Zwilling Gourmet 6-Inch Cleaver

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Expand your cutlery collection with the sleek and efficient Zwilling Gourmet 6-Inch Cleaver. The Zwilling brand prides itself on superior quality and lasting performance honed over centuries of crafting a wide selection of premium knives.


Made in Germany from a solid, single piece of signature special formula high carbon steel, Zwilling Gourmet knives are built with strength, beauty and versatility in mind. Zwilling’s signature ice-hardening technique produces knives that are hard, sharp and balanced as well as resistant to corrosion and stains. The four-step FRIODUR technique creates resilient blades that retain their sharpness by freezing the steel to -94°F. Each precision-honed blade features a laser-controlled edge shaped to the ideal angle for cutting.


The traditional three-riveted handle lets cooks keep a firm, comfortable grip on this 6-inch cleaver while slicing and chopping. Enjoy fatigue-free cutting, dicing and butchering with this premium Zwilling Gourmet cleaver. A high-quality cleaver enhances the cooking experience by effectively breaking down dense pieces of meat by smoothly slicing through soft bones and connective tissues. A cleaver can also make quick work of tough produce such as pineapple, butternut squash and sweet potatoes. Cleavers are also useful tools for pounding, mincing and dicing a wide variety of proteins, vegetables, aromatics and other foods.


Dimensions: Length: 10.83 in: Blade length: 5.91 in

Care: Hand washing recommended

Materials: Special formula steel