Miyabi Koh 6.5 Inch Nakiri Knife

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Japanese tradition and German engineering combine to create the Miyabi Koh 6.5 Inch Nakiri Knife. Made of state-of-the-art steel, this knife is the ultimate kitchen tool for slicing, dicing and mincing vegetables as well as a host of other culinary items.


The Miyabi Koh nakiri knife blade is mirror-polished with a sandblasted katana edge to replicate a Samurai sword aesthetic. An ice-hardened process ensures the blade’s durability, cutting performance and exceptional sharpness for years to come. Crafted of FC61 fine carbide stainless steel, it clocks in at 61 on the Rockwell hardness scale for excellent corrosion and chip resistance.


Similar in shape to a cleaver, but thinner and lighter, the blade on the Miyabi Koh 6.5 inch nakiri knife offers scalpel-like sharpness. It has a symmetrical edge with a straight blade specifically designed to cut through vegetables with ease and precision.

The octagon-shaped pakkawood handle on the Miyabi Koh nakiri provides a comfortable grip and ease for Asian rocking or Western-style chopping techniques. Ergonomic in design, the nakiri knife handle has a rounded spine and heel for tireless cutting and comfort. 


Dimensions: Width: 0.75”; Height: 2.13”; Blade length: 6.50”; Handle length: 5.31”; Blade thickness: 0.08”

Care & Use: Hand wash only.

Materials: FC61 fine carbide steel