9 Healthiest Items at Chipotle To Try in 2024

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Healthiest items at Chipotle

Looking for the healthiest items at Chipotle? Who says nutritious food can't be tantalizingly delicious? Just imagine digging into a bowl filled with a colorful variety of veggies, juicy proteins and tasty sauces. This is precisely what the healthiest items at Chipotle are all about. 

By choosing Chipotle's healthiest meals, you're not just having a bite to eat; you're making a deliberate decision to prioritize your well-being. These top picks are all about tasty flavors and nutritious ingredients. So, why wait? Enjoy every nutritious bite from the healthiest Chipotle items as you remain committed to your health journey.

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Is Chipotle Healthy? 

Trying to reach certain goals and wondering how to start eating healthy while still enjoying fast foods? Don't worry, Chipotle can remain on your list of go-to spots. Swapping out a burrito for a burrito bowl is just the start of your journey to discovering the healthiest Chipotle menu items. Opting for brown rice instead of white rice is also a great choice; not only does this add fiber, but it's also another simple swap on the path to discovering the healthiest items at Chipotle. 

From choosing a base of salad greens or brown rice to adding lean proteins like steak, options for the healthiest items at Chipotle are endless. And when it's topping time, go easy on the cheese and sour cream. Opt for the salsa and guacamole instead. Next time you're hankering for something healthy that still feels like a cheat meal, remember, the items in this guide help land Chipotle on the list of the healthiest fast food chains. 

Two bowls, a burrito, guacamole, salsa and nachos from Chipotle
via Chipotle

The 9 Healthiest Chipotle Items To Order

1. Three Steak Tacos

Chipotle's Three Steak tacos are incredibly tasty. Imagine succulent pieces of tender meat nestled in cozy tortillas, delivering a mouthful of deliciousness with every bite. Add some crunchy lettuce, zingy salsa and creamy guacamole, and you have yourself a flavorful explosion. The steak? Oh, it's seasoned and grilled to absolute perfection, bringing out all those rich, savory flavors. These tacos are hailed as some of the healthiest items at Chipotle, providing a tasty and nutritious treat you wouldn't want to miss out on.

Three Steak Tacos from Chipotle
via Chipotle

2. Vegetarian Burrito Bowl

Get set to swoon over Chipotle's vegetarian burrito bowl. It's one of the healthiest items at Chipotle packed with so much goodness thanks to a serving of rice, beans, grilled veggies and all those tasty toppings like salsa and guacamole. Each bite is packed with a variety of flavors and nutrients — all the good stuff your body craves. So, next time you pop into Chipotle, why not give this healthy vegetarian fast food item a try? You'll leave feeling full of beans, literally and figuratively.

Vegetarian Burrito Bowl from Chipotle
via Chipotle

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3. Spicy Queso Sauce

You’re at the counter, eyeing the healthiest Chipotle menu items, trying to decide what will take your meal to the next level. Well, hold onto your thoughts because we've got a delicious secret to share: the spicy queso sauce from Chipotle's secret menu. It's not your run-of-the-mill sauce; it's a flavor bomb waiting to explode. The combination of sharp cheese and fiery chili peppers marry for a taste sensation like no other. And here's the kicker: it's made from real, wholesome ingredients, making it one of the healthiest items at Chipotle. Spice up your next order with this delicious and nutritious addition to the healthiest items at Chipotle.

One of the healthiest items at Chipotle — spicy queso sauce
via Chipotle

4. Double Wrapped Burrito

The Double Wrapped burrito is such a delicious treat that you'll quickly forget just how healthy it is. Get ready to bite into not one, but two warm tortillas, filled with a mix of tasty ingredients. The nutritional goodness you'll take in with every bite will leave you craving more, from the rice and beans filling to the juicy protein and fresh toppings. It's a satisfying meal that's also super healthy, and after all, why should you settle for plain when you can double up while enjoying one of the healthiest items at Chipotle?

One of the healthiest items at Chipotle — the Double Wrapped Burrito
via Chipotle

5. Nachos

These crispy chips are generously loaded with a delightful combination of savory meat, hearty beans, melty cheese, zesty salsa and creamy guacamole — offering pure flavorful bliss with every bite. This version is among the healthiest items at Chipotle because of the protein and fiber it's packed with. Although nachos are not officially listed on Chipotle's menu, you can still enjoy this delectable treat by making a simple customization. Just swap the rice in a burrito bowl for chips. This clever hack results in a satisfying dish that's one of the healthiest items at Chipotle. 

Close-up of a person's hand holding a nacho that's been dipped in salsa
via Chipotle

6. The Three-Pointer

Introducing The Three-Pointer, a bowl jam-packed with rice, beans and your top protein pick. Besides being undoubtedly tasty, it's also loaded with fiber and protein, making it one of the healthiest items at Chipotle. With its versatile mix-and-match options, The Three-Pointer is a game-changer for anyone craving a nutritious and flavorful Chipotle fix. Don't settle for bland when you can enjoy one of the healthiest items at Chipotle with this powerhouse bowl, designed to take your dining experience to new heights. 

Healthy bowl from Chipotle with rice, beans, meat and veggie toppings
via Chipotle

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7. Quesarito

Arguably the healthiest item at Chipotle, the Quesarito is an innovative must-try. It's like a burrito wrapped in a cheesy quesadilla hug. You won't be able to get enough of this warm tortilla, loaded with rice, beans, your go-to protein choice and melt-in-your-mouth cheese. With such a variety of flavors and a stack of wholesome ingredients, it's a no-brainer for health-conscious foodies scouring the healthiest items at Chipotle.

Two burritos from Chipotle
via Chipotle

8. Cilantro

Add a burst of fresh flavor and health to your Chipotle meal with a generous sprinkle of cilantro. Loaded with antioxidants and vitamins, it's one of the healthiest items at Chipotle. Its natural compounds also support digestion and detoxification, making it a perfect, wholesome addition to your burrito, bowl or salad. Elevate your Chipotle experience with the refreshing, health-boosting goodness of cilantro.

Three tacos filled with onions, beef and cilantro
via Canva

9. Guacamole

Guacamole lovers looking for the healthiest items at Chipotle, this one's for you. You can savor the rich, creamy goodness of this beloved food as a healthy ingredient in your Chipotle meal, without guilt. Packed with heart-healthy fats, fiber and essential vitamins, guacamole not only boosts flavor but also enhances nutrition. Simply go for a veggie bowl or salad, where guacamole comes free, and pair it with lean proteins like chicken or Sofritas. Don't forget to load up on fresh, crunchy veggies like fajita peppers, tomato salsa and crisp romaine lettuce. All in all, it's easy to see why it's one of the healthiest items at Chipotle.

Tupperware of guacamole with a chip in it and chips surrounding it
via Chipotle

Learn To Cook Healthy Foods

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Well, there you have it! Despite its label as a fast food chain, Chipotle nevertheless provides health-conscious diners with plenty of options to keep their nutrition goals on track. From jam-packed veggie bowls to flavorful burritos, the healthiest items at Chipotle are well worth a try. Don't forget to mix and match toppings, trying something different every time, to find what best suits your taste buds best.

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