Chef Andrew

Chef Andrew

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Born and raised in Boston with a chef as a mother, Chef Andrew learned how to appreciate good food and company at a young age. His dreams of becoming a chef came true right after culinary school and has since worked at some of the top restaurants in the Bay Area along with his hometown, Boston.

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Cozymeal guest reviews for Chef Andrew

Bryce F.


27 Jun 2016

Delicious, entertaining, and educational. Everything we wanted from our Cozymeal! From the moment we shook hands, my wife and I felt very at ease with Chef Andrew. His comfortable way around the kitchen and easy conversational class made for a very relaxing experience. He did a fantastic job of guiding us through the experience while simultaneously including us as his su chefs, and explaining what to look for while doing the same at home. Chef Andrew prepared all the ingredients and planned the whole experience meticulously before we arrived. He showed us how to setup our own space at home, and let us chop and prepare the ingredients, explaining the how's and why's as we went along. He encouraged us to ask questions, and even demonstrated several techniques which were somewhat tangential to the meal itself. He even explained the basic principles of plating food so that we could feast with our eyes. Once the food was all prepared, my wife and I sat at a candlelit table and enjoyed the wonderful chef-cooked food. Our only regret was not coming hungrier!

Melissa C.


22 Mar 2016

Chef Andrew is so passionate about cooking and it truly shows in his dishes. I had an absolute blast getting to know him and learning the basics of cooking. Taking one of his classes is like being on a cooking show- there is always something going on, and you're constantly learning! Every single dish he made was SO delicious and full of flavor. I am looking forward to taking his next class!