Cuisine::pro Damashiro Emperor 6.5-Inch Cleaver

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The optimal tool for more challenging cutting jobs, the Cuisine::pro Damashiro Emperor 6.5-inch cleaver is a true workhorse in the kitchen. Easily break down bones and tendons, tenderize meat or use it for precise and fast chopping and mincing tasks.


Sharpened with a traditional Japanese leather sharpening process and expertly engineered to be weighted, the Cuisine::pro Damashiro cleaver is the perfect tool for cutting through tougher and larger cuts of meat or slice beets, cut the tough outer shell of  squash and pumpkin or finely mince roots such as ginger or turmeric into a fine paste. A versatile and reliable tool for busy home cooks and culinary professionals alike, the Japanese knife features an attractive pakka wood handle designed for optimal ergonomic comfort. Providing a safe grip, you’ll feel comfortable maneuvering the large blade even during the more work-intensive chopping tasks. 


Use it to crush fresh garlic, quickly chop a large quantity of vegetables and herbs and achieve perfectly sliced scallions, shallots or diced potatoes and yams. When you’re done prepping your ingredients, simply scoop them up with the generous-sized blade and transfer them to the pan, a bowl or a plate.


Crafted from ice-hardened Japanese steel, the 6.5”-blade boasts superior sharpness tested to meet the Rockwell 53 hardness standard, making for a durable and resilient kitchen companion. To clean, hand wash the cleaver carefully and wipe it completely dry before storing it safely until the next use.


Dimensions: Blade length: 6.5”

Care & Use: Hand wash only.

Materials: Japanese Stainless Steel

1 Product Review
Cozymeal Team Shot
Cozymeal Team
14 Dec 2022
We’ve hand-selected the Cuisine::pro Damashiro Emperor 6.5-inch cleaver for its outstanding durability and versatility. Crafted from premium materials and honed to superior sharpness, this essential kitchen tool is a great addition to any busy kitchen.