The 12 Best New Restaurants in Austin for 2024

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A couple eating nachos at an outdoor table

No matter how electrifying the colorful Austin dining landscape seems to be, there’s always room for new restaurants in Austin to add to the excitement. It feels like there are Austin restaurant openings almost every month, with more appearing on the regular. Curious foodies will be pleased to know that the growing crop of new restaurants in the city is only making options in town more enticing!

What are some of the hottest new restaurants in Austin to be on the lookout for? Where do we begin? Our selection of new restaurants in Austin includes an array of eateries aimed at the modern eater. Some of these new restaurants in Austin are so new, they're still finding their way onto the radar of diners around town. From breezy outdoor sites with plenty of good-time vibes to more elegant spots that add a touch of style to the menu, these new restaurants in Austin hint at the delicious dining moments the city has in store.


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The 12 Best New Restaurants in Austin

1. Bureau de Poste

The name translates to "post office," and Bureau de Poste is intent on delivering phenomenal dining for fans of new restaurants in Austin to relish. Beyond the clever name, this contemporary bistro brainchild of New York chef Jo Chan is actually housed in a renovated post office. How many new restaurants in Austin can say that?

The Vibe

Sunlight spills across rustic concrete floors and modern fixtures inside, while brick patios ensure al fresco charm outside.

What to Order

Start with an appetizer of pommes Dauphines (potato croquettes). Then take a trip to the streets of Paris with a bite of authentic ratatouille, featuring layers of luscious garden vegetables flavored with fragrant herbs. Plant-forward eaters can sink their teeth into the Vegan Burger Royale, a portobello patty decorated with vegan mayonnaise and served with fries on the side.

Bureau de Poste | 43rd and Speedway, Austin, TX 78751 | $$

Bureau de Poste is a delightful new restaurant in Austin.
via Bureau de Poste

2. Craft Omakase

The concept of Japanese omakase dining means the chef makes the important decisions. At Craft Omakase, visitors to one of the most anticipated new restaurants in Austin trust the chef to entrance them with a 20-course tasting menu that celebrates the timeless art of Japanese cuisine in all its delicious forms.

The Vibe

Dim lighting and minimalistic design give the sensation of a temple dedicated to divine cuisine.

What to Order

The hot and cold selections on the sampling menu transform a night among the new restaurants in Austin into a tour featuring some of Japan's finest culinary creations. Dishes are based on seasonal ingredients, so a visit in summer will result in a different menu than a visit in winter.

Craft Omakase | 4400 N. Lamar Blvd., Suite 102, Austin, TX 78756 | $$$$

a decadent piece of mackerel sushi
via Craft Omakase

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3. Palm Pizza

The mesmerizing graphic on the Palm Pizza website heralds this new restaurant in Austin a pizza oasis. A limited menu peppers the possibilities with delicious mystery. With hours of operation between 5:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. Wednesday through Sunday, there's some definite intrigue behind this tasty concept.

The Vibe

There's no name on the door, only the graphic of a swaying palm tree lending an air of mystery.

What to Order

Eggplant parm is a one-of-a-kind pizza combination that vegetarians can take advantage of. Pair it with a chocolate mousse dessert for an evening of rich indulgence. Salad fans can partake of a chef’s salad that tosses in chickpeas and hearts of palm for a Mediterranean twist.

Palm Pizza | 1701 E. Cesar Chavez St., Suite B, Austin, TX 78702 | $$

a closeup of eggplant parm pizza.
via Palm Pizza

4. Dish Society

Only the highest-quality fresh ingredients cross the counter at Dish Society. This noteworthy entry in the bumper crop of new restaurants in Austin is an expansion of the original location in Houston, spreading its farm-to-table philosophy to mindful diners throughout Texas one mouthwatering dish at a time.

The Vibe

Serene, family-friendly interiors are framed by a yellow-brick entrance that turns up the energy.

What to Order

Get the best local ingredients around in a seasonal grain bowl, loaded with nutritious farro and quinoa and topped with zesty add-ins that will make your body and your taste buds equally ecstatic. If you’re looking for a smaller bite of distinctly Austin food, the Snacks menu shows off pretzels and queso, hummus with pita and avocado toast.

Dish Society | 1900 Aldrich St., Austin, TX 78723 | $$

Dish Society is a fun and diverse new restaurant in Austin.
via Dish Society

5. Allday Pizza

Sometimes, new restaurants in Austin choose names that stretch the truth farther than the mozzarella on a classic pepperoni pie! Such is the case of Allday Pizza, where you can order fabulous thin-crust creations by slice or by pie during dinner hours on weekdays and for lunch or dinner during the weekend. But the satisfaction that ensues will certainly last all day, if not longer.

The Vibe

This walk-up window is a contemporary charmer, with cozy garden seating that's ideal for socializing.

What to Order

The White Buffalo will get you a creamy concoction featuring ricotta, roasted cauliflower and a drizzle of spicy Buffalo sauce. Eager for other options? Try The Sampler, where buying five specialty slices will get you a sixth slice for free. Follow it up with a cup of soft serve and a splash of chocolate syrup.

Allday Pizza | 3111 W. 35th St., Austin, TX 78703 | $$

Thin-crust pepperoni pizza
via Canva

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6. Camp Out

As new restaurants in Austin go, Camp Out does the best job of providing an atmosphere as relaxing as a trip through the great outdoors. The camping theme extends throughout the menu and into the outdoor seating situation, where fire pits and play areas beckon the young and the young of spirit to decompress while they dine.

The Vibe

String lights and tin-roof ramadas with picnic tables give an honest-to-goodness campsite spirit to this spot.

What to Order

Pair Campfire Mac and Cheese with a Fireside Flatbread and truffle fries for a three-point turn of hearty, happy eating. Cast-Iron Nachos are sure to be a kick for bar bite lovers, while a Hummingbird brings hummus and fresh vegetables on a toasted ciabatta roll.

Camp Out | 6700 Burnet Road, Austin, TX 78757 | $$

a cast-iron skillet of nachoes
via Camp Out

7. Murray's Tavern

It was proprietor Travis Tober's Grandma Murray who inspired Murray's Tavern, a new restaurant in Austin with a vintage diner feel. With crafty cocktails and down-to-earth deli-style dishes filling the menu, plus a devotion to the hospitality of times gone by, the spirit of Grandma Murray is set to enliven a new generation.

The Vibe

From the flowered wallpaper to the framed pictures to the close quarters, tavern warmth extends wall-to-wall.

What to Order

Grandma's Goulash may be a singular sight among the new restaurants in Austin. This straightforward blend of pasta, beef and stewed tomatoes is a hearty pleaser that reminds diners that sometimes simple is best. For something from the sea, the oysters Rockefeller is one of their signature dishes.

Murray's Tavern | 2316 Webberville Road, Austin, TX 78702 | $$

Oysters Rockefeller on a table with sides and plates
via Murray's Tavern

8. Nomadé

The flavors of the Yucatan come to life in Nomadé, one of the most exotic and creative new restaurants in Austin. Gluten-free dining makes it easy for the culinary-curious to try any dish without restriction, while a dedicated plant-based menu will please vegan and vegetarians looking to try a novel take on traditional Mexican cuisine.

The Vibe

Modern symmetry brought to life using indigenous materials in artful arrangements creates a soothing dining oasis.

What to Order

Hongos Enmoladas Verdes delivers lion's mane mushrooms prepared Yucatan barbecue-style, wrapped in blue corn tortillas for the ultimate in earthy deliciousness. Combine it with Sikil Pak, a Mayan spin on hummus featuring pumpkin seeds and tomatoes, and a batch of coconut flatbread for an authentic spread made without animal ingredients.

Nomadé | 4500 Duval St., Austin, TX 78751 | $$$

Nomade is a Yucatan-themed new restaurant in Austin.
via Nomadé

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9. Cuantas Hamburguesas

The menu may be trim at Cuantas Hamburguesas, but when new restaurants in Austin offer fare this fantastic, who needs anything else? Similar to In-N-Out Burger, this mobile offshoot of the popular Austin food truck, Cuantas Taco, offers four culturally-themed burgers loaded with incredible toppings, plus fresh-cut beef tallow fries with the skins left on.

The Vibe

The fiery red food truck kitchen means picnic table outdoor seating for an open-air food fair experience.

What to Order

A Campechana burger merges two patties with a tortilla made of fried cheese, spicy mayonnaise and a squeeze of lime to turn the flavor volume up all the way. Go tropical with a Hawaiiana burger, where pineapple and ham help two Angus patties find their aloha. Don't forget the fries with this one (as if you ever could)!

Cuantas Hamburguesas | 1108 E. 12th St., Austin, TX 78702 | $$

an open-faced hamburger
via Cuantas Hamburguesas

10. Saigon Le Vendeur

Saigon Le Vendeur may have started as a food truck, but it's moved up in the world to become one of the most exciting new restaurants in Austin, brick and mortar-style. This buzzy báhn mì shop serves Vietnamese sandwiches stuffed to the brim with fresh fixings for a fusion of flavors that more than satisfies. You'll also find distinctive small bite options with Asian-Pacific character for fun accents to your main dish.

The Vibe

Spacious and spare, this dining room gives you room to breathe while you settle in and enjoy authentic Vietnamese specialties.

What to Order

The O.G. báhn mì offers traditional Vietnamese cold cuts paired with pork belly and pâté, surrounded in a fresh roll by slivers of garden vegetables. The lamb version is worth a try, too. An order of egg rolls or street-style corn ribs lets you level up your side dish game.

Saigon Le Vendeur | 439 Industrial Blvd., Austin, TX | $$

a lamb banh mi sandwich
via Saigon Le Vendeur 

11. Fabrik

If you're searching for new restaurants in Austin serving fine plant-based dining, look no further than Fabrik, an upscale option for discerning vegans to duck into. With its gourmet treatment of animal-free dining and multi-course tasting experiences, this prix-fixe palace is a showpiece among new restaurants in Austin, and possibly some of the older eateries, too.

The Vibe

Prepare for simple yet exquisite surroundings when you step inside, from the black linen drapery to the sculptural statement lighting.

What to Order

Select the seven-course tasting menu, and you'll find yourself in a garden wonderland of carrot tartare, house-made sourdough focaccia, vegetable agnolotti and green apple gâteau.

Fabrik | 1701 E. MLK Blvd., Suite 102, Austin, TX 78702 | $$$

Fabrik is an upscale new restaurant in Austin.
via Fabrik

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12. Poeta

At Poeta, the concept of new restaurants in Austin takes a turn for the cozy and picturesque. The decorative eatery is nestled in The Frances Modern Inn and offers diners a spot for poetic creativity in both food and environment. The overall effect is like traveling through time for magical moments in 18th-century salons where artists found their muse.

The Vibe

Walls patterned with fresco-like paper and fringed lampshades are tokens of an elegant time long gone.

What to Order

Tuna Carpaccio makes a light and zesty appetizer. Mezzalune pasta topped with blue crab and avocado may be the most luxurious pasta meal you encounter during your exploration of new restaurants in Austin. End your meal with sweet Italian bombolini or a Wafflegato, with maple gelato and pralines creating sugary bliss in a cup of freshly-brewed espresso.

Poeta | 1123 E. 11th St., Austin, TX 78702 | $$

tuna carpaccio
via Poeta

Wherever your tastes lie — even if you’re experimenting with new cuisines and global fare — there are new restaurants in Austin waiting to whet your appetite. And with new restaurants in Austin popping up throughout the year, you’ll have no shortage of eclectic Austin foods to sample and savor. Whether you’ve visited the city a dozen times, you’re dropping by for the first time or you’re a long-time resident keeping an eye out for thrilling Austin restaurant openings, having these spectacular new restaurants in Austin to choose from is sure to be a treat.

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