The 15 Best Breakfast Restaurants in Orlando for 2023

Published on November 20, 2023 | 0 Comments
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One of the best ways to soak up the sweet Florida sunshine is by getting up early for a hearty Orlando breakfast. This vibrant wonderland is more than just the destination for theme park lovers and vacationers from around the globe. It’s also a paradise for some of the best morning food in the state, thanks to the delicious varieties of breakfast Orlando serves both visitors and residents.

Is it a challenge to locate the best breakfast in Orlando, even if you’re a local just looking for new flavors to enjoy? Not if you consult our helpful list! We’ve checked out 15 of the most appetizing spots to make finding breakfast in Orlando as easy as falling out of bed. You’ll find diners, cafés and even delis eager to make your morning a more flavorful occasion. Take a spin through our selections and see how many invigorating stops you’ll be making for the first meal of the day!


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15 Best Breakfast Restaurants in Orlando

1. Keke's Breakfast Café

An urbane take on a small-town diner, Keke's Breakfast Café shares a well-made breakfast that Orlando diners will find cozy and familiar. Classic dishes become luxury fare while keeping the downhome spirit that makes them so comforting.

The Vibe

Breakfast bistro stylings give the sensation of a morning restaurant for grown-ups.

What to Order

Florida pancakes arrive at the table with bananas, strawberries and blueberries, the most patriotic breakfast Orlando serves. With a cheese steak omelette, you get all the sandwich fixings delivered in a fluffy egg wrap.

Keke's Breakfast Café | Multiple Locations | $$

If you want the best breakfast in Orlando, visit Keke's!
via Keke's Breakfast Café

2. Peach Valley Café

Peach Valley Café gives breakfast fans in Orlando a generous helping of Southern spirit with every dish ordered. You'll find faithful recreations of the breakfast menu's greatest hits, hot, hearty and entirely satisfying from the first bite to the last.

The Vibe

A bright space soaked in the sunshine to make the morning a happy occasion.

What to Order

The Valley Omelette is a rich order, filled with sausage, ham or bacon, plus three types of cheese and with potatoes or grits on the side. For fans of sweet flavors, Very Berry French Toast does its best to turn breakfast in Orlando into an early morning dessert.

Peach Valley Café | Multiple Locations | $$ 

 Philly Cheesesteak breakfast made by Peach Valley Cafe
via Peach Valley Café

3. Another Broken Egg

Southern influence can be sampled in its purest form at Another Broken Egg, where breakfast in Orlando remembers its regional roots. Thoughtful, chef-inspired creations provide inventive gourmet takes on classic early-morning options while keeping the traditional origins of each dish intact.

The Vibe

Modern fixtures and soothing wooden tones give the exposed ceilings a warm foundation.

What to Order

A plate of Chicken and waffles will convince visitors and residents that Southern cuisine makes the best breakfast in Orlando.

Another Broken Egg | 6324 S. Semoran Blvd., Suite 1001 Orlando, FL 32822 | $$

Visit Another Broken Egg to try an authentic Orlando breakfast
via Another Broken Egg

4. Le Café de Paris

For more than 15 years, Le Café de Paris has served breakfast in Orlando with a distinctly French twist. Pastries, omelets and European-style entree plates help make this café one of the most distinctive breakfast places in Orlando.

The Vibe

This welcome, well-lighted eatery provides authentic French flair in the heart of the Orlando breakfast scene.

What to Order

The Johnny Omelette offers an intriguing blend of turkey and pesto in an egg white base. Quiche selections are altered daily, giving fans of this traditional bake a savory surprise with each visit.

Le Café de Paris | 5170 Dr. Phillips Blvd., ​Orlando, FL 32819 | $$

A breakfast spread made by Le Café de Paris
via Le Café de Paris

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5. At The Diner

Homestyle favorites served hot and fresh by friendly folks are part and parcel of At The Diner, an Orlando breakfast spot with its intentions written into its name. After all, if you can't find a satisfying breakfast in Orlando when you’re at the diner, you aren't likely to find it anywhere!

The Vibe

Sunshine-yellow walls and spacious seating are enough to make waking up a happy happening.

What to Order

Stuffed French toast is a must-try here, with selections like banana and pecan cream cheese or strawberries and cream. Of course, the Boston Cream Belgian waffle topped with custard and chocolate isn't a bad choice, either!

At The Diner | 9938 Universal Blvd., Ste 140, Orlando, FL 32819 | $$

One of the best breakfast spots in Orlando can be fount at At The Diner
via At The Diner 

6. Shakers American Café

Being voted Best Breakfast in Orlando as many times as Shakers American Café should make this popular eatery a much stuffier spot. But after more than 25 years of slinging the city of Orlando breakfast, Shakers still keeps a humble connection to the community it serves.

The Vibe

As casual and comforting as a Southern breeze, with a kitschy collection of salt and pepper shakers that encompasses the room.

What to Order

The brioche French toast breakfast special is a boon for big eaters, bringing a double slice of French toast with two each of eggs, sausage and bacon to the table. For lighter fare, a vegetarian omelette folds a garden's worth of vegetables into perfect pan-cooked eggs.

Shakers American Café | 9938 Universal Blvd., Ste 140, Orlando, FL 32804 | $$

a chocolate filled breakfast made by Shakers American Cafe
via Shakers American Café

7. Nick's Family Diner

Nick's Family Diner provides straightforward breakfast for Orlando guests who aren’t searching for fancy fare. This down-to-earth café makes prime orders out of the breakfast basics for a familiar experience that hits the spot.

The Vibe

Brick walls, cozy booths and intimate tables provide a classic chain restaurant atmosphere.

What to Order

A corned beef hash omelette served with American cheese is a comfort food plate that's bound to make the morning feel more bearable. Two eggs with tilapia add a surprising seafood freshen-up to the usual breakfast in Orlando.

Nick's Family Diner | 5439 N. Orange Blossom Trail, Orlando, FL 32810 | $$

Visit Nick's Family Diner for a tasty Orlando breakfast
via Nick's Family Diner 

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8. Artisan's Table

Creativity rules at Artisan's Table, a modern take on the diner that gives breakfast places in Orlando an eclectic upgrade. With a prime downtown location offering plenty of contemporary charm, this reservations-required eatery brings chic, stylish energy to breakfast in Orlando.

The Vibe

Urban décor mingles with an artful layout for a one-of-a-kind Orlando breakfast space.

What to Order

Start with a Fluffer Nutter latte, a peanut butter and marshmallow creme coffee that's seriously sweet. Pair it with a Breakfast in Bread tart, and you'll get eggs, queso and bacon wrapped in flaky pastry to dazzle your taste buds.

Artisan's Table | 55 W. Church St., Suite 128, Orlando, FL 32801 | $$

Avacado and toast made by Artisan's Table
via Artisan's Table 

9. Craft and Common

The Zen spirit of Craft and Common invites breakfast fans in Orlando to take a deep, relaxed breath while enjoying their special creations. The relaxed atmosphere and modern manner are a perfect combination that sets a sweet standard for contemporary breakfast places in Orlando.

The Vibe

The bright and airy interiors put guests in a mindful mood for enjoying breakfast in Orlando.

What to Order

A sausage sandwich captures egg, cheddar and sausage within a chewy pretzel bun with a swirl of Sriracha aioli lending a fiery kick. The diner’s vegan breakfast options include a version that uses plant-based egg replacer and dairy-free cheese for an animal-free equivalent.

Craft and Common | 47 E. Robinson St., Suite 100, Orlando, FL 32801 | $$

If you can only pick one Orlando breakfast spot, Craft and Common is a great option
via Craft and Common 

10. Mecato's Café

Colombian culinary spirit is at the top of the menu at Mecato's Café. Latin tradition infuses the bakery case, the coffee station and the breakfast tray with sweet and savory sensations that give breakfast in Orlando a stroke of delicious diversity.

The Vibe

Vibrant orange accents bring this cheerful eatery a blast of early morning energy.

What to Order

Sugar-crusted guava tarts and cream cheese-stuffed pastitos will make pastry lovers incredibly happy. Croissant sandwiches with eggs, cheese and ham or bacon are perfect carry-along options for breakfast on the go.

Mecato's Café | 11236 Satellite Blvd., Orlando, FL 32837 | $

Breakfast pastries from Mecato's Café
via Mecato's Café

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11. Sweet Mama's Restaurant

Dishes from the tradition of down-home cooking make Sweet Mama's Restaurant a must for true Orlando breakfast fans. This diner adds a vintage stop to the early morning eatery possibilities, with an atmosphere that matches the Southern sweetness on the menu.

The Vibe

A joyful dining room with cute country details is the perfect space for enjoying homestyle plates.

What to Order

Coconut French toasts give the morning-time classic a tropical revival, with a mélange of fresh fruit on the side.

Sweet Mama's Restaurant | 10743 Narcoossee Rd., Suite A3, Orlando, FL 32832 | $$

Visit an Orlando breakfast staple by checking out Sweet Mama's Restaurant
via Sweet Mama's Restaurant 

12. 903 Mills Market Café

With its grassroots firmly in place, 903 Mills Market Café is a neighborhood darling, a deli that traffics in delicious breakfast in Orlando. This funky eatery is equal parts bohemian, European and artisan, with tasty craft carry-out that's among the best breakfast in Orlando.

The Vibe

Clapboard siding and a quaint green awning outside clue you in on the easygoing deli surroundings you'll find inside.

What to Order

With a Monster Bagel, you'll get roast beef with onions, tomatoes and provolone with an egg for good measure. A breakfast pizza with breakfast fixings on a cream cheese-slathered pita makes an open-faced attempt at becoming the best breakfast in Orlando.

903 Mills Market Café | 903 S. Mills Ave., Orlando, FL, 32806 | $$

A Rodger Dodger Sandwich from 903 Mills Market Cafe
via 903 Mills Market Café

13. Christo's Café

American breakfast has never gone out of style at Christo's Café. This relaxed diner makes no pretenses about sharing some of the best breakfasts in Orlando in a space where diners know they're getting quality food in an uncomplicated setting.

The Vibe

Clean and simple, with snug seating and a spot of patio space for outdoor dining.

What to Order

The chili and cheese omelette adds a dash of heat to breakfast in Orlando, with homemade chili and shredded cheddar sharing the plate with fabulous French-style eggs. A Hungry Man or Country Boy combo serves up classic breakfast foods in generous portions.

Christo's Café | 1815 Edgewater Drive, Orlando, FL 32804 | $

For a larger Orlando breakfast, visit Christo's Café
via Christo's Café

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14. Drunken Monkey Coffee Bar

The name Drunken Monkey Coffee Bar isn't the only entertaining thing about this exciting spot for breakfast in Orlando. It's a college-style diner with a handcrafted feel that extends from the hand-lettered menus to the eccentric interiors to the live entertainment.

The Vibe

True coffee house stylings invite diners to sink into plush seating while enjoying an Orlando breakfast.

What to Order

Plant-forward diners can enjoy a vegan Baby Breakfast burrito, a wrapped mix of scrambled tofu, onions, peppers and cheese. For traditional breakfast fare, a Florentine combines provolone and pesto on a croissant topped with spinach and tomatoes.

Drunken Monkey Coffee Bar | 444 N. Bumby Ave., Orlando, FL 32803 | $

A breakfast sandwich from Drunken Monkey Coffee Bar
via Drunken Monkey Coffee Bar

15. Se7en Bites

Se7en Bites serves up a flavorful Orlando breakfast with a side of Southern sass. The dishes are every bit as delicious as their classic counterparts, though these breakfasts included vegan and vegetarian options for an expansion of what defines the best breakfast in Orlando.

The Vibe

Old-fashioned food is served in a modern space where humor and happiness abound.

What to Order

The 7th Trimester is a belly-filler that finally puts mac and cheese in a breakfast combo, topped with a crumble of bacon and potato chips. With a savory bread pudding, customers can luxuriate in a carb-filled breakfast featuring bread, cheese and vegetables served casserole-style.

Se7en Bites | 617 N. Primrose Dr., Orlando, FL 32803 | $$

Get a tasty Orlando breakfast sandwich from Se7en Bites
via Se7en Bites 

Try Cooking Orlando Foods

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The Orlando breakfast scene is a veritable buffet that begs diners to give every dish a taste. From grab-and-go delights to sit-down dining, the array of breakfast Orlando offers is a tempting selection that’s sure to satisfy. Whether you’re hungry for traditional dishes like eggs and pancakes or puckish for novelties like stuffed French toast and gourmet pastries, there’s no shortage of options among the diverse range of exciting breakfast spots in Orlando to cover every order. It’s a delicious dining landscape to wake up to!

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