Best Breakfast in Birmingham, UK: Top 20 Spots in 2024

Published on February 13, 2024 | 0 Comments
A full English breakfast on a plate served with coffee

The amount of diverse and unique places to have breakfast in Birmingham is growing exponentially. Situated in the Midlands, Birmingham is the U.K.’s second largest city and is continuing to grow. From the post-industrial hip area of Digbeth to Edgbaston, there are many wonderful places to have breakfast in Birmingham in all corners of the city.

With more canals than Venice and greater greenspace than Paris, Birmingham is an exciting and pleasant place to live in. That is why there are a growing number of excellent places to eat. To assist in your task of deciding where to have breakfast in Birmingham, we have curated a list of the best breakfast spots in Birmingham, the U.K.’s ‘second city’. We hope this means you can spend more time enjoying eating incredible breakfast in Birmingham than researching where to eat!


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Best Breakfast in Birmingham

1. Early Bird Bakery

A new coffee shop and bakery in the centre of Birmingham, the Early Bird Bakery brings calm and warmth to people’s mornings. They have over 10 years of high-end pastry-making and an unbreakable passion for providing for the local community. Alongside serving the best coffee and breakfast in Birmingham, they want to create a business with a social conscience.

The Vibe

A warm, modern and bright bakery that puts people first.

What to Order

A local favourite is the Turkish eggs, served with muhammara, yoghurt, roasted aubergine and pomegranate on sourdough toast.

Early Bird Bakery | 28 High St., King's Heath, Birmingham B14 7JT | ££

Early Bird Bakery is a favourite for breakfast in Birmingham
via Early Bird Bakery

2. Hilton Birmingham Metropole

Perfect for breakfast in Birmingham near the NEC, the Hilton Birmingham Metropole offers the very best breakfast for visitors and alike. This hotel has three distinct areas for dining, including the Gild Bar & Lounge and the Brightsmith on the Water. But it is the Arbor, where they serve fresh breakfast, that is the most popular amongst guests.

The Vibe

The Arbor offers a delectable breakfast in a family-friendly and botanical setting.

What to Order

They serve a perfect, classic English breakfast here, and a buffet means there’s something for everyone, including croissants.

Hilton Birmingham Metropole | National Exhibition Centre, Pendigo Way, Marston Green, Birmingham B40 1PP | ££

A croissant and jam
via Hilton Birmingham Metropole

3. Grand Central Kitchen

Only a couple of minutes away from New Street Station, one of the busiest stations in the U.K., sits the Grand Central Kitchen. A place that serves great value breakfast for both travellers and local diners in Birmingham, the Grand Central Kitchen is one of the most popular eateries for breakfast in the city. 

The Vibe

A joyful place that is welcoming to travellers, providing calmness in a bustling area.

What to Order

Their English breakfast has many rave reviews. The house omelette is also worth trying.

Grand Central Kitchen | 7 Stephenson St., Birmingham B2 4BL  | £

Grand Central Kitchen has a big range of breakfast options in Birmingham
via Grand Central Kitchen

4. Boston Tea Party Birmingham

Located in a grand old building, Boston Tea Party serves delectable breakfasts in Birmingham. In 2018 they became the first U.K. chain ever to ban single-use coffee cups in their stores. This ethical breakfast stop has plenty of space for large gatherings too.

The Vibe

A large eatery with a modern yet industrial look in a historic building makes this place a pleasant place for breakfast in Birmingham.

What to Order

Their breakfast muffins are to be adored, such as the Reuben, served with free-range salt beef, gherkins, Monterey jack cheese, sauerkraut and American mustard. Also, latte art is taken seriously here.

Boston Tea Party Birmingham | 190 Corporation St., Birmingham B4 6QD | ££

A coffee is an ideal accompaniment to any breakfast in Birmingham
via Boston Tea Party Birmingham

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5. Albert's Schloss

The seasonal menus at Albert's Schloss bring the very best German Alpine food and drink to diners in Birmingham. Come for the breakfast, but return for their colourful nightly Showtimes featuring their 'Haus' bands and DJs. 

The Vibe

Bringing an Alpine feeling to breakfast in Birmingham, this place is perfect for large brunch gatherings with lots of large tables.

What to Order

Their traditional breakfast plates are hearty and satisfying, but their bakes are also a must-try, such as their pretzels.

Albert's Schloss | One Chamberlain Square, Birmingham B3 3AX | ££

Albert's Schloss serves Alpine-style breakfast in Birmingham.
via Albert's Schloss

6. Becketts Farm

Situated a little south of the city, Becketts Farm is a perfect place for breakfast in the Birmingham area because they have been making fresh food for over 80 years. This family has been farming in Wythall for decades, and with their onsite Farm Shop, you know their ingredients are fresh and locally sourced. This place is perfect for conferences and large events, too.

The Vibe

This farm is very welcoming to all, providing plenty to do, such as taking classes in their cookery school or enjoying the coffee shop, restaurant and farm shop.

What to Order

You cannot go wrong with the award-winning Old Faithful. This delicious breakfast comes with two rashers of back bacon from Becketts' butchery, two free range eggs, pork sausages, grilled tomato, fresh toast from Becketts' bakery, button mushrooms and plenty more.

Becketts Farm | Heath Farm, Alcester Road, Wythall, Birmingham B47 6AJ | ££

If you are after a breakfast in Birmingham then Becketts Farm is among the best places
via Becketts Farm

7. Paul at No 41

Paul at No 41 is a cosy and tranquil café in the bustling area of Harborne. They are known for their vegan and vegetarian food. But they are more than a café — they aim to be a key part of the community through their welcoming nature. This makes Paul at No 41 a delightful place for breakfast in Birmingham.

The Vibe

A bright, low-key and calm place, Paul at No 41 is one of the most relaxing places to have breakfast in Birmingham.

What to Order

Their homemade baked beans and their eggs royale are favourites of regulars.

Paul at No 41 | 41 High St., Harborne, Birmingham B17 9NT | ££

Eggs royale on a plate topped with hollandaise sauce
via Canva

8. Gas Street Social

The first place to do bottomless brunch in the second city, the Gas Street Social is renowned for boozy brunches. Yet, they also do wonderful breakfasts in Birmingham for those who do not want to sip alcohol early in the day. 

The Vibe

 A modern establishment made for social gatherings with a cosy wooden décor.

What to Order

Must-tries include the crispy bacon pancakes and the huevos rancheros, which include corn tostadas, tomato sauce, hummus, avocado, feta and fried eggs.

Gas Street Social | The Mailbox, 166-168 Wharfside St., Birmingham B1 1RL | ££

Pancakes, banana and strawberry on a white plate
via Gas Street Social

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9. The Hylton Café 

Located on none other than Hylton Street, The Hylton Café opens their doors at 7 a.m most days, making this a prime place for early starters. Serving Toby’s Estate coffee and some of the freshest breakfast in Birmingham, this is a wonderful place to get you going for the rest of the day.

The Vibe

Located in the Jewellery Quarter, this place is a cosy establishment with an old-school feeling attached to it.

What to Order

The banana bread is simply delicious, whilst the sourdough toast offers an inexpensive yet filling option.

The Hylton Café | 2 Hylton St., Birmingham B18 6HN | ££

loaf of banana bread on a serving platter
via Canva

10. Medicine Bakery

Medicine Bakery is a brilliant place to have breakfast in Birmingham, especially if you are planning on visiting the exhibitions in Medicine New Street. They’ve restored this Victorian building, once a home to artists, to welcome everyone into this unique space.

The Vibe

A bright, low-key, spacious and green area located in a historic, mesmerising building.

What to Order

The Harissa Benedict, served on sourdough with sautéed greens, chorizo, field mushroom, tomato, poached eggs and harissa hollandaise, is worth trying.

Medicine Bakery | 69a New St., Birmingham B2 4DU | ££

The light and airy interior of Medicine Bakery
via Medicine Bakery

11. Café Lovelife

Representing the growing area of the post-industrial Digbeth, Cafė Lovelife's authentic Mediterranean menu makes it a unique eatery to have breakfast in Birmingham. They focus on representing key values, such as pride and honesty, to their customers.

The Vibe

A welcoming and vibrant space, decorated with pleasant plants.

What to Order

One of their many authentic dishes includes the fantastic full Mediterranean breakfast with lamb merguez sausage served alongside poached eggs, stuffed mushroom, confit tomatoes, patatas bravas and smoked paprika beans

Café Lovelife | 28 Floodgate St., Birmingham B5 5SL England | ££

a Mediterranean-style breakfast with lamb, eggs and vegetables
via Café Lovelife

12. Yorks Café & Coffee Roasters

Full of creativity and constantly thinking of ways to shape their menu, Yorks Café & Coffee Roasters serves wonderful breakfast in Birmingham. When you're near Birmingham New Street Station, this is a great place to stop at for a bite.

The Vibe

A vibrant, modern establishment that welcomes all.

What to Order

Their morning rolls are amazing value, whilst their eggs Benedict is perfect if you need a very filling breakfast.

Yorks Café & Coffee Roasters | 29/30 Stephenson St., Birmingham B2 4BH  | £

 Yorks Café & Coffee Roasters is renowned for its leading breakfast in Birmingham
via Yorks Café & Coffee Roasters

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13. Côte Birmingham

If you are wanting a traditional French or Alpine breakfast as you are missing the food after a holiday there, then Côte is the place for you to have breakfast in Birmingham.

The Vibe

A relaxing, open-spaced restaurant sitting by the canal with a perfect terrace for the summer.

What to Order

You can't go wrong with eggs Benedict or eggs royal here for breakfast in Birmingham.

Côte Birmingham | The Mailbox, 120-122 Wharfside St., Birmingham B1 1RX  | ££

eggs royal dripping with hollandaise and egg yolk
via Côte Birmingham

14. The Kitchen Garden Café

A warm and welcoming garden shop, café and event space, The Kitchen Garden Café is a versatile establishment that is perfect for many occasions, including breakfast in Birmingham. Very friendly to families and fantastic for those wanting to browse plants, this café in Kings Heath is a large part of the local community. They have plenty of food options for children here.

The Vibe

An eco-friendly, open brick space with wooden furniture.

What to Order

The fresh garden vegetarian breakfast is a very healthy, delicious option. Opt for the Kitchen Garden hash potato if you're in the mood for spuds.

The Kitchen Garden Café | 17 York Road, King's Heath, Birmingham B14 7SA  | ££

The Kitchen Garden Cafe is a great spot for breakfast in Birmingham.
via The Kitchen Garden Café 

15. Ju Ju's Café Birmingham

Ju Ju’s Café is a family-owned business, with its name originating from the Welsh side of the family. They serve fresh, home-cooked meals to provide happiness to all, making this a perfect place for a homely breakfast in Birmingham. 

The Vibe

A colourful and family-friendly eatery that welcomes all. Sitting beside one of Birmingham’s famous canals, this is one of the friendliest places to have breakfast in Birmingham.

What to Order

The vegetarian and full English breakfasts are excellent here. Meanwhile, the crispy bacon and syrup pancakes are a fantastic blend of savoury and sweet.

Ju Ju's Café Birmingham | Watermarque, Canal Square, 100 Browning St., Birmingham B16 8EH | £

Full English breakfast at Ju Ju's Café in Birmingham
via Ju Ju's Café Birmingham

16. Leverton and Halls

Leverton and Halls serves comforting breakfast and sizzling coffee in the Bournville area. Not only great for locals, this place is also a bed and breakfast, making it a perfect location to have breakfast in Birmingham if you are visiting.

The Vibe

A warm, cosy and traditional bed and breakfast establishment.

What to Order

Their eggs Florentine is absolutely delicious, and their classic pancakes are also great value.

Leverton and Halls | 218 Mary Vale Road, Bournville, Birmingham B30 1PJ | ££

Banana pancakes is on the menu at Leverton and Halls
via Canva

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17. Rising Café

The Rising Café is a popular destination for breakfast in Birmingham because they serve some of the best breakfast, bakes and coffees in the city. Located near free parking and able to host over 100 people, this place is an incredible venue for large gatherings. They are connected to the charity Betel, which helps people with drug and alcohol addictions. Not only one of the best breakfast spots in Birmingham, but you will be giving money to a great cause if you eat here.

The Vibe

A friendly, modern, well-decorated eatery with a social conscience.

What to Order

Their omelettes and buttermilk pancakes are very popular.

Rising Café | 58 Chester St., Birmingham B6 4BE | ££

An omelette at Rising Café is an excellent choice for breakfast in Birmingham
via Rising Café

18. Old Dresser Café

A small, family-friendly and independent eatery, the Old Dresser Café serves a mix of Polish and British-style food. Serving the most unique breakfast in Birmingham, they value the quality of their food and therefore take pride in their dishes. 

The Vibe

A traditional yet vibrant and quirky establishment that values the customer’s experience of the food above everything else.

What to Order

Put a Polish spin on your breakfast in Birmingham and order the Polish potato pancakes (placki ziemniaczane), a highly recommended dish.

Old Dresser Café | 434 Bearwood Road, Bearwood, Smethwick, Birmingham B66 4EY | £

Polish pancakes are served at the Old Dresser Café
via Old Dresser Café

19. Damascena Coffee House

A small escape to the Middle East sits in Moseley Village by the name of Damascena Coffee House. A fantastic place for quick and early breakfast in Birmingham or for meeting friends, this eatery serves fresh, authentic Middle Eastern food.

The Vibe

A Middle Eastern-styled establishment full of joy, colour and greenery.

What to Order

A well-liked dish is juz muz, a delicious vegetarian dish featuring slow-cooked scrambled eggs with fresh tomatoes, chiles and onions.

Damascena Coffee House | 133 Alcester Road, Moseley Village, Birmingham B13 8JP | £

For a Middle Eastern breakfast in Birmingham, head to Damascena Coffee House
via Damascena Coffee House

20. The Two Mugs

The Two Mugs is an amazing place for a morning coffee with friends, to do some work or, of course, to have breakfast in Birmingham. Located in Solihull, this place serves homemade breakfasts and fair-trade coffee. What’s not to like?

The Vibe

A warm and welcoming eatery that is perfect for meeting friends or hosting events.

What to Order

The Two Mugs big breakfast is a favourite of many regulars, as is the granola.

The Two Mugs | 126 Haslucks Green Road, Shirley, Solihull B90 2EH | £

Granola with yogurt is on the menu at The Two Mugs
via Canva

Learn To Cook Like a Brummie

Whether you want to start a new hobby or just want to develop your culinary skills to make new dishes, cooking classes in Birmingham offer a great chance to do these things. Expert chefs will guide you through these sessions with interactive tasks, so you can learn to the fullest whilst enjoying cooking. Whilst the city has an endless supply of top eateries, learning under the tutelage of a top chef can be a great experience. Birmingham has a healthy range of cuisines, meaning there are many different dishes and authentic cooking techniques you can learn to master.

Having breakfast in Birmingham has never been more varied, fun and delicious. The second city is a magnet for wonderful establishments to open their doors in the Midlands. From traditional English breakfasts to vegan food, eggs Benedict, Mediterranean food, Polish breakfasts and scrumptious crispy bacon pancakes, we have covered a lot of different types of breakfast in Birmingham within our list. Whether you are searching for a cosy independent café, a place for a large gathering or a bustling brunch location, we hope this list will serve you well.

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