Where to Get the Best Breakfast in San Diego in 2023

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If you’re going to spend the day in a city known for sun, sand and surf, you’ll want to start off with a hearty breakfast in San Diego. America’s Finest City is brimming with tasty fare that lets you make the most of your morning, even if your appetite for a San Diego breakfast doesn’t hit until afternoon or later.

Are you gearing up for a visit to this beautiful beachside berg and in need of suggestions for the best breakfast joints in San Diego? Or are you a local who’s run aground while seeking out exciting new spots for a tempting plate or two? We’ve assembled a selection of cafés, diners and restaurants offering the best breakfast in San Diego and its surrounding area. Rise and shine, and get ready to dine!


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Find the Best Restaurants in San Diego

Did you know there are expert-led food tours in San Diego that take the guesswork out of finding fantastic breakfast served in San Diego? These excursions feature some of the most satisfying spots old and new around the city, each with its own take on early morning classics and daybreak specialties. Check into a tour to get your San Diego breakfast adventure started in short order. 

The Best Breakfast Restaurants in San Diego

1. Morning Glory

The Morning Glory menu is a true eye-opener. This expansive list transforms breakfast in San Diego into a veritable feast, with global dishes snuggled up next to comfort food favorites and upscale specialties.

The Vibe

Eclectic décor mixed with quirky diner-style seating make this locale one of a kind.

What to Order

The French omelette is a simple creation with great breakfast ambition, though the baked blueberry skillet pancake is sure to give it a run for its money.

Morning Glory | 550 W. Date St., Ste. C, San Diego, CA 92101 | $$

Morning Glory serves some of the best breakfast in San Diego.
via Morning Glory

2. Breakfast Republic

At Breakfast Republic, offering breakfast in San Diego is serious business, even if the restaurant itself isn't serious at all! From omelettes and scrambles to power bowls and a dedicated vegan menu, there's something special to wake up everyone's taste buds.

The Vibe

Chairs shaped like soft-cooked eggs and an onsite merch shop show off this sweet site's plentiful personality.

What to Order

Mr. Presley French toast pays tribute to the King with a peanut butter-stuffed creation topped with gooey bananas Foster and just enough bacon to make your upper lip twitch.

Breakfast Republic | Multiple Locations | $$

3. Hash House a Go Go 

If your idea of a memorable breakfast in San Diego includes extra-large pancakes, add Hash House a Go Go to your to-do list. This hip eatery plates up a rich array of options to get you fueled up for a busy day.

The Vibe

Modern in all the best ways, especially the breezy open-air patio.

What to Order

If you don't try the flapjacks the size of a tractor wheel, are you actually enjoying the breakfast in San Diego? Order one with chocolate black cherry or peach cinnamon topping for the ultimate cake.

Hash House a Go Go | 3628 Fifth Ave., San Diego, CA 92103 | $$

a large butterscotch almond pancake
via Hash House a Go Go

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4. Little Frenchie

How could there not be a bistro on a list of best breakfast restaurants in San Diego? Michelin-starred for three years running, Little Frenchie on Coronado Island represents a touch of Europe on the California coast.

The Vibe

Full of soft country-style touches for a full-fledged French experience.

What to Order

You'll never regret ordering a pastry basket, three specialty creations cuddled up and ready to be enjoyed with a mimosa or a lemon pop spritz.

Little Frenchie | 1166 Orange Ave., Coronado, CA 92118 | $$-$$$

5. Westerly

The coastal cool of Westerly is a breath of fresh air for breakfast in San Diego. It's a thoughtful space from top to bottom, focusing on hospitality and tranquility as much as fantastic food.

The Vibe

The splendor of honeyed wood and round edges everywhere make this a very peaceful morning spot.

What to Order

A Daybreak Sammie is filled with the finest breakfast elements: scrambled eggs, cheddar and bacon, topped with a kicky tomato aioli and served on a brioche roll. What a way to wake up!

Westerly | 1451 Rosecrans St., San Diego, CA 92106 | $$

Westerly serves the best breakfast in San Diego in a gorgeous setting.
via Westerly

6. Café 222

Family-friendly and as comfortable as the cool side of the pillow, Café 222 serves up laid-back takes on breakfast in San Diego. There's no shortage of classic morning fare here, no matter where your tastes lie.

The Vibe

Sweet as a sunrise and twice as cheerful — a morning person's dream come true, in the shape of a diner in San Diego.

What to Order

The churro waffle is bound to make you happy like few other breakfasts in San Diego. It’s topped with cinnamon sugar, a little chocolate syrup and a crown of whipped cream — the perfect combination to make you royally happy.

Café 222 | 222 Island Ave., San Diego, CA 92101 | $$

7. The Broken Yolk Café

A fixture for breakfast in San Diego since 1979, The Broken Yolk Café is the great-grandcestor of morning dining on the coast.

The Vibe

Crisp and contemporary, in a most welcoming way.

What to Order

The spicy vegan bowl takes eggs in a new direction, with all-plant-ingredient Just Eggs and a mélange of the greatest garden vegetables ever to hit the griddle.

The Broken Yolk Café | 355 Sixth Ave., San Diego, CA 92101 | $$

a waiter holding a spicy vegan bowl
via The Broken Yolk Café

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8. Snooze AM Eatery

Hillcrest is home to incredible breakfast in San Diego with Snooze AM Eatery in its midst. This restaurant is so dedicated to early eating, you can order up breakfast in bed for an at-home delivery experience.

The Vibe

Vibrant colors and lively design are a wake-up call for early risers.

What to Order

Sample the sweetest pancakes in town with a sampler flight serving up a trio of tasty creations. For bigger appetites, the overstuffed breakfast burrito is a plentiful bite.

Snooze AM Eatery | 3940 Fifth Ave., San Diego, CA 92103 | $$

9. Cody's La Jolla

A quick 20-minute jaunt northwest will get you to Cody's La Jolla, one of the best breakfast spots San Diego keeps beyond its borders. All-day breakfast and brunch make it easy to sleep in without missing a bite.

The Vibe

Parquet floors and whitewashed walls will put you in a beachy morning mood.

What to Order

Chilaquiles let you add novel spice to your morning routine, while the healthy breakfast salad puts a new twist on a dish that rarely makes the breakfast table.

Cody's La Jolla | 1025 Prospect St., Ste. #210, La Jolla, CA 92037 | $$

Cody's La Jolla serves a variety of breakfasts in San Diego.
via Cody's La Jolla

10. The Waffle Spot

Take a trip back to the '80s at The Waffle Spot, where radical breakfast in San Diego has never gone out of style! It's a retro café that wears its heart and its waffles on its sleeve for the San Diego breakfast crowd to enjoy.

The Vibe

Kids will be in a breakfast wonderland, complete with colorful statues of mascot Sir Wafflelot.

What to Order

How could you not order waffles at a place called The Waffle Spot? With options like banana nut, red velvet and apple cinnamon, it's a challenge not to waffle when ordering your favorite.

The Waffle Spot | 1333 Hotel Cir. S, San Diego, CA 92108 | $$

11. Breakfast and Bubbles

The restaurant equivalent of a slumber party, Breakfast and Bubbles is a beacon in pink, beckoning diners to enjoy an energetic breakfast in one of the most colorful diners San Diego boasts. This toast-worthy spot is perfect for a late-morning brunch with your favorite friends around the table.

The Vibe

As soon as you walk through the door, you'll be in the pink — literally.

What to Order

French toast stuffed with Oreos is too good to pass up, especially with chocolate and ricotta in the mix. For a healthier fix, try an acai bowl or a bagel topped with smoked salmon.

Breakfast and Bubbles | 3831 Park Blvd., San Diego, CA 92103 | $$

Breakfast and Bubbles is a cute spot for breakfast in San Diego.
via Breakfast and Bubbles

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12. Piper at The Seabird

As part of The Seabird Resort, Piper brings in elegance as a key ingredient for breakfast in San Diego. It's an upscale restaurant that awakens guests to the possibilities of lush dining in a plush setting.

The Vibe

Artful and luxurious while still being warm and inviting.

What to Order

Piper's granola parfait is the perfect bite for a light start to the day. Avocado toast takes advantage of California's bountiful fresh produce.

Piper at The Seabird | 101 Mission Ave., Oceanside, CA 92054 | $$

13. The Great Maple

The Great Maple is a dinette that makes the most of a minimalist menu. Some of the loveliest options for breakfast in San Diego are served in this New American eatery.

The Vibe

The modern interiors are as welcoming as the creative menu.

What to Order

Play it smart and satisfy your hunger with a smoked beef brisket hash topped with red piquillo pepper hollandaise, or go a little goofy with Fruity Pebble pancakes. All San Diego breakfast options are on the table!

The Great Maple | 1451 Washington St., San Diego, CA 92103 | $$

syrup being poured onto pancakes with whipped cream and ice cream
via The Great Maple

14. Second Nature

Locally-sourced ingredients and a lighthearted approach to breakfast in San Diego makes Second Nature a first-rate choice. Artistic cuisine served in an earthy atmosphere creates perfect energy for morning meals.

The Vibe

Umbrellas on the patio and hanging plants everywhere serve garden party sensations.

What to Order

Peanut butter toast topped with bananas and cacao nibs brings a childhood favorite into the adult breakfast world. Pair it with a macchiato and watch the world come into focus.

Second Nature | 5026 Cass St., San Diego, CA 92037 | $$

15. Parfait Paris

An award-winning bakery in the finest French tradition, Parfait Paris is where anyone with a sweet tooth should head for breakfast pastries in San Diego. Every creation is an edible work of art, though you might hesitate to take a bite when you see how pretty they are!

The Vibe

Quaint and cozy, like a slice of Paris served up by the beach.

What to Order

Order a two-pound croissant to take home for breakfast and watch your life change for the better. If that sounds too rich, try a mille-feuille or a box of mix-and-match macarons for a lighter bite.

Parfait Paris | Multiple Locations | $$

a delicious looking breakfast spread including croissants and macarons
via Parfait Paris

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16. Communal Coffee

Communal Coffee is a café for creative diners who love modern moments in their breakfast life. The array of supercharged beverages may just be overshadowed by some of the finest breakfast bites in all of San Diego.

The Vibe

Clean, minimalistic and crisp as a morning breeze.

What to Order

The salted maple sausage sandwich will hit all the right spots with its savory-sweet-spicy take on morning flavors. Plant eaters will love the vegan frittata sandwich, from its plant-based egg to its cruelty-free cheese.

Communal Coffee | Multiple Locations | $$

17. Flap Your Jacks

Dedication to providing an unforgettable breakfast in San Diego makes Flap Your Jacks more than just a funny-named restaurant serving up hash and cakes. Diners get the chance to flip their own jacks, just like the name suggests.

The Vibe

Cute and contemporary, with colorful Instagrammable corners all around.

What to Order

The interactive F.Y.O., or Flip Your Own, is a must-try. Choose from among seven different batters, 15 mix-ins, four toppings and a slew of syrups to make your morning just the way you like it.

Flap Your Jacks | 3020 University Ave., San Diego, CA 92104 | $$

people making their own pancakes at Flap Your Jacks
via Flap Your Jacks

18. Fig Tree Eatery

When a restaurant like Fig Tree Eatery features a menu expressly for dogs, you know you've found the friendliest spot for enjoying a creative breakfast in San Diego. It's a rootsy spot serving meaningful food at affordable prices while providing a sense of community in its various locations.

The Vibe

Each locale is designed to match the feel of the neighborhood it belongs to.

What to Order

Fig jam and ricotta French toast seems like a natural order from a restaurant with "fig" in the name. The shrimp frittata adds a splash of the sea in a fluffy egg dish flavored with chipotle cream sauce.

Fig Tree Eatery | Multiple Locations | $$

19. Harbor Breakfast

Harbor Breakfast is a corner café with the homey feel that makes waking up early a sheer pleasure. The square footage may be modest, but what it lacks in space this sweet space more than makes up for by serving some of San Diego's best breakfast food.

The Vibe

Simple and goodhearted, a snug spot to settle into for hearty eating.

What to Order

Go for crab Benedict to get chilled blue crab served with a poached egg duet on crisp sourdough, or grab a fried egg sandwich for something more traditional. For something on the sweet side, the French toast is always a solid option.

Harbor Breakfast | 1502 India St., San Diego, CA 92101 | $$

Harbor Breakfast is an artsy place for breakfast in San Diego.
via Harbor Breakfast

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20. Gold Finch

An upscale touch can make breakfast in San Diego feel like a special occasion, no matter what you order. Gold Finch projects a deliciously sophisticated air in tony Torrey Pines, making this modern Jewish delicatessen a rare bird on the local dining scene.

The Vibe

Ultra-contemporary grounds that generate sincere warmth.

What to Order

Fans of beguiling baked treats shouldn't miss out on rugelach, a flaky pastry served in apricot and pecan or Nutella and cacao nib variations. If a more traditional Jewish dish is calling your name, the loaded giant latke is what you're looking for in a San Diego breakfast.

Gold Finch | 3040 Science Park Rd., San Diego, CA 92121 | $$

21. Atypical Waffle Company

When waffles made from a recipe over 300 years old are your contribution to breakfast in San Diego, the name Atypical Waffle Company makes total sense. A trim menu makes it as easy to choose a mouthwatering possibility as to try them all to see what sticks.

The Vibe

The tiny space feels like a well-kept secret or an exciting pop-up restaurant.

What to Order

The original waffle, described as being chewy like sourdough bread, is enticing enough to suffice. If you're looking for more adventurous versions, try a sweet take topped with vanilla whipped cream or a savory variation served with chicken nuggets and spicy aioli.

Atypical Waffle Company | 3519 30th St., San Diego, CA 92104 | $$

crispy looking waffles on a plate
via Atypical Waffle Company

Don’t let the fantastic range of eateries serving breakfast in San Diego overwhelm you. Some restaurants serve early-morning eats all day long, which means you can enjoy the best breakfast San Diego has to offer whenever you’re in the mood. With so many delicious San Diego foods waiting in breakfast spots around the city, you’ll have enough daylight to give them all a try! 

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