Where To Find the Best Breakfast in Kansas City, MO in 2024

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breakfast kansas city

Are you looking for the best place to enjoy breakfast in Kansas City? The most populated city in Missouri, Kansas City is filled with culture, entertainment and exciting places to eat. Whether you feel like indulging in good old Southern comforts or an exquisite gourmet meal, Kansas City offers an interesting and diverse selection of restaurants to begin your beautiful day.

Before you head out for sightseeing around the lively cityscape, you’ll want to fill up on fuel to keep you going with a hearty breakfast in Kansas City. The city boasts an abundance of things to do, including markets, sports, casinos, jazz festivals and so much more. If you’re looking for exciting date ideas in Kansas City, be sure to pop in first to one of the restaurants listed in this article. With this list of 25 places to have breakfast in Kansas City, you’ll start the day just right.


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23 Best Kansas City Breakfast Places

1. Happy Gillis Café & Hangout

A great spot to get breakfast, Happy Gillis has been tagged by returning guests as the best breakfast in Kansas City. It’s owned by a husband-and-wife team who calls it their “corner of deliciousness” in Columbus Park. They serve locally sourced, seasonal dishes and bottomless coffee.

The Vibe

Cozy and crafty, the staff at Happy Gillis will be delighted to welcome you like family. The café radiates a friendly neighborhood feel with a retro spin and counter service. Stop for a scrumptious breakfast in Kansas City before you begin your day.

What to Order

Whatever you choose to order, add a Mimosa to it; Happy Gillis Café is loved for its refreshing rendition of the classic morning beverage. Some of the more popular breakfast choices include biscuits and gravy and the classic breakfast. 

Happy Gillis Café | 549 Gillis St., Kansas City, MO 64106 | $$

check out this breakfast spot in Kansas city
via Happy Gillis Café

2. Meshuggah Bagels

Creativity and authenticity are the name of the game at Meshuggah Bagels. The chefs craft the best bagels in town with a secret mix of Artisan flour and other ingredients. Baked fresh daily and similar to a New York-style bagel, though you're having breakfast in Kansas City you might think you’ve been transported to New York when you bite into one.

The Vibe

Nestled among many business offices, many executives pop in here to enjoy a quick breakfast in Kansas City before beginning the workday. It’s fresh and airy and has a typical hip, friendly coffee shop vibe.

What to Order

Try the rosemary garlic and cinnamon sugar schmear. Whatever you go with, Meshuggah is happy to customize your topping choices and promises to load your bagel with goodness. 

Meshuggah Bagels | 40 E. 13th St., Kansas City, MO 64106 | $

3. Chez Elle’s Signature Crepe

A cute French-themed crêperie that specializes in crêpes, Chezelle  is a perfect spot for breakfast in Kansas CIty! Of course, not all the crêpes are sweet and you can enjoy a more savory option that qualifies as brunch, lunch or dinner. 

The Vibe

Chezelle is a dainty and quaint café with cozy indoor seating and comfortable outdoor seating to bask in the freshness of the morning air. You’ll feel like you’re walking through the streets of Paris when you step inside this adorable café, adorned with little Eiffel Towers and elegant French decor. 

What to Order

If you want a sweet Kansas City breakfast, try the Citron Crepe, which is filled with lemon curd and strawberries and touted by fans as a little piece of heaven. For something more savory, go for The Fromage Crepe — Brie, bacon, and pesto grilled in between a buttery crêpe with a dollop of crème fraîche.

Chezelle’s Creperie | 1713 Summit St., Kansas City, MO 64108 | $$

Get a delicious crepe at this breakfast spot in Kansas City
via Chez Elle’s Signature Crepe

4. Rye’s Burnt End Hash

For a homestyle breakfast in Kansas City, Rye’s Burnt End Hash offers midwestern recipes and culture in collaboration with local Kansas and Missouri farmers. The chefs celebrate traditions passed on through generations within their family, striving to preserve the heritage of beloved dishes but adding a fresh twist to them. 

The Vibe

Elegant with a homey feel, and without over-the-top pricing, Rye’s is a great family restaurant for breakfast in Kansas City. It has a deli-style vibe with comfortable seating and contemporary décor with the perfect lighting and tone to relax.

What to Order

Customers say the famous cinnamon rolls at Rye’s are to die for. They are huge and served warm and sticky. The chefs also serve a savory eggs Benedict that receives rave reviews. 

Rye’s Burnt End Hash | 4646 Mill Creek, Parkway, Kansas City, MO 64112 | $$

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5. Succotash

This popular establishment is a hot spot for brunch or breakfast in Kansas City. It features a refreshing juice bar with many flavors and also caters to vegans and gluten-free diets. The playful presentation of some of their dishes makes each visit a new adventure. 

The Vibe

Radiating an eccentric and hip vibe for an uplifting breakfast in Kansas City, Succotash is unique in that it offers a seat-yourself strategy. It’s filled with valiant artwork and bold colors for a super eclectic feel.

What to Order

Head to the juice bar and order the Cubano fresh juice. It features fresh mint and pineapple. The traditional breakfast with pancakes and bacon is delightful with a side of delicious potatoes.

Succotash | 2601 Holmes St., Kansas City, MO 64108 | $$

This is a classic breakfast in Kansas City spot
via Succotash

6. Blue Bird Bistro

An organic eatery that focuses on serving American-style dishes with homegrown ingredients, Blue Bird Bistro is the perfect place to grab breakfast in Kansas City if you’re health-conscious or have a vegan or vegetarian diet. Everything served is sourced locally.

The Vibe

Nestled on the corner of a street, in what looks like an old warehouse-style building, you’ll find this amazing place for breakfast in Kansas City. The ambiance inside is surprisingly chill and quaint and the service is super welcoming and friendly.

What to Order

Some customer favorites are the pork with jalapeño cornbread and the chicken and biscuit. The portions are large, filling and very tasty.

Blue Bird Bistro | 1700 Summit St., Kansas City, MO 64108 | $$

7. Snooze

Serving lunch and breakfast in Kansas City, but closed for dinner, Snooze crafts traditional dishes like pancakes and eggs Benedict and has locations across the country. The chefs add a unique flair to their dishes and portion sizes are generous.

The Vibe

This establishment offers a hip and friendly vibe and is bright and welcoming to guests. The atmosphere is fresh and light with contemporary décor and comfortable seating.

What to Order

If you’re stopping at Snooze for breakfast in Kansas City, you’ll want to make sure you try customer favorites such as the popular shrimp and grits and the breakfast burrito. 

Snooze | 4144 Broadway Blvd., Kansas City, MO 64111 | $$

get a breakfast burrito at this Kansas City breakfast spot
via Snooze

8. Classic Cup Café

Home to several award-winning chefs who will craft you a mouthwatering breakfast in Kansas City, The Classic Cup Café offers a dynamic menu and serves fresh, local ingredients. 

The Vibe

This European-style restaurant is well known for its stunning views and outdoor seating. It has a soft ambiance to it, which makes it the perfect place for a work gathering or an intimate breakfast in Kansas City. 

What to Order

Try the Seasonal Stuffed French Toast with pumpkin syrup. Customers say it’s delicious and huge, so you’ll be stuffed after enjoying it!

Classic Cup Café | 301 W. 47th St., Kansas City, MO 64112 | $$

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9. Eggtc.

A popular place for classic American breakfast in Kansas City, Eggtc. is one of the most iconic and well-loved establishments in the area, having been proudly serving its patrons for over 18 years.

The Vibe

Casual and eclectic at the same time, it has a nice ambiance to it. Eggtc. Is a hot spot for breakfast in Kansas City so it’s usually bumping with energy and can get busy at times, but the wait is never too long and worth it. 

What to Order

Some famous dishes at Eggtc. are the crêpes, waffles and avocado toast. All dishes are tagged as amazing by happy customers who go back again and again for more.

Eggtc. | 5107 Main St., Kansas City, MO 64112 | $$

get a healthy breakfast in Kansas City
via Eggtc.

10. The Big Biscuit

Popular roadside diner The Big Biscuit is well known for its massive biscuits and gravy, “bonuts” (deep-fried sticky buns) and homestyle breakfasts. It provides amazing customer service and strives to keep things simple for customers. 

The Vibe

The restaurant prides itself on delivering your meal with a smile, believing that food tastes better that way. When you walk in, you’ll be greeted by name if you’re a regular, and if not, the staff will make the effort to learn it. This establishment is the epitome of your friendly neighborhood diner.

What to Order

If you’re feeling hungry, we encourage you to try The Kitchen Sink. The name is deceiving, but it’s so good. You’ll receive a heaping bowl filled with four scrambled eggs, smoked ham, bacon and sausage, mushrooms, tomatoes, green peppers and onions then topped with cheddar cheese and sausage gravy and served with a buttermilk biscuit. What more could you need for breakfast in Kansas City? 

The Big Biscuit | 4039 Mill St., Kansas City, MO 64111 | $$

11. Room 39

A modern restaurant that specializes in farm-to-table breakfast in Kansas City, Room 39 is loved for its elegantly crafted dishes and eclectic art. It was founded in 2004 and has been a staple for friendly-family dining in Kansas City ever since.

The Vibe

You’ll feel a soft, welcoming ambiance as you step inside Room 39, with its unique handcrafted tables and comfortable interior adorned with diverse artwork. Small-town friendly vibes greet you here, with friendly staff and superior service.

What to Order 

The croque madame delivers exceptional value and mouthwatering flavor for a filling breakfast in Kansas City. 

Room 39 | 1719 W. 39th St., Kansas City, MO 64111 | $$

Get value for money at this breakfast spot in Kansas
via Room 39

12. Heirloom Bakery & Hearth

Nuzzled in the heart of downtown, Heirloom Bakery is a wonderful place to enjoy a morning cup of coffee and a soul-nourishing breakfast in Kansas City. The chefs make all their delectable pastries and bread from scratch in-house and offer coffee, tea and other breakfast options like breakfast sandwiches.

The Vibe

Super cute and quaint, Heirloom Bakery’s interior decor is thoughtfully designed with vibrant bird wallpaper and potted plants, giving it a homestead country feel. The ambiance is enhanced with soft fiddle music playing in the background, adding to the calm serenity you’ll feel when you walk in for a dainty breakfast in Kansas City. 

What to Order

Try the breakfast sandwich which comes with a fried egg, cheese and bacon on your choice of biscuit and complement it with a malt chocolate latte.

Heirloom Bakery & Hearth | 401 E. 63rd St., Kansas City, MO 64110 | $$

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13. First Watch

This award-winning café chain serves health-conscious breakfast, brunch and lunch. Known as a great place to go for the best breakfast in Kansas City, it boasts an exciting seasonal menu and prides itself on making everything fresh to order with the highest quality ingredients. 

The Vibe

This First Watch location has an airy and fresh mid-western farmhouse vibe. It’s typically buzzing with energy because it’s a frequented spot by locals looking for breakfast in Kansas City and the staff are friendly and prompt.

What to Order

The Hacienda Hash is loaded with red bell pepper, chorizo, and potato hash that is topped with eggs cooked to perfection, cheese, spicy ketchup, lime crema drizzle, fresh smashed avocado and scallions. Pair it with a tropical sunrise to drink.

First Watch | 401 E. 63rd St., Kansas City, MO 64110 | $$

this is one of the best breakfast spots in Kansas City
via First Watch 

14. Aixois Bistro

This family-owned restaurant serves contemporary French food, but it also has an attached coffee bar and bakery with covered outdoor seating during nice weather. The bistro is known for its farm-to-fork fare, perfect for a fresh and tasty breakfast in Kansas City.

The Vibe

The indoor setting at Aixois Bistro’s is cozy and warm, with dim lighting and darker furnishings, giving off an intimate and relaxed feel. The outdoor patio is known as one of the best in Kansas City.

What to Order

Aixois has a terrific quiche Lorraine with bacon, shallot, egg and Gruyère. For a healthier option, go for the KC Runners breakfast which comes with sautéed spinach, poached egg and nine-grain toast.

Aixois | 301 E. 55th St., Kansas City, MO 64114 | $$

15. Kate’s Kitchen

This diner-style establishment is loved by locals for its breakfast in Kansas City. Serving up hearty portions of American-style breakfasts, it's a lovely family-owned restaurant where everyone knows you by name.

The Vibe

Despite the bustling atmosphere at Kate’s Kitchen, the staff are very attentive and happy to help you find a seat. The environment is warm and friendly with a small-town vibe. 

What to Order

The portions at this restaurant are generous, and based on the rave reviews, you’ll likely be satisfied with your pick. But go for the chicken fried chicken and eggs at least once because it’s a phenomenal breakfast in Kansas City. 

Kate’s Kitchen | 8002 N. Oak Trafficway, Kansas City, MO 64118 | $$

Get huge portions at this Kansas City breakfast location.
 via Kate’s Kitchen

16. Niecie's Restaurant

Niecie’s has been around for over 30 years, beginning in 1985 when owner Denise had a dream to open a restaurant that highlighted her mother’s recipes. Now, her team serves soul food and all-day breakfast in Kansas City. The food at Niecie's always comes out fresh and is made to order.

The Vibe

Warm and cozy with a neighborhood feel, patrons say the atmosphere here feels like you're having dinner at a relative's house.

What to Order

If you want a large breakfast in Kansas City, the chicken and waffles will never disappoint! It’s so big that many people have a hard time finishing it. The chicken is perfectly seasoned and served on a generous waffle with a dollop of butter.

Niecie’s Restaurant | 6441 Troost Ave., Kansas City, MO 64131 | $$

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17. Mildred’s Food + Drink

At Mildred’s, the team has been serving delightful breakfasts in Kansas City for over 25 years. It started out as a simple ‘ma-and-pa’ establishment and has grown into a beloved staple over the years. Everything is made from scratch and it even features a spiffy specialty coffee bar. 

The Vibe

Customers claim the vibes here are electric, with a great atmosphere and friendly service. The space is small, but welcoming, offering an intimate space for breakfast in Kansas City.

What to Order

The standard breakfast sandwich is a must-try at Mildred’s. It’s the most popular item on the menu, served with steamed eggs, bacon, American Swiss and Dijon mayo. You just need to choose your bun.

Mildred’s | 908 Baltimore Ave., Ste. 103 Kansas City, MO 64105 | $$

Get a breakfast sandwich at this Kansas City location
via Mildred’s

18. Shack Breakfast & Lunch

This popular diner serves a variety of breakfast items with creative titles for some of its most famous dishes. The creation story of this establishment is quite humorous as the owners claim it was a serendipitous mistake that went right!

The Vibe

A cool hangout spot where laughter is always plentiful and smiles are free, the down-to-earth vibes at Shack Breakfast & Lunch are truly comforting. This makes it a super enjoyable place to eat with a group of friends or work crowd.

What to Order

The Everything Tastes Better in Denver omelette tops the menu as a hit, making it one of the most popular breakfasts in Kansas City. It’s stuffed generously with ham, bacon, green pepper, red pepper, onion and cheddar cheese.

Shack | 7218 College Blvd., Overland Park, KS 66210 | $$

19. Dagwood’s Café

This classic American Diner has been happily serving affordable breakfast in Kansas City since 1938, making it one of the oldest, most experienced establishments on the list. If you’re looking for a classic home-cooked favorite, visit Dagwood’s.

The Vibe

Simplicity is the vibe at Dagwood’s. It’s kept its authentic, old-school diner feel since its inception. It’s small and quaint and takes you back a couple of decades to a simpler time. 

What to Order

The Dagwood’s Sandwich is a favorite among many, with two grilled cheeses hugging a stack of home fries and meat, smothered in gravy. Can you think of a better Kansas City breakfast? 

Dagwood’s Café | 1117 Southwest Blvd., Kansas City, KS 66103 | $

Get a breakfast sandwich at this Kansas City restaurant.
 via Dagwood’s Café

20. Yoli Tortilleria

Craving something different from the standard American breakfast in Kansas City? Try Mexican! In Latin America, the tantalizing aroma of warm corn tortillas fills the air from the break of dawn. At Yoli’s Tortilleria, you’ll experience a taste of South American flavor and cuisine.

The Vibe

Highlighting the rich diversity of Mexican cuisine, you’ll feel as if you’ve traveled south for some sun and coladas when you walk into this adorable establishment. It truly captures the authenticity of a bustling Mexican tortilleria with bright colors, the sound of utensils clashing and of course, the smell of fresh corn tortillas permeating the air. 

What to Order 

Many regular patrons go here to order the masa bread and rajas y queso tamales. Customers claim the tamales are melt-in-your-mouth delicious.

Yoli Tortilleria | 1668 Jefferson St., Ste. 100, Kansas City, MO 64108 | $$

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21. The American Reserve

Featuring globally inspired dishes with exquisite presentation, The American Reserve serves a variety of breakfast plates to suit many tastes and preferences. This restaurant is more ritzy if you feel like something fancy, however, the prices remain reasonable.

The Vibe

This restaurant and lounge boasts a luxe setting with an open, yet intimate atmosphere that’s both cozy and elegant. Service at The American Reserve is exceptional and professional.

What to Order

Try the Egg White Frittata which is made with spinach, mushrooms, caramelized onions, roasted grape tomatoes, havarti cheese and basil emulsion. If you want a sweet breakfast in Kansas City, the crème brûlée French toast is made on thick brioche bread and smothered in gooey delight.

The American Reserve | 1111 Grand Blvd., Kansas City, MO 64106 | $$$

Get a fry up for breakfast in Kansas City
via The American Reserve

22. City Diner

Union Station’s premier coffee shop, Parisi is located inside the historic Union Station. This popular spot is great for catching up with friends or taking a break and offers hot coffee, espresso, fresh desserts and pastries. If you want an on-the-go breakfast in Kansas City, this is the spot to visit. 

The Vibe

The dining room at Parisi is elegantly decorated and boasts luxurious, comfortable seating. The staff are so friendly and bubbly, which adds to the energetic and upbeat vibes of the restaurant.

What to Order

Customers love the turkey bacon sandwich on a croissant and the Danishes are super fresh and sweet. 

Parisi | 30 W. Pershing Road, Ste. 100, Union Station, Kansas City, MO 64108 | $

23. Parisi Café

Union Station’s premier coffee shop, Parisi is located inside the historic Union Station. This popular spot is great for catching up with friends or taking a break and offers hot coffee, espresso, fresh desserts and pastries. If you want an on-the-go breakfast in Kansas City, this is the spot to visit. 

The Vibe

The dining room at Parisi is elegantly decorated and boasts luxurious, comfortable seating. The staff are so friendly and bubbly, which adds to the energetic and upbeat vibes of the restaurant.

What to Order

Customers love the turkey bacon sandwich on a croissant and the Danishes are super fresh and sweet. 

Parisi | 30 W. Pershing Road, Ste. 100, Union Station, Kansas City, MO 64108 | $

Get a pastry for breakfast in Kansas City
via Parisi


Learn to Cook Kansas City Foods

Kansas City is a true testament to the down-home, Southern country comforts of the Midwest, and this is expressed largely across its culinary landscape. Aside from visiting restaurants in the area and trying the many Kansas City breakfasts, there are lots of other unique ways to immerse yourself in and explore the Kansas City food scene.

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There are many places to enjoy a satisfying breakfast in Kansas City. Some are simple while others are more upscale. Whether you’re looking for a more traditional breakfast or globally inspired meals, you’ll find the perfect spot among the diverse foodie scene here. 

Kansas City is home to many family-owned restaurants, diners and quaint cafés that cater to an array of preferences. With this list of the 25 top places to have breakfast in Kansas City, you’re in for a beautiful morning.

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