21 Best Indian Restaurants in Austin, TX in 2024

Published on July 2, 2024 | 0 Comments
Indian restaurants Austin

In a city that’s all about diversity and boldness, you know there are going to be some incredible Indian restaurants in Austin. Sure, restaurants here might be known for Tex-Mex and barbecue, but this city is also a foodie hot spot, with food trucks and sit-down establishments representing pretty much every type of cuisine you can imagine. Indian food in Austin is as vast and varied as it gets. If you’re not yet an aficionado, there’s so much more than curry or butter chicken to savor at some of Austin’s best Indian restaurants. 

In the downtown area or just a short drive outside the city, you can find food trucks and fusion palaces blending Indian, Nepalese and Pakistani flavors with American, Tex-Mex or BBQ-style preparations. The list of Austin foods to try is long, but if you’ve yet to discover Austin’s Indian food scene, the incredible list of Indian restaurants in Austin will show you precisely what you’re missing.


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The 21 Best Austin Indian Restaurants

1.  Jaipur Palace

It doesn’t get much more authentic than Jaipur Palace when you’re on the lookout for Indian restaurants in Austin. Bringing North Indian cuisine to Central Texas since 2019, the owner has been passionate about making and sharing his native Indian cuisine. You can count on bold, fusion flavors in a colorful and traditional environment. 

The Vibe

There’s plenty of room to sit down and enjoy the cool blue walls and intricate artwork. At this Indian restaurant in Austin, you’ll feel welcomed and comfortable as you enjoy a dine-in experience rather than taking food to go. 

What to Order

The menu features lots of traditional celebratory dishes as well as classic plates for a hearty weeknight meal. A side of garlic naan is a must and the samosa chaat and lamb korma are fan favorites. 

Jaipur Palace | 9900 I-35, Ste. P900, Austin, TX 78748 | $$

A vibrant curry with rice is on the menu at this Indian restaurant in Austin.
via Jaipur Palace

2. Lali Son 

Just a short drive outside the city, you can find Lali Son, one of the tastiest Indian restaurants near Austin. A delightful fusion of Himalayan, Nepalese and Indian cuisines, the chefs also offer many gluten-free, dairy-free and Halal options alongside tender braised meat dishes. 

The Vibe

Step on up to the food counter and order; this spot is pretty much all about carry-out. You can find some chairs in the food-court style setup but this Austin Indian restaurant is more designed for those who want to grab and go. 

What to Order

The Indian restaurant in Austin offers a huge selection of momo (dumplings), from steamed to deep fried with fillings like chicken or spicy chile. This spot is also famous for a variety of spiced chicken dishes like fried chicken bites in a special house sauce and chicken biryani. 

Lali Son | 12201 Hero Way W., Leander, TX 78641 | $$

3. Rock ‘n’ Grill 

The best of North and South Indian cuisines are on the menu at Rock ‘n’ Grill in Round Rock. This popular Austin Indian restaurant prides itself on using authentic and ultra-fresh ingredients that celebrate the diverse spices that define Indian cooking. 

The Vibe

The interior is unexpected, to say the least. Different from most Indian restaurants in Austin that feature bold shades of red and traditional artwork, this restaurant feels more like a diner, with tiled floors and ceilings and wood-paneled walls. It’s pretty spacious with lots of room to dine in. 

What to Order

Calling all spice lovers! Order up some tandoori chicken or coconut curry and prepare to feel the heat. Wash it all down with one of the 22 local beers on tap, giving you more options than most, if not all other Indian restaurants in Austin

Rock ‘n’ Grill | 1702 N. Mays St., Ste. A, Round Rock, TX 78664 | $$

Try this vibrant curry at this Indian restaurant in Austin.
via Rock ‘n’ Grill

4. Clay Pit  

Not only is Clay Pit one of the top Indian restaurants in Austin, it was also named one of the best in the country by Bon Appetit magazine! You can find old-school favorites alongside new fusion dishes in a funky and inviting environment. 

The Vibe

Located in the historic Bertram building, you’re surrounded by layered limestone walls and cool blue booths. Enjoy a table for two under the beautiful arched ceilings and take in the tantalizing aromas as you dine in this spacious Indian restaurant in Austin. 

What to Order

Contemporary dishes like curried mussels and kothmir salmon fuse classic spices with modern dishes. The authentic saag paneer and chicken tikka masala are always a hit.

Clay Pit | 1601 Guadalupe St., Austin, TX 78701 | $$

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5. Tarka Indian Cuisine

Sister restaurant to the award-winning Clay Pit, Tarka Indian Cusine has locations all across Southern Texas. “Tarka” refers to the pop and sizzle of spices dancing on hot oil. This Indian restaurant in Austin is all about fast, healthy and affordable food. The city has officially recognized it as a “Green Restaurant” for its use of eco-friendly packaging and the team’s compost and recycling programs.

The Vibe

This Indian restaurant in Austin has a fast-casual vibe with sleek décor. A warming shade of orange that surrounds you makes the space feel cozy despite the modern, minimalistic accents. This is a well-rounded healthy restaurant in Austin, similar to an Indian-style Chipotle. 

What to Order

The menu of this Indian restaurant in Austin is extensive, featuring six curries with your choice of protein, along with biryanis, kabobs and a selection of flatbreads. The samosa chaat is a go-to order along with fresh fruit lassis or a glass of mango lemonade. 

Tarka Indian Cuisine | Multiple Locations | $$

Delicious Indian
via Tarka Indian Cuisine 

6. Saffron

A delightful blend of Indian cuisine with Himalayan and a hint of Chinese influences, Saffron is an Indian restaurant in Austin that makes everything in-house, from scratch. 

The Vibe

Casual and cooling, enjoy classic décor on mint green walls. Plenty of bistro tables indoors and out welcome you to kick back. 

What to Order

The saffron-stuffed naan is a must-try at this Austin Indian restaurant — the perfect way to soak up any leftover sauce from your chicken tikka masala. 

Saffron | 3616 Far W. Blvd., #113, Austin, TX 78731 | $$

7. Nasha | Multiple Locations | $$

This unique fusion Indian restaurant in Austin combines Indian flavors and dishes with local Tex-Mex influences. While Nasha serves up big, bold flavors, it maintains a health-conscious menu free of artificial dyes and MSG. 

The Vibe

The original East 7th Street location is as funky as the menu. The restaurant can be found in a tiny old home that’s been brought back to life with a brightly colored mural outside and a super casual interior. Like all Indian restaurants in Austin, everyone is welcome here. 

What to Order

Chicken tikka tacos or tikka con queso brilliantly bring together local favorites with Indian ingredients. This popular Austin Indian restaurant has plenty of straight-up Indian dishes as well, like aloo gobi and chana masala. 

Nasha | Multiple Locations | $$

Tikka con queso is a great choice at this Indian restaurant in Austin.
via Nasha

8. Yak n Yeti 

Another Indian restaurant in Austin to draw on the nuances of Nepalese cuisine, Yak n Yeti is a quaint, family-owned business that’s been serving the people of Cedar Park since 2019. It is well-known for some of the best momos in Austin, maybe even all of Texas. 

The Vibe

This tiny restaurant has a few pieces of authentic Nepalese art on the walls. You’ll be drawn in by the tempting aromas; you’ll stay for the lunch buffet. 

What to Order

The momos, of course! That said, the butter chicken and lamb biryani are worth a try too, being some of the more popular dishes at this Indian restaurant in Austin.  

Yak n Yeti | 200 Buttercup Creek Blvd., Ste. 125, Cedar Park, TX 78613 | $$

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9. Asiana Indian Cuisine

Asiana has brought affordable Indian cuisine to the city of Austin since 2012. The family previously owned a popular Indian restaurant outside Austin, up in Round Rock. 

The Vibe

Recently remodeled with more modern and comfortable tables and chairs, Asiana is a quiet place to enjoy your meal. This spot also offers take-out and delivery if you’re not in the mood to sit down inside. 

What to Order

If you’re hungry, this is the perfect Indian restaurant in Austin for you! This spot is known for generous portions with bold, classic flavors. Malai kofta or tandoori chicken will always hit the spot, as will the many creamy curries with spice levels to suit your palate. 

Asiana Indian Cuisine | 801 E. William Cannon Drive, #205, Austin, TX 78745 | $$

At this Indian restaurant in Austin you can get a huge wheel of spicy food.
via Asiana Indian Cuisine

10. Bombay Dhaba

Right in the heart of Bouldin Creek, this colorful Austin Indian restaurant on four wheels is one of the best spots for Indian food in the city. Having been around since 2013 Bombay Dhaba makes Indian delicacies casual and accessible for all. Stop by for the famous lunch plate and enjoy some peace and quiet as you explore new flavors. 

The Vibe

Just across the river, you can enjoy your food on a nice picnic bench under a permanent tent that offers welcome shade. This food truck is hard to miss with shades of black, bold purple and hot pink all across the front. 

What to Order

The slow-cooked chicken or lamb curry dishes are only made better with a side of warm, grilled naan.

Bombay Dhaba | 1207 S. 1st St., Austin, TX 78704 | $$

11.  Star of India

If you want authentic Indian cuisine, head to Star of India, a beloved Indian restaurant in Austin since 1992. From the décor to the dishes, you are transported to the streets of Mumbai. Stop by for an all-you-can-eat lunch buffet.

The Vibe

The attention to detail is stunning in this fully decked-out space. Shades of gold and white adorn the space along with hand-painted arches and ornate ceiling tiles.

What to Order

The lamb meatballs are tender and delicious and you can’t go wrong with a plate of spicy chicken tikka masala at this iconic Indian restaurant in Austin. 

Star of India | 2900 W. Anderson Lane, #12D, Austin, TX 78757 | $$

Vegetable Bhojan is on offer at this Indian restaurant in Austin
via Star of India

12. Whip In 

This Indian restaurant in Austin has been owned and operated by the same local family since 1986. A lively spot with amazing and authentic food and live music on the weekends, Whip In was formerly a gas station and convenience store that transformed when its beer sales began to outnumber the gas sales. It still sells a great selection of convenience items, with the addition of a gastropub kitchen. It even makes its own beer!

The Vibe

Cool off from the Texas heat inside the bar area. Misting fans and bright red picnic tables welcome you outdoors on pleasant days. 

What to Order

This Austin Indian restaurant offers a wonderful selection of local, organic meat and produce served in traditional North and South Indian styles. You can even get brunch here on weekends. 

Whip In | 1950 S. I-35 Frontage Road, Austin, TX 78704 | $$

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13. Nawabi Hyderabad House

Hyderabad House is a popular Indian restaurant in Austin known for authentic and delicious biryanis. It offers a selection of South Indian delicacies as well, such as dosas. This spot believes in generous portions for its unique fusion dishes and the list of options at Hyderabad House goes on and on.

The Vibe

The interior feels casual and inviting thanks to new, modern décor and plenty of tables packed into the open floor plan. This particular Austin Indian restaurant is typically busy, especially during the daily lunch rush. 

What to Order

A side of buttery Kerala is perfect for mopping up any leftover sauces. Biryanis are from Hyderabad originally, so you can count on a tasty recreation. 

Nawabi Hyderabad House | 6301 W. Parmer Lane, #601, Austin, TX 78729 | $$

A spicy curry with sauce and rice can be found at this Indian restaurant in Austin.
via Nawabi Hyderabad House

14. Godavari 

Godavari is a national franchise serving up South Indian cuisine with a sprawling lunch buffet, known as thali, seven days a week. The menu at Godavari is as expansive as its list of nationwide locations, featuring a predominantly vegetarian menu with a good handful of meat dishes to boot. 

The Vibe

The décor at this Indian restaurant in Austin feels trendy and new, with cool gray hues and pops of golden yellow. It’s a fusion of contemporary design and new-age Indian art. The bar is a cozy spot for a quick bite or an ice-cold drink. 

What to Order

The famous spicy chicken drumsticks are the perfect appetizer to ease into main dishes like an order of rasam annam or ayar sambar rice. 

Godavari | Multiple Locations | $$

15. Masala Wok 

You can explore the best of two beloved cuisines at Masala Wok, a Chinese-Indian restaurant in Austin. The chain has locations across Texas and the rest of the country, serving everything from curry to fried rice and noodle bowls. 

The Vibe

The interior of this Austin Indian restaurant features a bold shade of red that beckons you in. It’s fast-casual and usually pretty busy, with an experience similar to your favorite semi-fast-food joint. 

What to Order

Savory butter masala fuses two iconic dishes while the tikka kabobs are a delicious option for kids and adults alike. 

Masala Wok | Multiple Locations | $$

Get Thai Dynamite served with rice at this Indian restaurant in Austin.
via Masala Wok

16. Suprabhat 

This fully vegetarian Indian restaurant in Austin has been a fan favorite since 2014. Suprabhat recreates the oldest, most treasured recipes in Indian cuisine using local, organic ingredients whenever possible. It offers daily specials, often using fresh produce from the local farmer’s market. 

The Vibe

The interior transports you to someplace tropical thanks to colorful wall murals and a straw hut in the corner. It’s casual and inviting, perfect for dining as a family with kids, but it can get pretty busy so reservations are recommended.

What to Order

Masala dosas are a classic South Indian dish and one of the restaurant’s most popular. The chana batura is also exceptional. 

Suprabhat | 9225 W. Parmer Lane, Ste. 108, Austin, TX 78717 | $$

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17. Chatpatti Chaat | 9313 Anderson Mill Rd, Austin, TX 78729 | $$

Chatpatti Chaat is an Indian restaurant in Austin that brings authentic street food to the Texas capital with its food truck. Located in the heart of Anderson Mill Park, Chatpatti Chaat is a great spot for a casual bite.

The Vibe

Super laid back, there are some picnic benches nearby if you’re able to snag a spot at peak times and a permanent tent to cast some shade on hot days. 

What to Order

This Indian restaurant in Austin is known for chaat, of course! The samosa chaat and bhel puri (puffed rice with tamarind sauce) are favorites here. 

Chatpatti Chaat | 9313 Anderson Mill Road, Austin, TX 78729 | $$

Raj kachori is on the menu at this Indian restaurant in Austin
via Chatpatti Chaat

18. New Sitara Indian Cuisine

This modern and refreshing Indian restaurant in Austin brings flavors from all over India for everyone to enjoy. Prepared in the mesquite-fired clay oven, its selection of homemade breads and unique proteins is as authentic as it gets. The owner used to take guests on personalized culinary tours in India and now New Sitara brings the best of every region in India to Austin. 

The Vibe

Comforting and cozy with a touch of elegance, this is a lovely spot for a sit-down lunch or dinner. Modern Indian art along with pops of bold colors make the space warm with a hint of drama. 

What to Order

The most popular item is the garlicky naan bread, baked fresh in a tandoor oven. The crispy chicken lollipops are crave-worthy and the samosa chaat is surprisingly light for a fried dish. 

New Sitara Indian Cuisine | 1779 Wells Branch Parkway, #102, Austin, TX 78728 | $$

19. Curry in Hurry 

Curry in Hurry is an ultra-casual Indian restaurant in Austin with tons of vegan and vegetarian options. This tiny strip mall spot opened in 2006 and specializes in biryanis and tandoor cooking in a fuss-free environment for guests where the food speaks for itself. 

The Vibe

At Curry in Hurry there is minimal décor in a cool, clean and crisp ambiance. It tends to serve more carry-out customers than those looking to dine in. 

What to Order

The pani puli balls are bursting with bold spices and a cooling, fresh mint garnish. This spot offers truly authentic Indian dishes, so prepare yourself for some bold flavors! 

Curry in Hurry | 12809 Ranch Road 620 N., #300, Austin, TX 78750 | $$

Get a mild curry featuring beans and rice at this Indian restaurant in Austin.
via Curry in Hurry

20. Biryani Pot 

Another Hyderabadi masterpiece, Biryani Pot is a tasty and casual Indian restaurant in Austin. Each dish is the result of patience, perfect cooking methods and just the right spices. Apart from memorable food, this restaurant is also known for its excellent customer service. 

The Vibe

This Austin Indian restaurant has recently updated its interior for a new and improved dining experience. It’s a medium-sized space that can get pretty busy on weekends. 

What to Order

An à la carte menu features 95 unique items including nearly 25 types of biryani. It offers traditional proteins like goat, lamb and chicken in all your favorite styles from butter chicken to tikka masala. 

Biryani Pot | 12407 N. MoPac Expressway, Austin, TX 78758 | $$

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21. Zaviya Grill 

This Indian restaurant in Austin blends Indian, Pakistani and Punjabi flavors for mind-blowing vegetarian cuisine. All the meat at Zaviya Grill is Halal and to keep things local this spot buys all of its vegetables from local providers to maintain a high level of quality and freshness for all dishes. 

The Vibe

Zaviya Grill is constantly updating its menu and interior to keep things modern, most recently adding a crystal chandelier to illuminate the soft green seating area. It’s a cozy, somewhat packed seating area to accommodate the long line of hungry patrons. 

What to Order

If you want to try something new, this is the perfect spot for you. Stop in for the expansive lunch buffet, with row after row of flavorful dishes beckoning you to try just a bite. 

Zaviya Grill | 1212 W. Parmer Lane, Unit A, Austin, TX 78727 | $$

Get this huge pile of rice and vegetables at this Indian restaurant in Austin.
via Zaviya Grill

Learn to Cook Austin Foods

After trying out the dishes at some of the best Indian restaurants Austin has to offer, you might be tempted to re-create those flavors at home. Check out cooking classes in Austin for a little help from the pros as you tackle anything from homemade biryanis to smoked barbecue favorites or hand-rolled sushi. You’ll get hands-on experience creating the best dishes from all over the globe, including your favorite Austin foods, using premium, local ingredients. Apart from having a blast, your culinary skills will improve and you will go home a better cook or baker, ready to elevate your weeknight meals and keen to wow your guests at your next dinner party!

In a town that lives off of barbecue and breakfast tacos, it’s nice to switch things up every now and then and checking out a few of these Indian restaurants in Austin could be just the thing to excite your tastebuds. The city is so colorful and diverse and the international food scene grows every single year. Whether you like a fusion of flavors or are looking for food that’s as authentic as it gets, there’s an Indian restaurant in Austin for everyone. 

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