Chef Alex

Chef Alex

Verified chef

Chef Alex has expansive culinary expertise that he is ready to share with you. From sous chef to butcher to executive chef, he has covered most bases in the culinary landscape. Chef Alex — who is incredibly knowledgeable in a wide variety of cuisines — is excited to teach you incredible tricks and techniques, and send you home with new skills and an appreciation for cooking.

Cozymeal guest reviews for Chef Alex

Sean L.


04 Mar 2019

Chef Alex knows what he's talking about. Lots of interesting technique tips while demonstrating a dish like Steak Au Poivre. Like how to warm the peppercorns before grinding to have them release their flavor and oils. Also, what kind of pan to use to sear a filet and then how to baste it with an herb infused butter. The final results were so tasty, too! The crispy outside of the deep fried smashed potatoes was a real treat as was the Bearnaise sauce. His experience in Mexican and South American flavors really came through in his other dishes as well.