15 Best Spots for Breakfast in Bath in 2024

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There are an array of places for breakfast in Bath

If you want to start your morning in the best way, dining at one of the many amazing places for breakfast in Bath is a must. Amidst the rich culture of Bath, the breakfast spots are equally worth exploring. We all know you should gaze in awe at the Roman-built baths and striking Georgian architecture but don’t forget you will need energy to see you through the day.

Luckily for you, Bath is also home to a variety of outstanding breakfast places catering to every taste. From cosy cafés serving freshly baked pastries to elegant restaurants transporting you back in time to the city’s heyday. For a fantastic breakfast, Bath has it all.

Whether you're a local looking for a new brunch spot or a visitor eager to explore the culinary delights of Bath, breakfast in this charming city is sure to impress. Let's explore some of the best breakfast places that Bath has to offer.


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Best Breakfast in Bath

1. Green Park Brasserie

For a dash of the city’s rich history in an atmospheric setting, Green Park Brasserie is just the place for Breakfast, Bath-style.

The Vibe

Set in the roomy red interiors of a former 1870s railway station booking hall, Green Park Brasserie is a must for history buffs.

What to Order

For those seeking a boozy breakfast in Bath, this hotspot for bottomless brunch offers eggs Royale or eggs Benedict alongside endless glasses of prosecco or cocktails to wash it all down with.

Green Park Brasserie | 6 Green Park Road, Bath BA1 1JB | ££

Egg bagel with an aperol spritz
via Green Park Brasserie

2. The Courtyard Café

Located in the city’s historic North Parade Passage, treat yourself to one of the most scrumptious breakfasts Bath has to offer at The Courtyard Café.

The Vibe

Set in Lilliput Court, this Bath breakfast hotspot oozes historical charm and is just a hop, skip and a jump away from sightseeing spot Bath Abbey.

What to Order

For one of the best breakfasts Bath has to offer, choose the bubble and squeak stacked sandwich. It is filled with Glamorgan sausages, mushrooms, cheese and bacon topped with a fried egg and not forgetting the thrifty British classic 'bubble and squeak' made from cooked potatoes and cabbage. If you want something a little sweeter, there are dessert-like breakfast dishes and decadent hot chocolate to enjoy.

The Courtyard Café | 3 Lilliput Court, Bath BA1 1ND | ££

A hot chocolate with a fruit-topped waffle in the background is a popular breakfast in Bath
via The Courtyard Café

3. Sally Lunn’s Historic Eating House

Birthplace of the brioche-like Sally Lunn bun, there is no better place than Sally Lunn’s Historic Eating House to experience the cuisine and culture of Bath all in one morning.

The Vibe

If you like your Bath breakfast with a side order of history, this is the spot. The onsite kitchen museum was the home of famous baker Sally Lunn, so you can educate yourself as you eat!

What to Order

What else would you order other than the Sally Lunn bun? Opt for a French toast breakfast, Bath-style, with a Sally Lunn bun dipped in cinnamon eggs and topped with dry-cure smoked bacon and drizzled with honey. This is a spectacular spin on a classic brunch dish.

Sally Lunn’s Historic Eating House | 4 N. Parade Passage, Bath BA1 1NX | ££

Bacon on a bun
via Sally Lunn’s Historic Eating House

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4. Wild Café

Wild Café’s motto 'West is best' reflects their commitment to locally-sourced produce and serves up the tastiest breakfast Bath has to offer. A popular spot for diners, Bath favourite Wild Café will not disappoint.

The Vibe

Take in the historic views of Bath from the well-positioned outdoor seating area or opt to spend the night in the café’s bed and breakfast for a weekend getaway. A pro tip: if you stay the night, breakfast is included.

What to Order

Indulge in the scrambled eggs with chorizo, made from pigs reared in a nearby farm. Pair it with homegrown apple juice from a local supplier for a truly satisfying Bath breakfast.

Wild Café | 10a Queen St., Bath BA1 1HE | ££

A Bath breakfast complete with a cappuccino and plate of fresh pastries
via Wild Café

5. The Bertinet Bakery

Breakfast at The Bertinet Bakery is recommended if you want a sweet on-the-go breakfast to fuel you as you tour the streets of the city.

The Vibe

The Bertinet Bakery’s quaint, stripped-back aesthetic is timeless. The piles of pastries and loaves of bread serve as the most delicious accessories and window dressing for breakfast in Bath. 

What to Order

This beloved bakery truly excels in sweet treats. Sugarholics will be spoiled for choice at this delightful spot for breakfast in Bath, with options ranging from chocolate babkas to brioche.

The Bertinet Bakery | 1 New Bond St. Place, Bath BA1 1BH | ££

Sourdough toast with different toppings
via The Bertinet Bakery

6. The Whole Bagel

If you’re stuck for something to eat for breakfast, Bath’s only bagel shop, The Whole Bagel, has got a lip-smacking solution to your problem.

The Vibe 

This split-level cosy café comes complete with its own courtyard for breakfast al fresco. It's a favourite among locals and visitors alike looking for a relaxed spot to enjoy some doughy goodness. 

What to Order

Choose from a range of traditional bagel flavours, all the old favourites are there. We recommend keeping it classic with a smoked salmon and cream cheese filling on an everything bagel.

The Whole Bagel | 8 Upper Borough Walls, Bath BA1 1RG | ££

Four bagels for breakfast in Bath at its only bagel shop.
via The Whole Bagel

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7. Rosario's

Rosario's is a family-run café bringing a taste of Italy to the West Country. The inspiration behind this authentic eatery was the owner Rosario’s nonna’s cooking.

The Vibe

Set within a Grade II listed Georgian building on the historic Northumberland Passage, Rosario's transports you to Italy with its welcoming atmosphere and comforting cuisine. 

What to Order

Try some of the homemade Sicilian pastries, a popular choice at Rosario's. As it’s well-known that theirs is the best coffee in Bath, breakfast just wouldn’t be complete without a cup.

Rosario's | 18 Northumberland Place, Bath BA1 5AR | ££

Homemade Sicilian pastries and drink for the best breakfast in Bath
via Rosario's

8. Walcot House

For a top-quality breakfast, Bath’s Walcot House brings its A-game with an expertly crafted menu that’s sure to impress.

The Vibe

Walcot House, an eclectic multi-purpose venue in Bath, offers a chic restaurant, bar, dance club and even a gym, all housed in what was originally an old bakery. Expect a light and airy atmosphere in the day and a sultry vibe come evening time. 

What to Order

The wild mushroom and truffle with poached egg on sourdough is a treat not to be missed. Whether paired with their artisanal coffee or enjoyed with a mimosa, it makes for an indulgent breakfast experience in Bath. Getting some freshly made pastries is always a good idea as well.

Walcot House | 90 Walcot St., Bath BA1 5BG | £££

A baking tray full of cinnamon twists
via Walcot House

9. Archway Café

Every city has its celebrated greasy spoon spot for breakfast and Bath is no different. Make a note of Archway Café, as blink and you will miss this little gem.

The Vibe

A micro-café that is deceptively bigger than it looks, Archway Café is actually built into the railway archway. It has a truly retro, unfussy aesthetic that extends to the hefty portions and large mugs of builder’s tea.

What to Order

If you’ve got time to spare, dig into the full English breakfast. For a quick breakfast, Bath’s Archway Café serves up scrumptious bacon sarnies that go superbly with a milky cuppa.

Archway Café | Arch 7 Lower Bristol Road, Bath BA2 1EP | £

A full english breakfast in Bath
via Canva

10. Café Lucca

Located on cobbled Bartlett Street, Café Lucca is a long-standing establishment, perfect for a chic breakfast in Bath. It's a favourite among diners in Bath looking for a charming setting to start their day.

The Vibe

With its open, airy windows and corner placement, this place is an ideal spot for people-watching over a leisurely brunch.

What to Order

It’s a toss-up between the warm Belgian waffles, complete with bacon, grilled eggs and lashings of maple syrup or the almond frangipane croissant. A tough decision if ever there was one.

Café Lucca | 1 Bartlett St., Bath BA1 2QZ | ££

Croissant with butter and jam beside a coffee
via Café Lucca

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11. Society Café

With family-owned specialty coffee shops in Bath, Oxford, Cheltenham and Bristol, Society Café isn't your typical run-of-the-mill coffee shop chain. 

The Vibe

A warm glow provided by welcoming lighting and a clean modern look makes Society Café the kind of establishment you could while away a whole day in. If you’re after a light pick-me-up breakfast, Bath-favourite Society Café is the place.

What to Order

Hopefully, the coffee and walnut cake will be on display when you pop in, as this is a must for coffee lovers. If not, there are plenty of pastries to enjoy with your morning coffee at this delightful spot for diners in Bath.

The Society Café | 5 Kingsmead Square, Bath BA1 2AB | ££

A glass display case with pastries in a coffee shop
via The Society Café

12. Same Same But Different

Catering for vegans, vegetarians and meat-eaters alike, Same Same But Different has something to please everyone, making it perfect if you’re out with friends for breakfast in Bath.

The Vibe

If a laidback Mediterranean vibe is what you’re after for breakfast, Bath’s Same Same But Different will hit the spot. 

What to Order

Treat your gut to a hearty and healthy superseed granola breakfast. Same Same But Different really knows how to put together this oaty classic and it is jam-packed with a mixture of seeds, figs and Greek yoghurt or milk. 

Same Same But Different | 7a Princes Buildings, Bartlett St., Bath BA1 2ED | ££

Bowl with granola, milk, fresh fig and dried berries
via Canva

13. Sweet Little Things

For a sugary, sweet breakfast, Bath’s Sweet Little Things offers a range of expertly crafted cakes and pastries. 

The Vibe

Pale pink, the colour of cupcake frosting, covers the shopfront, spilling over into the interiors of Sweet Little Things. It's a pink paradise perfect for brunch parties.

What to Order

Sticking with the pink theme, try the cherry Bakewell blondie, a sweet almond sensation that goes so well with a morning brew of breakfast tea. 

Sweet Little Things | 5 Old Bond St., Bath BA1 1BW | ££

For a sugary sweet breakfast in Bath, head to Sweet Little Things
via Sweet Little Things

14. Good Day Café

Good Day Café, a bakery and café combo, has sweet and savoury options, making it an ideal place for breakfast in Bath no matter what you're craving. 

The Vibe

Stretching across two floors, complete with outdoor seating for warmer days, this award-winning café is a major contender for the best breakfast Bath-style.

What to Order

Whilst the bakery’s sweet offerings are impressive, it's the loaded hash browns that steal the show. Topped with smoked salmon, crispy bacon bits and garlic and chive sour cream, there’s no better way to start the day. If you want to go sweet, the pancakes are an excellent choice.

Good Day Café | 12 Upper Borough Walls, Bath BA1 1RH | ££

A stack of pancakes topped with sliced banana
via Good Day Café

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15. Edesia

As well as bringing you the best breakfast Bath has to offer with a South American twist, Edesia takes you from day to night with a brunch menu that’s as extravagant as its evening offerings.

The Vibe

Known for lively evening service, Edesia’s bottomless brunch keeps the party vibe flowing into the morning after. 

What to Order

For breakfast, Bath’s Edesia serves up a South American dish of black beans, ancho chile and poached eggs with feta cheese on a fluffy English muffin. The various kinds of eggs Benedict on the menu are also a popular choice.

Edesia | 13-14 High St., Bath BA1 5AQ | £££

For breakfast in Bath, Edesia serves up a South American style dish of veggies and poached eggs.
via Edesia

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Whether you're craving a hearty full English, trying freshly baked pastries or savouring a leisurely brunch with friends, Bath's breakfast hot spots promise a memorable dining experience. With its charming ambiance, friendly service and tasty dishes, each recommended place for breakfast in Bath provides a taste of the city's food culture, inviting visitors and locals alike to start their day on a bright note.

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