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What Are English Cucumbers?

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English cucumbers

English cucumbers are considered the elegant and elevated version of regular cucumbers. They have a distinctive texture and flavor that make them one of the kitchen’s favorites.

With more than a hundred varieties of cucumber, some stand out more than others. With their crunchy texture and refreshing flavor, English cucumbers can be eaten in so many different ways. 

What are English cucumbers? What do English cucumbers taste like? Where can you buy English cucumbers? Let’s answer these and more questions that will help you make the best out of this delightful vegetable. 


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What Are English Cucumbers?

English cucumbers, also known as seedless, greenhouse, hothouse or European cucumbers, are a distinct variety prized for their refined taste and texture. 

Unlike traditional cucumbers, English cucumbers are longer, slimmer and typically wrapped in plastic to maintain their freshness. One notable feature is their almost seedless interior that contributes to a milder and a crispy, tender texture. 

closeup of English cucumbers
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Persian Cucumber vs. English Cucumber

Persian cucumbers vs. English share similarities when it comes to their flavor and quality. However, they do possess some key differences. 

For starters, Persian cucumbers are notably smaller, ranging from four to six inches in length. Additionally, Persian cucumbers feature a thin, bumpy skin that doesn’t require peeling. They are popularly known for their crisp texture and mild, slightly sweet taste.

In contrast, English cucumbers have a greater length, usually ranging from 12 to 14 inches. They possess a sleeker, darker green skin compared to Persian cucumbers. Their standout characteristic is a nearly seedless interior, resulting in a less watery and more refined texture. The absence of seeds contributes to a flavor that is less bitter and more refreshing.

male hand picking up Persian cucumbers
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What Do English Cucumbers Taste Like?

English cucumbers are known for their refreshing and mild flavor, which carries a subtle sweetness. The taste is crisp and clean, making them perfect for a wide variety of culinary creations.

One of their most defining features, which also impacts the taste, is their almost seedless interior, contributing to a less watery texture. With the absence of bitter seeds, English cucumbers offer an enhanced taste that highlights the freshness of the cucumber.

English cucumber sandwiches
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Where Can You Buy English Cucumbers?

One of the best things about buying English cucumbers is that you won’t have trouble finding them. They are widely available and can be found in the produce section of various grocery outlets and markets ranging from large chains to local grocery stores. These slender cucumbers are neatly packaged, either plastic–wrapped or sold individually, making them easily identifiable among other varieties.

In addition to supermarkets, specialty grocery stores and fresh produce markets are excellent places to find English cucumbers. These establishments, known for offering a diverse selection of high-quality fruits and vegetables, typically prioritize fresh and unique produce items, including English cucumbers.

produce section of a supermarket
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Preparing English Cucumbers

To make the most of English cucumbers and enhance their natural qualities, follow these tips: 

  • Leave the skin on: English cucumber skin is thin and tender, so it’s not necessary to peel it. The skin adds a pleasant crunch to your dishes, and it also contains fiber and vitamins. 

  • Use a spoon to remove seeds: While English cucumbers are almost seedless, you can use a spoon to scrape out the remaining seeds. 

  • Experiment with marinating: Consider marinating English cucumber slices in different dressings or vinaigrettes. Given their texture, they will absorb flavors, taking dishes to the next level. 

  • Perfect as a hydrating snack: English cucumbers are among the favorite summer vegetables as they are incredibly hydrating, consisting mostly of water. You can slice them into convenient snack-size pieces.  

slicing English cucumbers on a cutting board
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Cooking With English Cucumbers

English cucumbers, with their signature crisp texture and refreshing flavor, are popular given their versatility that enhances a variety of dishes. You can incorporate them in your culinary repertoire, exploring new recipes and flavors. 

A popular way to use English cucumbers is by preparing a vegan tzatziki, a Mediterranean-inspired sauce that perfectly showcases the cucumber's natural qualities. You can also incorporate these cucumbers in summer salads or sushi rolls, providing a refreshing contrast to the savory rice and seaweed.

vegan tzatziki
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From salads to cold soups, the uses of English cucumbers are endless. This elegant vegetable can be a great addition to your new recipes, especially during warmer days. Get ready to infuse your dishes with a touch of crispness and sophistication. For even more ways to explore your favorite foods, check out other experiences happening on Cozymeal.