The 19 Best Fort Collins Restaurants in 2024

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Fort Collins restaurants

If you’re hunting for the best food in Northern Colorado, add these top Fort Collins restaurants to your list. Fort Collins, lovingly known as FoCo, blends a vibrant college town with an outdoor enthusiast’s destination. Known for its quaint charm, beautifully manicured streets and all the craft beer you can drink, this is the place to visit for the perfect brew and an unforgettable meal at a Fort Collins restaurant. 

A bustling city with a small-town vibe, the Old Town Fort Collins restaurants have endless options for breakfast, brunch, dinner and even dessert. Whether you’re in the mood for a relaxing brunch on the patio or a slice of mountain-inspired pizza, the Fort Collins food is unbeatable. Not to mention, many restaurants have the perfect view of the infamous Horsetooth Mountain that Fort Collins natives are proud to have watching over the city. 

Spend your day hiking in the Colorado mountains or kayaking on Horsetooth Reservoir, then enjoy your next favorite meal at one of the best Fort Collins restaurants for the perfect day. 


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The Best Restaurants in Fort Collins

1. Ginger and Baker

For a thoughtful mix of local, seasonal ingredients, Ginger and Baker is one of the best Fort Collins restaurants to experience a farm-to-table atmosphere. There are multiple dining options within Ginger and Baker including The Cache, The Café and the bakery. The Cache offers upscale dining while The Café provides comfort food perfect for someone searching for a meal with soul. 

The Vibe

Warm and rustic with a modern farmhouse feel that will make you feel right at home. 

What to Order

If you’re at The Cache, order a Colorado steak and pair it with your favorite whiskey. At The Café, consider the cozy chicken pot pie while leaving room for a slice of homemade pie with a buttery crust from the bakery at this Fort Collins restaurant.

Ginger and Baker | 359 Linden St., Fort Collins, CO 80524 | $$

a man displaying a tomahawk steak
via Ginger and Baker

2. The Emporium: An American Brasserie

Located in the heart of Old Town Fort Collins, food at The Emporium is both comforting and impressive. They pride themselves on their “fine dining without attitude” approach to a Fort Collins restaurant, with a menu that suits both casual and upscale diners. Enjoy a relaxing ambiance for happy hour with co-workers or the perfect setting to meet friends for brunch or dinner. 

The Vibe

A welcoming, warm atmosphere with a smiling staff and an emphasis on quality food.

What to Order

The bison Stroganoff, comprised of braised bison short rib with a forest mushroom crema and whipped potatoes, pairs delightfully well with a seasonal cocktail. If you’re interested in brunch at a Fort Collins restaurant, treat yourself to a spritz or mimosa and the berry cheesecake French toast served with seasonal berries, cream cheese icing and Nutella. 

The Emporium: An American Brasserie | 378 Walnut St., Fort Collins, CO 80524 | $$$

The Emporium is a fantastic restaurant in Fort Collins.
via The Emporium: An American Brasserie

3. The Exchange

A family-friendly gathering place containing numerous Fort Collins restaurants within the plaza, including eateries, breweries, wineries, ice cream and entertainment. With so many options, The Exchange is the perfect place to sample food and drinks from the local businesses within. 

The Vibe

A casual outdoor courtyard surrounded by Fort Collins restaurants serving food from refurbished shipping containers. 

What to Order

With so many choices, sample a little bit of everything. For example, if you have a sweet tooth, try a scoop of ice cream from Old Town Churn Ice Cream while greeted by friendly staff working inside a 26-foot-tall old-fashioned ice cream churn. 

The Exchange | 234 N. College Ave. Unit D, Fort Collins, CO 80524 | $$

The Exchange includes a ton of restaurants in Fort Collins.
via Penrose Taphouse at The Exchange

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4. Avogadro’s Number

Commonly known as Avo’s, Avogadro’s Number is a casual Fort Collins restaurant with a menu that accommodates anyone. The extensive menu has something for all diets, including gluten-free and vegan. Choose from an intimate indoor live music venue or the outdoor stage to pick your ambiance for the evening. 

The Vibe

A family-friendly, casual dining spot with a welcoming bar, two live music venues and an outdoor treehouse for kids to enjoy. 

What to Order

Locals often return for Joe’s Sandwich —– a toasted baguette loaded with turkey, bacon, avocado and cream cheese. 

Avogadro’s Number | 605 S. Mason St., Fort Collins, CO 80524 | $

a turkey sandwich
via Avogadro's Number

5. Big City Burrito

Indulge in local Mexican cuisine at Big City Burrito, one of the best Fort Collins restaurants for casual dining and take-out. From steak asada to carnitas and potatoes, this local favorite developed a taquería-inspired menu using only fresh ingredients. 

The Vibe

The menu behind the counter walks diners through each step as staff loads the perfect burrito with made-from-scratch filling. 

What to Order

The award-winning potato burrito consists of perfectly seasoned potatoes, rice, beans and your choice of fresh pico de gallo. Add one of the homemade Big City Hot Sauces like the strawberry-habeñero to add flavor and a touch of heat. 

Big City Burrito | 510 S. College Ave., Fort Collins, CO 80524 | $

Big City Burrito is a fun Fort Collins restaurant.
via Big City Burrito

6. Union Bar & Soda Fountain

Simple comfort food with an elegant flair describes the food at Union Bar & Soda Fountain. Inspired by the “All-American Diner,” this Fort Collins restaurant serves classic diner-style food for brunch, lunch and dinner. Pair a meal with one of their craft sodas or egg creams to create a nostalgic dining experience. 

The Vibe

A hip, mid-century modern feel with a spacious and inviting outdoor patio and cozy lighting. 

What to Order

The classic Monte Cristo sandwich is perfectly deep-fried with shaved country ham, white cheddar and Gruyère on French toast, garnished with powdered sugar. Complement each bite with strawberry jam served on the side. 

Union Bar & Soda Fountain | 250 Jefferson St., Fort Collins, CO 80524 | $$

Monte Cristo sandwich
via Union Bar & Soda Fountain

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7. Butterfly Café

The Butterfly Café serves healthy Fort Collins food with local, seasonal ingredients. Choose from daily house-made soups, crisp salads or hearty sandwiches for breakfast and lunch at this casual Fort Collins Restaurant. Dine on the patio with a hand-crafted latte or order a fresh smoothie to fuel you for a hike in the Colorado mountains. 

The Vibe

A quaint, cozy café that invites people to their “small footprint with a big soul.”

What to Order

The garden sandwich with hummus boasts fresh vegetables, artichoke hearts and a lemon tahini sauce that pairs well with the sweet Mango Monarch smoothie. Grab a lemon poppyseed muffin to go afterward.

Butterfly Café | 212 Laporte Ave., Fort Collins, CO 80521 | $

Butterfly Cafe is a fantastic Fort Collins restaurant.
via Butterfly Café

8. The Still Whiskey Steaks

Experience the flavor and quality of an upscale steakhouse with the comfort of a log cabin at The Still Whiskey Steaks. Specializing in regionally sourced beef lightly marinated with locally sourced whiskey, this is one of the best Fort Collins restaurants to enjoy a hearty dinner and a whiskey served neat. 

The Vibe

A comfortable, warm environment inspired by a log cabin with casually-dressed yet professional staff. 

What to Order

Begin with an appetizer of steak tips seared in bacon fat and served with a bourbon cream sauce. Choose your favorite cut of steak as the entrée paired with a Colorado whiskey flight. 

The Still Whiskey Steaks | 151 N. College Ave., Fort Collins, CO 80524 | $$$

seared steak tips
via The Still Whiskey Steaks

9. Social

Social is one of the Fort Collins restaurants that allows you to escape to another era. Inspired by prohibition, Social lets patrons step back in time to a world rivaling “The Great Gatsby.” Select from beautifully crafted cocktails, wines selected by sommeliers and freshly carved charcuterie. 

The Vibe

Guests enter down a flight of steps to a moody, softly lit Fort Collins restaurant replicating a classic speakeasy from the 20th century. 

What to Order

Smoked salmon pâté served with capers, fresh dill and lemon herb crostini pairs with any of the carefully crafted cocktails by talented mixologists. 

Social | 1 Old Town Square #7, Fort Collins, CO 80524 | $$

a 20s-speakeasy-style bar
via Social

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10. Coopersmith's Pub & Brewing

Coopersmith's Pub & Brewing in Old Town is one of the oldest Fort Collins restaurants. Enjoy an atmosphere resembling an English-style pub while admiring the onsite brewery visible to diners. Dine indoors or enjoy the outdoor patio with comforting American fare and your favorite brew. 

The Vibe

A casual, family-friendly English pub with comforting food and craft beer brewed on site. 

What to Order

The prime rib dip sandwich features shaved prime rib, Swiss cheese and caramelized onions on a toasted baguette dipped in a savory demi-glace. Pair this with the sweet potato waffle fries served with a honey Sriracha aioli and your favorite craft beer. Add a pretzel if you've got room!

Coopersmith's Pub & Brewing | 5 Old Town Square, Fort Collins, CO 80524 | $$

pretzel and beer
via Coopersmith's Pub & Brewing

11. Beau Jo's

Experience Beau Jo's Colorado Style Pizza — one of the top Fort Collins restaurants. The secret is in the crust. Made fresh daily, Beau Jo’s omits the sugar and replaces it with honey. The Mountain Pie edge is then hand-rolled to hold the abundance of toppings nestled within. 

The Vibe

A casual atmosphere with a modern, welcoming feel perfect for a family-friendly evening or a night out with friends. 

What to Order

The Mountain Pie is served with the rolled edge to hold as many ingredients as you’re willing to try. The leftover crust is then drizzled with fresh honey. 

Beau Jo's | 205 N. College Ave., Fort Collins, CO 80524 | $$

a large mountain-style pizza with thick rolled crust
via Beau Jo's

12. Himalayan Bistro

Taste the flavors of Nepal, Tibet, and India at Himalayan Bistro. One of the best Fort Collins restaurants, the Sherpa family dreamed of bringing authentic Himalayan cuisine to Northern Colorado. Enjoy an elegant dining experience with exceptional service surrounded by art and designs carefully curated by the owners. 

The Vibe

A pleasant, inviting environment with a refined elegance creating an authentic Himalayan experience. 

What to Order

Enjoy a traditionally prepared Himalayan curry with aromatic spices and a flavorful onion sauce that will leave you wanting more at this Fort Collins restaurant. 

Himalayan Bistro | 2720 Council Tree Ave., Suite 184, Fort Collins, CO 80525 | $$

Himalayan Bistro is a fantastic Fort Collins restaurant for West Asian food.
via Himalayan Bistro

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13. Café Vino

A beloved spot in the heart of Old Town, Café Vino is a versatile Fort Collins restaurant offering a classy dining experience. A great choice to take a client to happy hour, join your girlfriends for brunch or plan a romantic date night for two at Café Vino.

The Vibe

A classy, modern atmosphere with an open space surrounding an upscale bar. 

What to Order

Go for smoky applewood bacon-wrapped dates with blue cheese garnished with a balsamic glaze. Pair that paired with decadent spinach and mascarpone arancini for the perfect tapas combination. 

Café Vino | 1200 S. College Ave., Fort Collins, CO 80524 | $$

bacon-wrapped dates
via Café Vino

14. Nick's Restaurant and Bar

Visit Nick's Restaurant and Bar for Italian favorites, local beer and a relaxing night away from home. Nick’s Fort Collins restaurant is a casual space to join friends and family while enjoying a quality meal with fresh, local ingredients. 

The Vibe

A warm environment with a welcoming staff, perfect for an easy night out or a family-friendly dinner. 

What to Order

Nick’s Famous Burger offers Colorado grass-fed beef, aged cheddar and the works served with his special sauce and Parmesan fries. 

Nick's Restaurant and Bar | 1100 S. College Ave., Fort Collins, CO 80524 | $$

Nick's is a warm and welcoming Fort Collins restaurant.
via Nick's Restaurant and Bar 

15. Jaws Sushi

A popular local destination, Jaws Sushi is one of the Fort Collins restaurants with authentic Japanese cuisine. Scour an extensive menu of sushi rolls, poke and seafood while enjoying sake with your friends. 

The Vibe

Watch expert sushi chefs create art on a plate while enjoying a casual dining atmosphere.

What to Order

Select from the numerous list of sushi rolls to share a meal with your family and friends. 

Jaws Sushi | 1205-A W. Elizabeth St., Fort Collins, CO 80521 | $$

a colorful sushi roll
via Jaws Sushi

16. RARE Italian

Enjoy a lavish night out at RARE Italian, one of the best Fort Collins restaurants for elegant Italian cuisine. Choose from handmade pasta or in-house, dry-aged steaks, and indulge in an elegant dinner for two. 

The Vibe

An elegant, tasteful dining room with classy wine displays and an open kitchen offering an immersive dining experience. 

What to Order

Choose between an array of steaks and pasta dishes all cooked to perfection with fresh, local ingredients at one of the top Fort Collins restaurants.

RARE Italian | 101 S. College Ave., Fort Collins, CO 80524 | $$$

RARE Italian is an elegant Fort Collins restaurant.
via RARE Italian

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17. Silver Grill Café

The historic Silver Grill Café is one of the oldest Fort Collins restaurants, serving homestyle breakfasts and their world-famous cinnamon rolls. This local favorite opened its doors in 1933 and still leaves customers feeling satisfied to this day. 

The Vibe

A warm, inviting diner with a casual atmosphere and a long history proudly displayed on every wall. 

What to Order

The famous Giant Cinnamon Roll is soft and warm, served with salty whipped butter. Order one to share, or indulge your sweet tooth and eat one yourself!

Silver Grill Café | 218 Walnut St., Fort Collins, CO 80524 | $$

a cinnamon roll and cup of coffee
via Silver Grill Café

18. Pizza Casbah

Enjoy authentic, New York-style pizza at Pizza Casbah, one of the top pizza Fort Collins restaurants. Stop in for a slice, or indulge in the 30-inch Pizza Challenge, proudly featured on The Food Network.

The Vibe

A casual hub serving pizza and local beer with arcade games to play with friends and family. 

What to Order

Order your favorite toppings, or try one of this Fort Collins restaurant’s specialty pizzas like The Spicy Mushroom served with mushrooms, pepperoni, red onions and plenty of garlic.

Pizza Casbah | 126 W. Laurel St., Fort Collins, CO 80524 | $

long cheese pull on a slice of pizza
via Canva

19. The Regional

Experience a homegrown, farm-to-table meal at The Regional. This Fort Collins restaurant features American-style comfort food with regional ingredients sourced from farms, ranches and docks across the United States. 

The Vibe

A warm and cozy atmosphere located in a historic building adapted as a Fort Collins restaurant. 

What to Order

Tender elk chops served with fondant potatoes, a cherry demi-glace and a fresh salad with local ingredients. Alternatively, the double bone-in Berkshire pork chop is their signature dish. Why not take a friend and split both?

The Regional | 130 South Mason St., Fort Collins, CO 80524 | $$

The Regional is a warm and cozy Fort Collins restaurant.
via The Regional

Enjoy a Private Chef Meal in Fort Collins

Feeling a little more adventurous? Dining at Fort Collins restaurants is one of many ways to enjoy world-class cuisine made by a top chef. There are also private chefs in Fort Collins ready to shop for, prepare and cook a luxurious meal in your own kitchen. The best part? They do the clean-up, too. Book a private chef in Fort Collins today to get started. 

Regardless of which of the Fort Collins restaurants you choose, you will have an unforgettable meal in FoCo. Whether you are visiting Northern Colorado or you're a native who loves Fort Collins restaurants, add these options to your food lover’s bucket list. For even more ways to explore Fort Collins and beyond, check out other experiences happening on Cozymeal.