Chef Anna

Chef Anna

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Food safety certified

Chef Anna began her career creating French pastries before moving to Germany and starting up a bakery where she offered American treats. She eventually transitioned to traditional breads and spent five years managing a bakery in Central Texas. Her curiosity for science helps her understand her creations and improve her recipes. Chef Anna believes anyone can learn to create fabulous baked goods and enjoys demystifying the process for her students.

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Cozymeal guest reviews for Chef Anna

Glen Z.


11 Apr 2022

Chef Anna was a delight and the class was so much fun. My family enjoyed learning the process for making light and flaky croissants that also happened to be absolutely delicious! So much fun!!!

yadira b.


24 Feb 2022

I was searching around town for a macaron class and came across Cozymeal app, so glad I signed up with chef Anna. She explained well and she had lots of knowledge on the topic. i felt comfortable enough around her kitchen and enjoyed the class. Thank you, Anna! my macarons come out delicious.

Guest reviews for Chef Anna



24 Jan 2022

I love Anna's style of teaching! She shows you exactly what you need to do and then lets you practice. Perfect balance of hands-on teaching without micromanaging. And that girl can COOK!