Chef Gagana

Chef Gagana

Verified chef

With incredible worldly culinary experience, and more than 26 years of professionally creating homemade fare from scratch, Chef Gagana is ready to showcase his skills and share his kitchen tips with you. Chef Gagana has mastered cooking techniques, flavor profiles, and more from South Asian, French, Mediterranean, and American cuisines. Chef Gagana has expertise in many culinary realms, from training and demonstrating to menu planning and catering.

Cozymeal guest reviews for Chef Gagana

Kiko L.


26 Feb 2020

Chef Gagana was both incredibly knowledgeable and very engaging! Didn't hurt that the food was delicious!

Leah B.


20 Jan 2020

We thoroughly enjoyed Chef Gagana's Sri Lankan cuisine class, the meal was amazing! Chef Gagana is very friendly and generous with his knowledge. He gave us the recipe for his own spice mix to use at home, as well as the recipe of everything we made. We expected it to be more hands on, however, it was more of an observation class. This did not bother us because Chef Gagana is very engaging and was teaching us the whole time. We feel confident that we can replicate this meal at home!



07 Jan 2020

Chef Gagana is an amazing chef. Beautiful display of the food. The prep work was very interesting and helpful. Sauces and seasonings were wonderful. Simple, yet outstanding dinner.