The Best Breakfast in Manchester: Top 18 Restaurants in 2024

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Whether you’re a local or a visitor, you might be wondering where to find the best breakfast in Manchester. Perhaps you’re looking for a cosy breakfast café to start your day? Or a quaint breakfast diner for a brunch date? The amount of breakfast spots in Manchester will leave you spoilt for choice. From classics like a full English breakfast, eggs Benedict and French toast, narrowing down breakfast locations that serve these dishes can be overwhelming. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of breakfast spots in Manchester for you to try out. 


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Best Breakfast in Manchester

1. Ezra & Gil

Ezra & Gil is a busy café offering all-day breakfast in Manchester. Located in Manchester's Northern Quarter, it is a favourite amongst locals.

The Vibe 

The décor is tasteful and the atmosphere is welcoming, with subtle music that still allows for conversations to be had. It's quite a popular spot as wait times of up to 10 minutes are a common occurrence.

What to Order 

Try the classic eggs Benedict, which has received recurring praise amongst diners. Alternatively, you may prefer Nduja scrambled eggs, which are another crowd favourite. 

Ezra & Gil | 20 Hilton St., Manchester, M1 1FR | $$$

manchester breakfast restaurant
via Ezra & Gil

2. Blanchflower

If you're looking for breakfast in Manchester with a laid-back atmosphere, Blanchflower might be what you’re looking for. Their menu is unique and their dishes are made from locally sourced ingredients.

The Vibe

The vibe is friendly and open. Diners in Manchester have a choice of indoor or outdoor seating, which is perfect for the hot summer months. Outside, you’ll find a frontage, whilst inside you’re greeted with hanging plants that give off a cosy feel. 

What to Order

Regulars recommend the salmon eggs Benedict and consider it a staple on the menu.

Blanchflower | Multiple Locations | $$

eggs and toast
via Blanchflower

3. The Koffee Pot

Looking for a place that serves the best breakfast in Manchester? The Koffee Pot awaits. Customers get to experience a nostalgic diner feel complete with chequered flooring.

The Vibe 

The interior design is eclectic, charming and vibrant with murals and fairy lights decorated around the place.

What to Order 

Give the Manc Muffin a go, or maybe a full English breakfast if you're feeling peckish.

The Koffee Pot | 84-86 Oldham St., Manchester M4 1LE | $$$

breakfast manchester pancakes
via The Koffee Pot

4. The Pen And Pencil

The Northern Quarter is home to many cafés and restaurants offering brunch and breakfast in Manchester. Among them, The Pen and Pencil stands out with a reasonably priced menu and sizable portions. It is somewhere to consider if you need breakfast in Manchester when you’re hungry and don’t want to spend too much. 

The Vibe

A bar-style restaurant with bench seating, stools and décor that resembles a restaurant in the heart of New York.

What to Order 

Customers love the pancakes drizzled in delicious maple syrup and garnished with bacon, but if you’re looking for something more savoury, try the avocado on toast. 

The Pen and Pencil | Fourways House, 57 Hilton St., Manchester M1 2EJ | $$

via The Pen and Pencil 

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5. Fig + Sparrow

If a cosy coffee shop that serves breakfast in Manchester is what you need, then Fig + Sparrow is for you. They have a varied selection of breakfast options to choose from and delicious coffee, of course.

The Vibe

The vibe is rustic, and inside you'll find music playing at a relaxing volume. Diners can unwind underneath the fairy lights, immersed in a calm and inviting atmosphere.

What to Order

Enjoy the classic full English breakfast. Regulars also recommend the blueberry pancakes.

Fig + Sparrow | 20 Oldham St., Manchester M1 1JA | $$

fig and cream cheese on toast drizzled with honey
via Fig + Sparrow

6. The Smithfield Social

Another gem nestled in Manchester’s Northern Quarter is The Smithfield Social. It’s a great spot to visit with family and friends when you want to truly experience what breakfast in Manchester is all about.

The Vibe

The Smithfield Social has an inviting frontage with outdoor seating, whilst inside you’re greeted by tasteful contemporary décor. 

What to Order

The simple but varied menu offers favourites like the breakfast hash or the shakshuka, making for a varied selection of breakfasts in Manchester.

The Smithfield Social | 53-55 Thomas St., Manchester M4 1NA | $$

breakfast manchester
via The Smithfield Social

7. Dishoom

Start your day with a selection of modern Indian dishes. Dishoom is another spot worth checking out if you’re looking for breakfast in Manchester. This restaurant pays homage to the old Irani cafés and the foods found in Bombay.

The Vibe

The stained glass windows and tastefully decorated surroundings are unmissable. The décor is steeped in history with a hint of modern touches.

What to Order

Dishoom offers many delectable breakfast dishes. Regulars rave about the bacon naan roll, but if you’re feeling particularly hungry you can opt for the Big Bombay, a huge plate of English breakfast prepared with an Indian twist. 

Dishoom | Multiple Locations | $$$

via Dishoom

8. Sugar Junction

A worthy find hidden in the centre of Manchester, Sugar Junction is a favourite amongst locals and visitors alike searching for where to eat breakfast in Manchester.

The Vibe

With its vintage décor and quirky interior, this quaint little coffee shop makes diners feel cosy and welcomed.

What to Order

For those with a sweet tooth, the coffee and pistachio French toast is generously topped with fruits. If you prefer something savoury, the eggs Benedict with salmon is a worthy alternative.

Sugar Junction | 60 Tib St., Manchester M4 1LG | $$

eggs on toast for breakfast manchester
via Sugar Junction

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9. Another Heart to Feed

Another Heart to Feed has provided freshly made breakfast to Manchester locals and visitors daily for over five years. They are one of many locations offering breakfast in Manchester.

The Vibe

This is a laid-back spot that’s perfect for brunch. With spacious seating and large windows, this breakfast location has an open and inviting feel.

What to Order

The French toast with wild mushrooms is a delicious combination. Regulars seeking breakfast in Manchester say it’s a must-try.

Another Heart to Feed | Multiple Locations | $$

breakfast foods spread
via Another Heart to Feed

10. Mackie Mayor

Mackie Mayor is a communal food hall that was opened in 1858. This eatery serves breakfast in Manchester, including pastries and fresh sausage sandwiches.

The Vibe

The brick walls and regal glass roof transport you back to a time when the Mackie Mayor was the former Smithfield Market. The large dining tables and selection of food vendors give this place a lot of character. 

What to Order

Diners can enjoy steak and eggs from the brunch menu, a juicy flat iron steak served with aged chili sauce, green onions and two fried eggs.

Mackie Mayor | Smithfield Market Hall, 1 Eagle St., Manchester M4 5BU | $$

donut and coffee at a manchester restaurant
via Mackie Mayor

11. Albert's Schloss

Albert’s Schloss invites lovers of breakfast in Manchester to try their indulgent German-inspired cuisine. They offer a varied menu of flavourful dishes and live entertainment.

The Vibe

The interior resembles a Germanic beer cellar. The vibe is rustic, rich and traditional. Diners looking for breakfast in Manchester with a bit of character will find this place appealing.

What to Order

Give the Cook Haus Breakfast a try. It has all your favourites, including hash browns, mushrooms and baked beans. The freshly squeezed orange juice is also worth checking out.

Albert’s Schloss | 27 Peter St., Manchester M2 5QR | $$

Full English Breakfast manchester
via Canva

12. Trove

The unassuming nature, fresh pastries on display and homey interior of Trove are part of what brings breakfast fans in Manchester to this café and bakery.

The Vibe

The interior is welcoming, with a quaint and charming aesthetic that still retains a modern feel.

What to Order

Breakfast regulars in Manchester often recommend the eggs Florentine. It's served with a unique twist, featuring miso added to the hollandaise sauce. 

Trove | Multiple Locations | $$

pastry and sweet treats
via Trove

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13. Trof

There's no shortage of proper food at Trof. This relaxed pub offers patrons hearty breakfast dishes in Manchester made from ingredients sourced locally. They're reasonably priced too!

The Vibe

Its friendly atmosphere, décor accented by plant life and brick walls provide a rustic feel. It’s worth checking out if you’re in search of breakfast in Manchester.

What to Order

The full English breakfast is a must-try here, with grilled bacon, field mushrooms and the works. The full vegan breakfast isn't a bad choice, either, for plant-based diners.

Trof | 8 Thomas St., Manchester M4 1EU | $$

English breakfast in manchester restaurant
via Trof

14. Moose Coffee

This family-owned restaurant, in operation since 2006, happily serves breakfast to Manchester patrons but with an American twist. 

The Vibe

The atmosphere at Moose Coffee is inviting, with a regular flow of visitors. With both indoor and outdoor seating, it's perfect in terms of space for busy Saturday afternoons with a group of friends.

What to Order

The banana and pecan pancakes are worth a mention, topped with freshly sliced bananas, a light dusting of powdered sugar and a side of syrup. It truly embodies an American breakfast in Manchester. The eggs Benedict also deserves a shout-out as regulars rave about it.

Moose Coffee | Multiple Locations | $$

chocolate and banana pancakes drizzled with syrup
via Moose Coffee

15. Thyme Out Food Co

Residents in the West Didsbury area can get their breakfast fix at Thyme Out Food Co. This intimate spot is great for breakfast lovers in Manchester who want a quiet location to dine.

The Vibe

On an average day, Thyme Out Food Co is bustling. This walk-in-only café is usually busy, and queueing before you’re seated is not unheard of. It's worth the wait for the flavourful food and chill atmosphere.

What to Order

This is a place to savour a delightful breakfast in Manchester with dishes like breakfast burritos and mushrooms on toast.

Thyme Out Food Co | 147 Nell Lane, Manchester M20 2LG | $$$

full english breakfast manchester
via Thyme Out Food Co

16. Café North

Café North serves up some of the tastiest breakfast in Manchester. Their menu is varied with pancakes, poached eggs, bagels and a smattering of other choices. Including a small selection of pastries.

The Vibe

The café has its busy days with queues forming outside. It is spacious enough, though, that it doesn’t feel too cramped. Diners eat their breakfast amidst an informal contemporary interior design.

What to Order

Their Oreo French toast is stuffed with Nutella and topped with Oreo crumbs. Opt for the shakshuka for a heartier meal.

Café North | 66 Shudehill, Manchester M4 4AA | $$

breakfast manchester
via Café North

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17. Federal

Federal serves an all-day brunch menu, great for satisfying your cravings for breakfast in Manchester. This independently owned café and bar prides itself on sourcing the very best suppliers for their ingredients.

The Vibe

You are likely to find yourself in a queue for a little while due to how popular this spot is. Once inside, you’ll find that the interior is homey and beautiful, making dining a pleasant experience.

What to Order

The açaí bowl marries together both taste and texture to produce a delicious breakfast meal. It’s the perfect fuel for the day.

Federal | Multiple Locations | $$

manchester restaurants
via Federal

18. Elnecot

Elnecot calls itself a modern British restaurant, so this is the best place to get a quintessentially British breakfast in Manchester. Of course, you’ll find that the classic full English breakfast made it on the menu.

The Vibe

The interior design is modern and trendy with a hint of the rustic. Diners in Manchester have the option of sitting at the bar or getting comfy at a table either inside or outside.

What to Order

The Elnecot breakfast sandwich is made with potato brioche, sausage, smoked bacon, Lancashire cheese, Bury black pudding, fried egg, hash browns, ketchup and Elneco chili jam.

Elnecot | Cutting Room Square, 41 Blossom St., Manchester M4 6AJ |  $$

The Best Breakfast in Manchester
via Elnecot

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The best way to experience breakfast in Manchester is to go on your own adventure. Your taste buds will thank you for it! Deciding on which place to crown a favourite might not be so easy, but the fun is always in the tasting. So, go ahead; give these restaurants a try and crown your favourite spot. For even more ways to explore Manchester and beyond, check out other experiences happening on Cozymeal.

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