornate hanging art pieces. 

What to Order

A crispy yet fluffy vegetable samosa will cure your hunger pangs and a side of gobhi charchi and garlic naan showcases a variety of specialty spices. 

Mela Modern Indian Cuisine | 578 Tremont St., Ste. 1, Boston, MA 02118 | $$

Try this spiced cheesy garlic naan at this Indian restaurant in Boston.
via Mela Modern Indian Cuisine

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10. Singh’s Dhaba

Another delicious Indian restaurant in Boston is brought to you courtesy of the Singh family. The menu at Singh's Dhaba focuses on North Indian dishes using fresh, local ingredients and offers a wonderful selection of bread, kebabs and curries. The Singh family also owns The Kebab Factory in Sommerville.

The Vibe

The décor is visually pleasing, featuring sunshine-yellow walls and smart tables and chairs. The colorful and flavorful plates of food are what define the space, along with the family’s presence and commitment to customer satisfaction. 

What to Order

Stop in for lunch and enjoy the thali, a selection of small plates that will give you a taste of the variety this Indian restaurant in Boston offers.  

Singh’s Dhaba | 1001 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge, MA 02138 | $$

Try the thali, a selection of small plates with various curries and naan breads
via Singh’s Dhaba

11. India Quality

Another North Indian gem, India Quality is an award-winning Indian restaurant in Boston. This two-time Best of Boston winner has stayed consistently delicious despite the decades of transformation at Kenmore Square. The owner hails from the Punjab region of India and proudly serves his hometown cuisine here in Boston. 

The Vibe

Casual and welcoming, enjoy the background noise of classic Bollywood movies and Indian music as you look out over the Fenway Park area. 

What to Order

The spinach poori bread and coconut korma have earned high praise from diners and local publications alike, with many praising this Indian restaurant in Boston for providing truly authentic Indian dishes. 

India Quality | 484 Commonwealth Ave., Boston, MA 02215 | $$

Naan Bread, Butter Chicken, Mixed Platter, Channa Masala and Bhatura are available at this Indian restaurant in Boston.
via India Quality

12. Madras Dosa Co. 

The creators of this family-run Indian restaurant in Boston were inspired by watching their mothers prepare dosas in their home kitchens as young kids. Today, you can enjoy those same recipes, lovingly crafted at any of the three locations. All of the kitchens at Madras Dosa Co. are an open-layout so patrons can overlook the process, just like how the owners watched their mothers many years ago. 

The Vibe

Limited seating lends to the allure and the interior is light, bright and modern. It looks more like a swanky coffee shop than an Indian restaurant and you can take photos against the wall of greenery, complete with a cute neon sign that reads “Dosa is the answer.” 

What to Order

The masala dosa and samosa chaat are the two most requested dishes, however, the restaurant offers about 50 types of dosas in total so there’s something for every palate. 

Madras Dosa Co. | Multiple Locations | $$

Papdi chaat and chicken dosa to go can be found at this Indian restaurant in Boston.
via Madras Dosa Co

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13. Tikki Masala

If you want to know that you’re getting real, authentic Indian food then this Indian restaurant in Boston is a must-visit location. The name Tikki Masala highlights the restaurant's specialty dish, though the many other delicious South-Indian dishes will ensure a second (or third) visit. 

The Vibe

The restaurant itself is pretty small, only seating 24 guests, so it’s safe to say that takeaway is more popular. If you do choose to dine in, you can expect clean, minimalist décor in pleasant, cooling tones. 

What to Order

The chicken tikka masala, of course! Other favorites include butter chicken and vegetable samosas, though its menu is quite extensive and even includes fresh seafood along with goat, lamb and tofu. 

Tikki Masala | 3706 Washington St., Jamaica Plain, MA 02130 | $$

Get a classic chicken tikka masala at this Indian restaurant in Boston.
via Tikki Masala 

14. Zam Zam

Zam Zam proudly serves Pakistani and Indian cuisine to the people of Boston with a fully Halal menu. When you walk through the doors, you’re likely to be greeted by the owner who works every day, greeting guests with a smile. Another Best of Boston winner from 2019, Zam Zam is a phenomenal Indian restaurant in Boston to try. 

The Vibe

A smaller dining area with simple but traditional Pakistani décor gives it a homey feel. It is known for its friendly staff who always treat you like family. 

What to Order

You can’t go wrong with the lamb nehari or even the spicy seared tilapia. Save room for dessert because the gulab jamun, fried milk balls with warming spices, is made fresh daily.

Zam Zam | 42 MA-60, Medford, MA 02155 | $$

Garlic naan, lamb nehari and rice are served at this Indian restaurant in Boston.
via Zam Zam


15.  Wow Tikka | 84 Peterborough St, Boston, MA 02215 | $$

Wow Tikka is a go-to Indian restaurant in Boston for takeout and delivery. Self-proclaimed as a modern Indian bistro, Wow Tikka offers a variety of classic dishes made healthy and customizable in an attempt to revolutionize fast food. There are no preservatives, artificial colors or flavors anywhere in the food. 

The Vibe

There are a few seats in this fast-casual joint, but most of the business is take-out or delivery. 

What to Order

This Indian restaurant in Boston is known for building your own bowls, starting with a rice base. From there you can add aloo, spicy vindaloo sauce, sautéed cabbage, chickpeas and more. 

Wow Tikka | 84 Peterborough St., Boston, MA 02215 | $$

Tandoori chicken bowl with fried chicken and salad.
via Wow Tikka

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16. Rosebud Bar & Kitchen

Once you taste the Indian-American fusion dishes at Rosebud you’ll be hooked. Indian spices meld together with classic American diner dishes, combining for a laid-back and enjoyable dining experience at this Indian restaurant in Boston.

The Vibe

The outside of the restaurant is worth a photo, a shining gem of American diners past. Take a seat on the red tufted booths or snag a spot along the approximately 20-seat bar. Everything feels old-fashioned but intentional; it’s a fun restaurant in Boston that’s equally suited for a romantic date night or a casual catch-up with friends. 

What to Order

The best of a multitude of cuisines awaits you, like green chile waffles and Kerala fried chicken. Wash it down with a chai espresso martini or curry bitters old fashioned. 

Rosebud Bar & Kitchen | 381 Summer St., Sommerville, MA 02144 | $$

Kerala fried chicken can be found at this Indian restaurant in Boston.
via Rosebud Bar & Kitchen

17. Vaisakhi Indian 

This family-owned and operated Indian restaurant in Boston aims to delight all of your senses when you dine here. Vaisakhi started as the dream of three close friends who, with the help of their families, are bringing authentic Punjab cuisine to Boston. The name Vaisakhi is a Punjabi New Year and harvest festival — a time of abundance and bright colors that you will find reflected in the space. 

The Vibe

You’ll feel at ease surrounded by comforting, warm hues from floor to ceiling. The casual exterior and minimalist décor inside makes this an unassuming hidden gem with a surprisingly extensive menu. 

What to Order

Lamb korma, made as spicy as you can handle, and veggie pakoras with mint chutney will warm you from the inside out. Any of the preparations of paneer will also knock your socks off. 

Vaisakhi Indian Kitchen | 157 Sutherland Road, Boston, MA 02135 | $$

Chicken tikka masala, goat biryani and lamb vindaloo are just some of the meals on offer at this Indian restaurant in Boston.
via Vaisakhi Indian Kitchen

For the spice-lover, there’s no shortage of incredible Indian restaurants in Boston to scratch that itch. Most of these spots have large menus, spanning unique dishes from the far North to the Southern reaches of India. Often family-owned and operated, many of these Indian restaurants in Boston are perfect for introducing Indian cuisine to your mealtimes. 

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