These Are the 19 Must-Try Restaurants in Arlington, TX

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restaurants in Arlington, TX.

For foodies ready to discover the world of Dallas foods, exploring restaurants in Arlington, TX is a culinary adventure worth taking. This suburban town situated halfway between Dallas and Fort Worth offers both traditional Southwestern dining and contemporary cuisine. You’ll find phenomenal American fare, gourmet Asian favorites and Italian classics, a global feast spread out among the best restaurants in Arlington, TX.

Where do you begin if you’re ready to track down the most tempting restaurants near Arlington, TX? Start by consulting our convenient listing below! We’ve found the finest places in town for enjoying a memorable meal. Read on to learn what the restaurants of Arlington, TX have in store.


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The 19 Best Restaurants in Arlington, TX

1. The Tipsy Oak

The Tipsy Oak is a key Arlington, TX restaurant for fans of fun sandwiches and juicy burgers. The all-outdoor, wrap-around dining area features casual picnic table seating and a bandstand for live music.

The Vibe

The atmosphere is backyard barbecue at a family ranch, but with better food.

What to Order

With appetizer options like smoked brisket cheese fries and roasted garlic hummus, you may not make it past the opening course! If you do, try a Tipsy Burger, featuring the restaurant's self-named secret sauce.

The Tipsy Oak | 301 E. Front St, Arlington, TX 76011 | $$

A cheeseburger with bacon and caramelized onions
via The Tipsy Oak

2. Bone Daddy's

Lowcountry barbecue is a way of life at Bone Daddy's, and restaurants in Arlington, TX are all the better for it! This exciting smokehouse-slash-sports bar is infused with energy that extends beyond the amazing food.

The Vibe

There's an informal friendliness here that instantly puts guests at ease.

What to Order

Catch a Flying Pig, a saucy sandwich featuring sausage, bacon and pulled pork topped with pickles and onion, or burnt ends tostadas for a BBQ-Tex-Mex mix-and-match.

Bone Daddy's | 415 E. Interstate 20, Arlington, TX 76018 | $$

Bone Daddy's is a fun restaurant in Arlington, TX.
via Bone Daddy's

3. Pappasito's Cantina

Take your taste buds on a flavorful adventure with the Tex-Mex stylings of Pappasito's Cantina. One of the sweetest restaurants in Arlington, TX for favorites from south of the border, the name is actually a tribute to the Pappas brothers, the Greek originators of this family-owned concept eatery chain.

The Vibe

The vibrantly colorful water tower in the courtyard outside clues you in on the spirited fun waiting inside.

What to Order

Adventurous eaters have a treat waiting in the Sweet Chile Quail, a dish that honors desert flavors in the forms of ancho glaze and guacamole.

Pappasito's Cantina | 321 W. Road to Six Flags, Arlington, TX 76011 | $$

sweet chili quail
via Pappasito's Cantina

4. Bay 34th Street

New York-style eatery Bay 34th Street provides more than just a fabulous Arlington, TX restaurant. The owners also offer the space to help at-risk youth to learn about the culinary arts, adding an element of community spirit.

The Vibe

Sleek NYC modern meets warm Texas comfort in a space that honors the character of both locales.

What to Order

A Cajun omelette brings the spice of Andouille sausage to three fluffy eggs, flavored with distinctly Southern seasoning, while a Mamma Mia Healthy Wrap will bring you scrambled eggs, tomatoes and onions in a flour tortilla. On the indulgent side, chicken and waffles hits the spot.

Bay 34th Street | 3330 Matlock Road, Suite 100, Arlington, TX 76015 | $$

chicken and waffles
via Bay 34th Street

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5. Lazy Dog

The spirit of Lazy Dog is present in the name: a chilled-out contemporary restaurant in Arlington, TX, where fast casual dining offers a delicious culturally diverse menu. In addition to dine-in specialties, you can order fun, handcrafted TV dinners to go!

The Vibe

High-rise beamed ceilings and brick pillars lend an upscale cabin-like coziness to the space.

What to Order

The most intriguing option for carnivores has to be the PB&J burger, a half-pound of grilled beef dressed with peanut butter, grape jelly and Havarti.

Lazy Dog | 241 E. Interstate 20 Highway, Arlington, TX 76018 | $$

Lazy Dog is a fantastic restaurant in Arlington, TX.
via Lazy Dog

6. Hurtado Barbecue

Acclaim on the Texas barbecue circuit led to Hurtado Barbecue's quick evolution from food truck to a stand-alone restaurant in Downtown Arlington, TX. Even pandemic challenges couldn't quash the feisty spirit, making this spot one of the Arlington, TX restaurant scene's tastiest success stories.

The Vibe

Down-to-earth simplicity makes it feel like you've been invited over to a friend's house for great food and even better company.

What to Order

The Texas Trinity platter is a trio of spare ribs, brisket and sausage, piled high in satisfying third-pound servings. Carb lovers will adore the Big Papa, a baked potato stuffed to the gills with half a pound of tender brisket.

Hurtado Barbecue | 205 E. Front St., Arlington, TX 76010 | $$

a trio platter of ribs, brisket and sausage
via Hurtado Barbecue

7. Mariano's Hacienda Ranch

You may not have heard of Mariano's Hacienda Ranch, but this Arlington, TX restaurant is home to the world's first frozen margarita machine! This Mexican eatery is dedicated to faithful recreations of beloved Tex-Mex favorites with a few original twists.

The Vibe

Layered skylights, brick arches and stucco walls are enough to convince diners they've stepped into the Texas of yore.

What to Order

Cocktail fans have to try a frozen margarita from the original source. Try one with a poblano al carbon, a pepper skin loaded with grilled chicken, cheese and guacamole.

Mariano's Hacienda Ranch | 2614 Majesty Drive, Arlington, TX 76011 | $$

Mariano's Hacienda Ranch is one of the best restaurants in Arlington, TX for food and margaritas.
via Mariano's Hacienda Ranch

8. Vault Seafood and Steakhouse

The flavors of the Gulf come to the table at Vault Seafood and Steakhouse, an Arlington, TX restaurant designed for the discerning diner. Reservations-only seating, over-18 admission and liquor lockers holding high-priced spirits are all part of the indulgence.

The Vibe

If the live piano music doesn't soothe your hunger for luxury among restaurants in Arlington, TX, the warm paneled walls and white tablecloth décor surely will.

What to Order

The Vault's signature Chilean aea bass robed in Burgundy cream or a bison ribeye dressed in zesty chimichurri will make connoisseurs swoon in this top-shelf restaurant near Arlington, TX.

Vault Seafood and Steakhouse | 2300 Matlock Road, Suite 21, Mansfield, TX 76063 | $$$

close-up of a bison ribeye
via Vault Seafood and Steakhouse

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9. Piranha Killer Ramen

The delicious trend of gourmet ramen carries forward with Piranha Killer Ramen, one of the most thoughtful restaurants in Arlington, TX. In addition to ramen, you'll find sushi and other Japanese delights, as well as a considerable collection of mixed drinks to enjoy.

The Vibe

Hip sensibilities applied to traditional Japanese décor translates to a fresh, light-filled dining room.

What to Order

Spicy miso ramen adds a creamier dimension to the usual broth-and-noodles combination. Salmon ceviche here is a gourmet Japanese dish that looks more like art than dinner!

Piranha Killer Ramen | 309 Curtis Mathes Way, Ste. 149, Arlington, TX 76018 | $$

three varieties of ramen
via Piranha Killer Ramen

10. Babe's Chicken Dinner House

No proper adventure through the restaurants of Arlington, TX could omit the downhome comfort specialties of Babe's Chicken Dinner House. First opened in 2010, Babe's neighbors with Arlington Music Hall, a live theater that's played host to country music luminaries like Willie Nelson and Loretta Lynn.

The Vibe

Interiors give the illusion of an outdoor patio in a Texas town filled with character, right down to the neon signs and faux storefronts!

What to Order

Whether you stick with fried chicken like the restaurant name suggests or take a chance on the battered and fried catfish, there's a country-style meal waiting to share a hearty helping of nostalgia.

Babe's Chicken Dinner House | 230 N. Center St., Arlington, TX 76011 | $$

Babe's Chicken Dinner House is a famous restaurant in Arlington, TX and beyond.
via Babe's Chicken Dinner House

11. Mr. Max

Small dishes and sake make Mr. Max a one-of-a-kind Japanese restaurant near Arlington, TX. Located in neighboring Irving, this low-key dining counter serves Asian bites in a traditional izakaya, a Japanese concept meaning "stay-drink-eat.”

The Vibe

Minimalist décor featuring bold Japanese art and calligraphy sets the tone for dining moments that are more Asia than Texas.

What to Order

Yellowtail or salmon sashimi will make sushi fans more than happy. Pair your dishes with one of 11 sakes from the drink menu to complete the meal.

Mr. Max | 3028 N. Belt Line Road, Irving, TX 75062 | $$

a sashimi platter
via Mr. Max

12. Cork & Pig Tavern

With a quick 20-minute hop over to the town of Irving, you'll find Cork & Pig Tavern delivering authentic Texas gastro pub experiences. A cadre of gourmet chefs came together to add this New American eatery to the selection of restaurants in Arlington, TX.

The Vibe

With sharp edges, warm lighting and wide windows, this tavern takes on a distinctly contemporary sparkle.

What to Order

Pub fare like a crispy chicken sandwich and Carolina pork ribs will ring deliciously familiar, with thoughtful touches in preparation and presentation. Black truffle wood-fired pizza lets you know this Arlington, TX restaurant walks on the stylish side.

Cork & Pig Tavern | 5224 N. O'Connor Blvd., Suite 116, Irving, TX 75039 | $$

Cork & Pig Tavern is a fantastic restaurant in Arlington, TX.
via Cork & Pig Tavern

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13. Hugo's Invitados

You're the guest of honor at Hugo's Invitados, an Arlington, TX restaurant that takes local dining to eclectic places. This creative dining room offers a nouveau vision of what Latin cuisine can be.

The Vibe

Art pieces like hand-painted tribal fashion mannequins and a lighted liquor library display are a delightful departure from standard restaurant décor.

What to Order

The entire menu is organic and gluten-free, from the wagyu barbacoa and Texas red snapper ceviche to the tomahawk pork chops and the green salsa chicken tacos.

Hugo's Invitados | 5240 N. O'Connor Blvd., Suite 160, Irving, TX 75039 | $$$

Hugo's Invitados is a fantastic Mexican restaurant in Arlington, TX.
via Hugo's Invitados

14. Via Real

Santa Fe fine dining comes to restaurants in Arlington, TX through Via Real, an upscale eatery located in the nearby Las Colinas-Irving area. For more than 35 years, Via Real has offered an upscale setting for desert flavors prepared with lush detail.

The Vibe

Earthy textures combine with urbane tablescapes for a luxurious setting that never feels out of touch.

What to Order

Red oak smoked tenderloin presents a 10-ounce cut surrounded by potatoes and vegetables, while vegetable fajitas turn squash, peppers and mushrooms into a sizzling celebration.

Via Real | 4020 N. MacArthur Blvd., Suite 100, Irving, TX 75038 | $$

red oak smoked tenderloin steak
via Via Real

15. 360 Brunch House

Dash over to Mansfield for a midday meal at 360 Brunch House, a mere 25 minutes from the Arlington, TX restaurant landscape. Find breakfast, lunch and even grab-and-go items that hit the spot no matter where you enjoy them.

The Vibe

High hanging plants and oversized globe lights brighten up the high ceilings in this spacious locale.

What to Order

From avocado chicken cheddar sandwiches to hummus wraps, healthy eating is just a bite away.

360 Brunch House | 3550 E. Broad St., Suite 120, Mansfield, TX 76063 | $$

360 Brunch House is an elevated brunch restaurant in Arlington, TX.
via 360 Brunch House

16. Good Day Café

If the name Good Day Café doesn't convince you that you're in for a happy time at this Arlington, TX restaurant, maybe the soothing Southern favorites on the menu will do the trick. At Good Day, newcomers become regulars, and regulars become family.

The Vibe

Family-friendly energy permeates the café, showcasing an inviting space where diners are more than just guests.

What to Order

From the American fare side of the menu, you'll find fantastic breakfast fundamentals like Denver omelettes and banana nut pancake stacks. For a more Tex-Mex take on early-day dining, a fajita skillet or a Tex-Mex burrito add a splash of Southwestern magic to your morning.

Good Day Café | 6204 S. Cooper St., Suite 132, Arlington, TX 76001 | $$

French toast with powdered sugar and strawberries
via Good Day Café

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17. Saviano's Italian Kitchen

You'll find authentic Old-World favorites in the heart of Texas at Saviano's Italian Kitchen, a fast 15-minute trip from the restaurants in Arlington, TX in the town of Euless. Since 1991, the Alfieri family has kept their traditions alive by recreating Grandma Alfieri's recipes for visitors to enjoy. It's like a taste of Italy served with a Southern accent.

The Vibe

With a sunny bar and live music throughout the week, happiness abounds no matter when you stop by.

What to Order

Cajun pasta blends the best of the American South with traditional Italian flavors for a marriage made in culinary heaven. Wicky Chicken Riggy adds a jalapeño kick to grilled chicken and pink sauce tossed with rigatoni.

Saviano's Italian Kitchen | 300 N. Main St., Euless, TX 76039 | $$

Saviano's Italian Kitchen is a fabulous restaurant near Arlington, TX.
via Saviano's Italian Kitchen

18. Dino's Subs

Sandwiches are the heroes at Dino's Subs, with a list of more than 25 combinations making this Arlington, TX restaurant a sure stop for sub lovers. With more than 40 years on the Arlington, TX restaurant scene, this family-owned deli is a Dallas-area staple for well-made sandwiches and sensational sides.

The Vibe

A thoroughly sensible deli setting, from the brick floors to the checkered tablecloths to the marquee menu.

What to Order

The pizza sub finds mozzarella and provolone among pepperoni slices and red sauce, all on a soft sub roll, though lasagna or spaghetti are available if you're in a pasta mood.

Dino's Subs | 2221 S. Collins St., Arlington, TX 76010 | $

a double meatball sub sandwich
via Dino's Subs

19. Savor Coffee Bar and Eatery

For foodies in search of great coffee and simple dishes among the restaurants in Arlington, TX, Savor Coffee Bar and Eatery is a must. A trim menu offers breakfast and brunch options made with a French twist, the perfect pairing for a listing of craft coffees and tea drinks.

The Vibe

Sunshine permeates this café, complete with Friends-style couch seating and funky acid-washed floors.

What to Order

Sweet crêpes come filled with fresh fruit, compote or hazelnut spread for a full-fledged festival of French flavor. Waffle and croissant sandwiches can be made vegan upon request.

Savor Coffee Bar and Eatery | 1101 E. Bardin Road, Suite 101, Arlington, TX 76018 | $

almond croissants
via Savor Coffee Bar and Eatery


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Deciding on the most flavorful things to do in Dallas gets richer when you factor in the restaurants in Arlington, TX. You can plan brunches with friends, schedule date ideas in Dallas, or just sneak away for a morsel and some alone time, all while savoring an imaginative range of cuisines. Anyone thinking prime restaurants in Arlington, TX only serve the usual meat and three sides have some enticing discoveries to make — the sooner, the better! 

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