Chef Genevieve or Resident Chef

Chef Genevieve or Resident Chef

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Growing up traveling the globe, Chef Genevieve developed a deep appreciation for foods of the world. Through her journeys to 6 continents and 39 countries, she experienced a wide range of international cuisines and local customs firsthand. Chef Genevieve has been on a mission to share her knowledge of food traditions and passion for cooking throughout Boston.

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16 Jun 2019

This experience was my first time taking a cooking class so I didn't know what to expect. Chef Genevieve placed us into cooking teams and then provided input and support, when needed. The Korean recipes were tasty, we all seemed to enjoy it. This was an enjoyable class for a first timer.

betsy m.


14 Jun 2019

Genevieve was great. She was knowledgeable and well prepared. The whole activity was hands on and she was totally available to help when need. Great fun and great food!!!! And great teacher!!!

Kelsey D.


16 Nov 2017

Chef Genevieve teaches a fun and flavorful class that's great for people looking to get an introduction into new types of cuisine. We had a really fun night and a delicious meal!