How to Elevate Your Summer BBQ

Published on June 15, 2017 | 0 Comments
Published on June 15, 2017 | 0 Comments

Summer means picnics, days at the beach, and of course, barbecues. We’ve rounded up everything (we think) you need to know about making barbecue sauce, your own fixings and side dishes from scratch.

Barbecue sauce comes in a variety of flavors, based on culture, geography, and even on families who’ve passed down their own recipes. Most BBQ sauces include an acid, like vinegar or tomato paste, a sweetener, like molasses or sugar, and lots of flavorings and spices. That balance of sweet and tart produces the tangy BBQ flavor we all know and love. Try one — or all! — of these BBQ recipes with your favorite grilled goodies.

blueberry bbq sauce

Via NutmegNanny

Wild Blueberry BBQ Sauce

This hot and sweet BBQ sauce is sure to surprise and delight guests. With a deep, purple-black color and unique flavor, this sauce recipe from Nutmeg Nanny is one you’ll definitely want to add to your summer cooking repertoire.

yellow bbq sauce 2

Via Cozymeal

South Carolina Yellow BBQ

This mustard-based BBQ sauce is like liquid gold. Poured over any meat or vegetable, it will take your summer BBQ to a whole new level. Learn the ins and outs of the perfect grilled chops with Cozymeal's Chef Pierre C. and you’re truly golden.

tomatillo bbq sauce

Via Cooking Channel

Tomatillo BBQ Sauce

This tart, green barbecue sauce is another unusual recipe to spice up your picnicking options. Made with green tomatillos, jalapeños, cilantro and even a shot of tequila, this is upscale outdoor dining at its best.

classic bbq sauce

Via Martha Stewart

Classic BBQ Sauce

Sometimes familiar classics are the best, transporting you back to special meals you’ve shared with others. Making this simple recipe from scratch will add a personal touch to your barbecue menu. Learn how to make elegant gourmet sides to make your picnic complete with Cozymeal's Chef Anja.

Wishing you happy summer grilling, whether it’s by the pool, at a cabin in the woods, or even over your kitchen stove. You can learn more about making gourmet sauces for all seasons in this cooking class with Cozymeal’s Chef Laura.

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