15 Top Wawa Secret Menu Items To Try in 2024

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Assorted hoagies served on baskets

For those in the know, Wawa isn't just a convenient pit stop for fuel and snacks. This beloved East Coast convenience store chain continues to be a hit with its off-menu creations, providing a culinary playground where an exclusive Wawa secret menu awaits the wondrous food lover. 

From rainbow-hued bagels to decadent milkshakes, these hidden gems will surely delight even the most discerning foodies. So, buckle up and prepare to taste your way through Wawa's best-kept secret menu.


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Does Wawa Have a Secret Menu?

Absolutely! While Wawa's official menu boasts an impressive array of offerings, the real excitement is in Wawa's secret menu. This hidden selection features unique creations carefully crafted by Wawa's innovative team and whispered about by those in the know.

To access the well-hidden Wawa secret menu, simply approach one of Wawa's self-service kiosks and look for the iconic Wawa goose logo nestled in the bottom-left corner of the screen. A gentle tap or press on this unassuming icon will unlock a world of well-made delights, revealing a fantastic array of Wawa secret menu items that are sure to keep you coming back.

15 Best Wawa Secret Menu Items

1. Rainbow Bagel

Discover a colorful and delicious treat with Wawa's secret menu Rainbow Bagel. This vibrant bagel is as tasty as it is visually stunning. To order, simply navigate to Wawa’s secret menu and select the Rainbow Bagel option. Enjoy a burst of flavors and a feast for the eyes with every bite.

Rainbow bagel is a sweet trat from Wawa's secret menu
via Canva

2. Birthday Cake Milkshake

Celebrate any day like it's your birthday with Wawa's secret menu birthday cake milkshake. This creamy blend of vanilla ice cream, buttery cake flavors and rainbow sprinkles is a nostalgic delight. Head to the secret menu and request the birthday cake milkshake for a sweet trip down memory lane.

Milkshake served with whipped cream
via Wawa

3. Red Bull Infusions

For those seeking an extra jolt of energy, Wawa's secret menu offers a titillating selection of Red Bull-infused beverages. Imagine your favorite coffee, smoothie or lemonade with the invigorating kick of Red Bull — a perfect pick-me-up for those long road trips or late-night study sessions. Simply navigate to the secret menu and inquire about the available Red Bull infusions to unleash a burst of caffeinated bliss.

Wawa coffee being poured in a cup
via Wawa

4. Swedish Fish Blue Splash Lemonade

For a unique twist on a classic beverage, try the Swedish Fish Blue Splash lemonade from Wawa's secret menu. This drink combines the fun of Swedish Fish candy with refreshing lemonade. It's a magical fusion that’s as delightful to drink as it is to look at. Next time you're at Wawa, ask for this vibrant, refreshing treat.

Swedish Flish Blue Splash Lemonade is a sour drink fro Wawa's secret menu
via Wawa

5. Good Luck Mint Smoothie

Experience a refreshing blend of chocolate and mint with Wawa's secret menu Good Luck Mint smoothie. This delicious beverage is more than just a drink;  it's an experience, a lucky charm wrapped in chocolate and mint. Order it from the secret menu and savor the taste while enjoying a sprinkle of good fortune with every sip.

Good Luck Mint Smoothie is a classic drink from Wawa's secret menu
via Wawa

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6. Graveyard Smash

Available only during Halloween, Wawa's secret menu Graveyard Smash is a chillingly delicious treat. This chocolatey dessert is topped with whipped cream, crushed cookies and gummy worms. It’s an indulgence that perfectly captures the spooky spirit of the season. So, when autumn leaves start falling and pumpkins start appearing, head to your nearest Wawa store to awaken this dessert from its seasonal slumber. And remember: this is just one among many other enchanting options hidden in the Wawa secret menu. 

Chocolate dessert topped with cookies and gummy worms
via Canva

7. Fang-o Mango Smoothie

The Fang-o Mango Smoothie, part of Wawa's secret menu, is a seasonal favorite during Halloween. This fruity, blood-thirsty concoction is garnished with playful chocolate fangs, adding to the eerie fun. It’s a chilling delight that will make you scream with glee. Ask your Wawa barista for this spooky smoothie when the Halloween season approaches.

Fang-o mango smoothie is a halloween treat from Wawa's secret menu
via Wawa

8. Franken-Mint Macchiato

Embrace the spirit of mad science with Wawa's secret menu Franken-Mint Macchiato. This espresso-based beverage is infused with a refreshing burst of mint and topped with whipped cream, chocolate sauce and cookie crumbles. Available during Halloween, this delightful twist on a classic macchiato is sure to electrify your taste buds.

Three Wawa machiatos served on to-go cups
via Wawa

9. Sourdough Melts Galore

Wawa's secret menu isn't just about sweet treats — it's also a playground for savory delights. The Sourdough Melts Galore allows you to customize your own sandwich with your favorite fillings, melted between two slices of sourdough bread. From classic grilled cheese to more adventurous combinations, request a custom sourdough melt and unleash your culinary creativity.

Sourdoug melt from Wawa's secret menu
via Wawa

10. Quesadilla Creations

Just imagine the possibilities for flavor exploration on the Wawa secret menu, where you get to play chef! You could mix and match ingredients to create a Philly cheesesteak quesadilla or perhaps a Buffalo chicken with blue cheese delight. The beauty of it all? It's not just limited to what's written on the menu. With the power vested in you by Wawa, you can whip up a concoction that combines everything you love about food in one delicious, melty masterpiece. So, get your creative culinary hats on and let taste be your guide with each bite of your personalized quesadilla creation from Wawa’s secret menu.

Cheesy chicken quesadilla
via Canva

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11. Flatbread Fantasies

Wawa's secret menu isn't just about sandwiches and quesadillas it also offers a world of flatbread possibilities. These secret menu items allow you to craft your unique flatbread creation by selecting your desired toppings and having them baked to perfection on Wawa's signature Parmesan-infused flatbread. From classic combinations to bold flavor fusions, the possibilities are endless. Simply request a custom flatbread on Wawas's secret menu and let your imagination soar.

Margarita flatbread served on a wooden board
via Canva

12. Breakfast Hoagie Bonanza

Start your day off right with Wawa's Breakfast Hoagie Bonanza. While Wawa's official menu offers a variety of breakfast hoagies, the secret menu takes things to the next level by allowing you to customize your unique creation. From egg white omelettes to sausage and cheese extravaganzas, the possibilities are endless. Simply request a custom breakfast hoagie on the secret menu in Wawa and let your morning cravings guide you.

Hoagies are a classic breakfast from Wawa's secret menu
via Wawa

13. Reserve Coffee Indulgence

For the true coffee connoisseur, Wawa's secret menu offers the Reserve Coffee Indulgence. This limited-edition offering features small-batch, specialty-grade coffees that are carefully curated and rotated regularly. Ask about the current Reserve Coffee offering and enjoy a unique, high-quality coffee experience.

Cup of coffee and iced coffee from Wawa's secret menu
via Wawa

14. Strawberry Jalapeño Lemonade

Now, you may be wondering, how spicy can a lemonade get? But trust us when we say that this isn't your average grocery store lemonade. The heat from the jalapeños adds an unexpected twist, making each sip a thrilling experience. However, fear not! The strawberry sweetness excellently counters the spiciness, ensuring a delightful balance in every gulp. And the best part? This is one of those secret menu items that flies under the radar, so you'll feel like a true Wawa insider when you order it. 

Strawberry jalapeño lemonade is a sweet and spicy drink from Wawa´s secret menu
via Wawa

15. Siptopia Sensation

Last but certainly not least, Wawa's secret menu offers a true Siptopia Sensation a limited-time promotion that allows you to indulge in any 16-ounce beverage (from cold brew coffee to frozen smoothies) for a mere $1.99. Inquire about the promotion at the kiosk and treat yourself to a spectacular drink at a great price.

The siptopia special from Wawa's secret menu is an offer you can't miss
via Wawa

Wawa's secret menu offers a wide range of exciting and delicious items. From colorful bagels to nostalgic milkshakes, energy-boosting drinks and customizable sandwiches, there's something for everyone. So, whether you're a seasoned Wawa enthusiast or a first-time explorer, get ready for a deliciously entertaining ride through Wawa's best-kept secret menu servings.

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