Where To Find the Best Breakfast in Minneapolis, MN in 2024

Published on July 4, 2024 | 0 Comments
Breakfast Minneapolis

Whether you are out running errands or heading to work, finding the right spot to enjoy breakfast in Minneapolis is a great way to start your day. The city has many options, from quick coffee and pastry shops to sit-down restaurants serving breakfast or brunch. 

Are you searching for the best breakfast in Minneapolis? Do you want to find a great spot to host your office group for breakfast? This list will provide you with the answers you are searching for. Keep reading to discover the most popular breakfast places in Minneapolis.


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The 27 Best Breakfast Places in Minneapolis, MN

1. Hen House Eatery

Enjoy breakfast all day at Hen House Eatery, brought to you by urban farm girls. Three friends opened this restaurant with the goal of serving breakfast in Minneapolis all day and in a vibrant atmosphere. Meals are cooked with heart and soul and served to guests with a splash of creativity. 

The Vibe

This is a great place for breakfast in Minneapolis if you want a friendly, lively vibe. The restaurant is colorful and decorated with quirky large flowers, a vibrant metal rooster and a large bar that expands through the center of the place. The space has plenty of natural lighting from the windows and comfortable seating. 

What to Order

Get there early to try one of the freshly baked rolls. They are massive in size but sell out quickly every day. For a savory meal, try the breakfast bowl piled high with eggs, beef, guacamole and chips. Pair your meal with a unique and creamy avocado coffee refresher. 

Hen House Eatery | 114 S. 8th St., Minneapolis, MN 55402 | $$

Try this freshly backed roll covered in maple syrup, whipped cream and blueberries at this breakfast spot in Minneapolis.
via Hen House Eatery

2. Nicollet Diner

Nicollet Diner is a classic diner serving all your favorites and is open 24 hours for an early morning or late-night breakfast in Minneapolis. It is located in the heart of downtown, making it one of the most convenient restaurants in Minneapolis to stop in at any time of day for great food and a fun atmosphere. 

The Vibe

The restaurant has a no-frills, old-diner feel. It has ample seating, counter service, old-fashioned booths and tables and a checkerboard-tiled floor. Service at Nicollet DIner is friendly and the place is great for a late-night meal or casual dining for the family. 

What to Order

Try the generously portioned hangover breakfast, which includes three eggs cooked just the way you like them, a side of crisp bacon and seasoned homemade fries. Pair your meal with a spicy bloody Mary for a real kick. 

Nicollet Diner | 1333 Nicollet Mall, Minneapolis, MN 55403 | $$

3. French Meadow

French Meadow, a beloved spot for breakfast in Minneapolis, champions organic and farm-to-table cuisine making it a top choice for health-conscious patrons. This local favorite is open daily from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. and offers a diverse menu with fresh interpretations of classic breakfast dishes, including Benedicts, breakfast burritos and quiches. Additionally, French Meadow offers an extensive selection of gluten-free and vegan options. A fun tidbit: French Meadow earned the distinction of being the nation's first organically certified bakery in 1985!

The Vibe

Warm, welcoming and comfortable, French Meadow is the ideal spot for a laid-back breakfast in Minneapolis. Inside, you will find rustic wood accents, plenty of natural light and glass lanterns strung from the ceiling. 

What to Order

The vegan cinnamon blueberry pancakes are large, fluffy and bursting with fresh berry flavor. Pair them with a foamy chai latte for a real treat. 

French Meadow | 2610 Lyndale Ave., S. Minneapolis, MN 55408 | $$

Blueberry corn pancakes topped with strawberries and icing sugar is on offer at this breakfast spot in Minneapolis.
via French Meadow

4. Heal MPLS

If you are searching for a breakfast in Minneapolis that leans toward the healthy side, visit Heal MPLS. This spiritually centered community café is a beloved hub for dining, socializing and community gatherings. It offers a variety of affordable, nutritious, 100% soy-free, plant-based options.

The Vibe

The space feels organic and fresh, with lots of greenery, bright lighting and farmhouse-influenced pictures and phrases on the walls. Little nooks provide books to read, making this a great place to sit and stay for a while. 

What to Order

The menu changes daily, but all the food is nutritious, freshly prepared and delicious. The smoothies are a must try, including the Sea Moss smoothie with mangos and blueberries — a real fan favorite when available. 

Heal MPLS | 4171 N Lyndale Ave., Minneapolis, MN 55412 | $$

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5. Hi Lo Diner

As an original 1957 Fodero diner that relocated from Pennsylvania to Minnesota, the Hi Lo Diner serves up old-school breakfast in Minneapolis with plenty of style. This restaurant is popular, so the wait is sometimes long, but it’s always worth it. The servers are all friendly and attentive. 

The Vibe

The atmosphere is cute and cozy, with a nostalgic vibe. It screams “your neighborhood joint” and invites guests to sit, mingle and enjoy a great breakfast in Minneapolis. 

What to Order

Try the light, fluffy and buttery French toast. For something a bit more savory, the biscuits and gravy are generously portioned and delicious. 

Hi Lo Diner | 4020 E. Lake St., Minneapolis, MN 55406 | $$

Pancakes, eggs Benedict, hash browns and chicken wings.
via Hi Lo Diner

6. The Lowbrow

If you are searching for breakfast in Minneapolis with a classic tavern feel, head to The Lowbrow. The menu includes a variety of scratch-made comfort food sourced from sustainably grown, local ingredients. The spot offers gluten-free, vegan and vegetarian options to please the entire crew. 

The Vibe

This cute spot has an exposed ceiling, brightly colored walls, a large bar and plenty of natural light. The dining room is small, and there are only a couple of outdoor tables, so get there early to enjoy your breakfast in Minneapolis. 

What to Order

The spicy chorizo breakfast tacos are a fan favorite. For an extra kick, enjoy them with a side of jalapeño hash. The light and fluffy pancakes are fantastic if your sweet tooth needs attention. 

The Lowbrow | 4244 Nicollet Ave., Minneapolis, MN 55409 | $$

7. Hell’s Kitchen

Established in 2002, Hell’s Kitchen is a great spot for dinner, lunch, brunch or breakfast in Minneapolis, especially if you’re looking for a unique restaurant that’s not fancy or fussy. Sit back and relax as chefs cook all your favorite foods in the active and hot kitchen. 

The Vibe

Black and red are the color scheme at this modern-deco spot for breakfast in Minneapolis. The stage is eye-catching and provides a cool vibe. The restaurant also has themed private rooms for larger parties. Reservations are recommended, as this place is popular. 

What to Order

Start with a warm, melt-in-your-mouth caramel pecan roll. The classic Benedict with creamy hollandaise sauce makes for a perfect main course. If you visit on the weekends, check out Hell’s Kitchen’s famous Jacked Up Bloody Mary and Mimosa Bar, featuring a massive display of custom garnishes totaling 60 feet!

Hell’s Kitchen | 80 S. 9th St., Minneapolis, MN 55402 | $$

Pancakes topped with blueberries and strawberries, along with scrambled eggs on the side can be found at this breakfast spot in Minneapolis.
via Hell’s Kitchen

8. Lake and Bryant Café

Come visit a 21st-century American café with a unique food and beverage menu created by Chef Sanjeev Azad, who boasts over 15 years of culinary experience across three continents. Lake and Bryant is the place to visit when you want to sit back and relax while enjoying a breakfast in Minneapolis that is simple yet internationally influenced. 

The Vibe

This is a charming and spacious spot for breakfast in Minneapolis. It has cozy seating, exposed stone walls, great lighting and fresh greenery. 

What to Order

Try a creamy matcha smoothie bowl with matcha yogurt, blueberries, coconuts, goji berries, mango purée, flax seeds, walnuts and date syrup for a filling and nutritious treat. Pair it with an orange lavender latte for a tasty take on your favorite dose of caffeine.  

Lake and Bryant Café | 821 W. Lake St., Minneapolis, MN 55408 | $$

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9. Berry Sweet Kitchen

Visit Berry Sweet Kitchen for breakfast in Minneapolis. It is casual, cozy and family-friendly. The delicious treats are handmade from scratch daily and breakfast cocktails are available to complement your meal. 

The Vibe

The location is unassuming, in a small strip mall. It is casual, with simple tables and booths, minimalist decorations and wood accents. Consider this a great place to bring the family for a casual weekend brunch. 

What to Order

Try the Cuban breakfast, which includes the house sauce, crispy fried plantains and a sweet strawberry spread. The house coffee or generously sized mimosa perfectly complements your meal. 

Berry Sweet Kitchen | 5406 34th Ave., S., Minneapolis, MN 55417 | $$

Get this bright fruit tart topped with strawberries, kiwi, blueberries, blackberries and raspberries for breakfast in Minneapolis.
via Berry Sweet Kitchen

10. Al’s Breakfast

Find one of the best breakfasts in Minneapolis at a small counter in the Dinkytown neighborhood when you visit Al’s Breakfast. The establishment was founded in the 1950s and remains popular with locals today. You might remember it from the popular reality TV show Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives hosted by Guy Fury. 

The Vibe

Al’s is casual with limited seating — a no-frills location for breakfast in Minneapolis. The staff are friendly and everything is prepared fresh daily. 

What to Order

Try the authentic eggs Benedict with real lemony, sour hollandaise sauce. The pancakes are also fantastic, generously sized and famous enough to be served at the Minnesota State Fair. 

Al’s Breakfast | 413 14th Ave. SE, Minneapolis, MN 55414 | $$

11. Hazel’s Northeast

Hazel’s Northeast began as a love letter to Grandma Hazel, who worked in and owned restaurants in Minnesota throughout the 1950s. Today, Hazel’s Northeast is the spot for a casual breakfast in Minneapolis that includes comfort food, giant pancakes and a smile. 

The Vibe 

This cute and busy location has a diner-like feel. Colorful paintings and menus adorn the walls and wooden booths fill the small dining room. Make a reservation; it fills up fast!

What to Order

The beignets are fried, with a crispy exterior and light and fluffy interior. They make a perfect start to your breakfast in Minneapolis. For your main course, enjoy the steak and eggs with creamy, sausage-filled gravy. 

Hazel’s Northeast | 2859 Johnson St. NE, Minneapolis, MN 55418 | $$

Grab a breakfast burrito at this breakfast spot in Minneapolis.
via Hazel’s Northeast

12.  Guava’s Cuban Café

Immerse yourself in the deep-rooted culture and culinary experience of Cuban cuisine at Guava’s Cuban Café. This community gathering spot for breakfast in Minneapolis is a place to break bread with family and friends. 

The Vibe

This small but lively restaurant serves excellent breakfast in Minneapolis. It has exposed brick walls, colorful Cuban prints on the walls and simple wood tables. It feels casual and unassuming, making it ideal for breakfast with loved ones. 

What to Order

The veggie hash includes crisp potatoes and fresh yuka topped with cilantro aioli, avocado and eggs. Pair it with a Cuban-style café con leche.  

Guava’s Cuban Café | 5607 Chicago Ave., Minneapolis, MN 55417 | $$

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13. Hot Plate

Hot Plate is a family-owned business with a funky atmosphere that serves reasonably priced breakfast in Minneapolis. The pancake and waffle mixes are made from scratch every day. 

The Vibe

Walk in the door of Hot Plate and interesting knick-knacks and antique furniture will greet you. The space feels cluttered in a good way, colorful and lively. 

What to Order

Try the generously sized breakfast veggie burrito with smokey chipotle sauce on the side. The buttermilk pancakes with lingonberry butter cannot be beaten if you want a sweet breakfast in Minneapolis. 

Hot Plate | 5204 Bloomington Ave., Minneapolis, MN 55417 | $$

Breakfast poutine with toast on the side.
via Hot Plate

14. Fat Nats Eggs

Mexican American cuisine is on the menu at Fat Nats Eggs, the place for breakfast in Minneapolis when you want a bit of heat. The service is fast and friendly and the prices are budget-friendly. 

The Vibe

This spacious, no-frills diner has plenty of seating and a lively atmosphere. Signs and memorabilia on the walls make for great conversation starters. 

What to Order

Try its unique twist on an all-time classic: a creamy, Mexican-inspired avocado verde, bacon and tomato eggs Benedict. 

Fat Nats Eggs | 3540 Winnetka Ave. N., New Hope, MN 55427 | $$

15. Our Kitchen

Our Kitchen has served breakfast in Minneapolis for over 70 years. It was first managed by its original owner until March 1970, when the grandfather of current owner, Danny, secured the keys to Our Kitchen. Since 1992, Danny has been the dedicated owner and operator, continuing the family tradition of serving the community with pride.

The Vibe

This is your typical small diner with stools for seating and a couple of additional small booths. There is nothing fancy about the place, but it is clean and a friendly staff will serve you breakfast in Minneapolis. 

What to Order

Order a couple of eggs cooked in your favorite style for a traditional breakfast and a cup of coffee. Do not skip the hashbrowns — everyone raves about them. 

Our Kitchen | 813 W. 36th St., Minneapolis, MN 55408 | $

Try the breakfast Denver sandwich with a side of bacon for breakfast in minneapolis
via Our Kitchen

16. Heathers

Visit Heathers for a top-notch breakfast in Minneapolis that the whole family will enjoy. This neighborhood joint is clean, a bit whimsical and bright. Outdoor tent seating is available for larger parties. 

The Vibe

The atmosphere is quaint, with lots of greenery, flowers on the tables, a white-washed finish and plenty of natural light. The seating is comfortable and the service is friendly. 

What to Order

The egg breakfast sandwiches are made fresh with thick sliced bread, plenty of butter and the ideal balance of eggs and meat. Pair it with the fresh-from-scratch breakfast sweet potatoes. 

Heathers | 5201 Chicago Ave. S., Minneapolis, MN 55417 | $$$

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17. yum! Kitchen and Bakery

For a made-from-scratch breakfast in Minneapolis that is also made with love, visit yum! Kitchen and Bakery. With four locations in and near Minneapolis, this small chain has earned many awards, including Best Patio in the Twin Cities, Critic’s Choice and Best Bakery. 

The Vibe

Casual, inviting and dog-friendly, yum! Kitchen and Bakery offers a simple atmosphere in a small space perfect for enjoying breakfast in Minneapolis. The menu is also available for take-out to enjoy at home. 

What to Order

The flaky red curry-glazed salmon hash is filling and delicious. Add a house-made sausage patty for a complete, protein-packed meal. 

yum! Kitchen and Bakery | Multiple Locations | $$

Try the Southwest chicken panini for breakfast in Minneapolis.
via yum! Kitchen and Bakery

18. The Kenwood

For an award-winning breakfast in Minneapolis, visit The Kenwood. The Infatuation lists it among the top 10 Brunch Spots in Minneapolis, and the restaurant's dishes can either take you out of your comfort zone and put you back in it. 

The Vibe

Iron chandeliers, framed oil paintings and plaid wallpaper give this spot for breakfast in Minneapolis a manor-like feel. A wall of windows also makes the space open, airy and bright. 

What to Order

Sample the Italian eggs Benedict with pieces of focaccia, housemade porchetta, arugula and Calabrian chili hollandaise. 

The Kenwood | 2115 W. 21st St., Minneapolis, MN 55405 | $$

19. Tullibee

Hyper-local sourcing and a farm-to-table menu are central to Tullibee, a unique destination for breakfast in Minneapolis located inside the Hewing Hotel. The menu is influenced by Scandinavian cuisine and includes a range of fish-based offerings. 

The Vibe

Wooden surfaces and accents fill the minimalist interior. The ceilings include exposed beams and a beautiful fireplace is a focal point. The Scandinavian influence shines through in the vibe. 

What to Order

The spinach omelette is delightful on its own but it becomes extraordinary with the addition of smoked whitefish, which offers a distinct Great Lakes flair. An almond and cardamom knot perfectly complements the flavors of your meal.

Tullibee | 300 Washington Ave., Minneapolis, MN 55401 | $$$

Avocado topped with egg and herbs.
via Tullibee

20. Victor’s 1959 Café

Visit Victor’s 1959 Café for an unforgettable breakfast in Minneapolis. The establishment opened in 1999 and quickly became known as the place to visit for authentic Cuban breakfast. 

The Vibe

The space inside is colorful and whimsical. Signatures and doodles cover practically every space inside Victor’s. Bring a sharpie and add your mark as you enjoy your breakfast in Minneapolis. 

What to Order

Try the plate-sized pancakes drizzled with fresh mango purée. Add a café con leche sweetened with a house-made sugar paste for a decadent breakfast in Minneapolis 

Victor’s 1959 Café | 3756 Grand Ave. S., Minneapolis, MN 55409 | $$

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21. Hola Arepa

Venezuelan-style arepas and Latin small plates are on the menu at Hola Arepa, the place to visit for brunch or breakfast in Minneapolis. Chefs Christina Nguyen and Birk Grudem started this business as a food truck, but it quickly grew in popularity. Today, their brick-and-mortar location is highly regarded as a fantastic option for many meals, including breakfast in Minneapolis. 

The Vibe

This establishment is filled with greenery and has a jungle-like atmosphere. The patio is bright and colorful, the perfect place to enjoy the sun and a springtime or summer breakfast in Minneapolis. 

What to Order

The vegetarian black bean arepas are filled to the brim with locally sourced vegetables. Pair them with chips and the choose-your-own salsa trio. Add a horchata colada slushie for a refreshing addition to your breakfast in Minneapolis. 

Hola Arepa | 3501 Nicollet Ave., Minneapolis, MN 55408 | $$

Get a Chimichurri Chicken sandwich for breakfast in Minneapolis.
via Hola Arepa

22. Stepchld

Enjoy American cuisine created using slightly off-kilter techniques to create an elevated dining experience at Stepchld. This is the spot for a more upscale breakfast in Minneapolis and ideal for a first date, special occasion or holiday brunch. 

The Vibe

This cute space has a cozy and intimate vibe. Greenery and vines hang from the exposed beams in the ceiling, and a colorful mural of Nina Simone and Erykah Badu adorns the walls. 

What to Order

Try the creamy ricotta pancakes bursting with flavor and made fresh daily. Pair them with a refreshing lavender lemon mimosa. 

Stepchld | 24 University Ave. NE, Ste. 100, Minneapolis, MN 55413 | $

23. Martina

Located in the charming neighborhood of Linden Hills, Martina is a superb spot for breakfast in Minneapolis that takes influence from Argentina and Italy. Chef Daniel del Prado is of Spanish and Southern Italian descent and he spends his time in the kitchen creating dishes made with love. 

The Vibe

This establishment’s vibe is influenced by nature, with rustic wood floors, exposed ceilings and plenty of light. The minimalist feel is refreshing and relaxing for enjoying breakfast in Minneapolis. 

What to Order

Start with the potato churros. They are made fresh daily, puffed and delicious. For your main course, order the almond flour pancakes garnished with fresh berries and sweet maple syrup.  

Martina | 4312 S. Upton Ave., Minneapolis, MN 55410 | $$$

Lobster toast with fried eggs and chives.
via Martina

24. Giulia

One of the best breakfasts in Minneapolis for private dining or a brunch date is available at Giulia. The focus is on Northern Italian cuisine, prepared under the direction of renowned Chef Stephen Brown.  

The Vibe

Giulia is situated in a beautifully repurposed bank lobby featuring stunning marble columns. The restaurant also boasts a unique private dining room with a walk-in vault — used today as an exquisite wine cellar.

What to Order

Begin your breakfast in Minneapolis with chocolate and mascarpone Italian tiramisu doughnuts. Then enjoy Toast Francese with fresh apples and orange maple syrup. 

Giulia | 215 S. 4th St., Minneapolis, MN 55401 | $$

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25. Relish

Stop in at Relish for a breakfast in Minneapolis that is sure to please everyone in your party. The menu is large with items ranging from classic American to internationally influenced finds. A full bar is also available for your mimosa or bloody Mary cravings.  

The Vibe

This establishment is bright, colorful and cheery. Wood floors, high ceilings and pops of color make the space inviting. 

What to Order

Try the California-style breakfast burrito with cheese, breakfast potatoes, carnitas and black beans. If you prefer something sweet for breakfast in Minneapolis, the brioche French toast with notes of cinnamon and fresh mascarpone cannot be beaten. 

Relish | 700 Central Ave. NE, Minneapolis, MN 55414 | $$

Get the ultimate breakfast in Minneapolis with this stuffed breakfast bagel.
via Relish

26. Spyhouse Coffee Roasters

Spyhouse is great for a breakfast in Minneapolis that includes coffee and a fresh pastry. The team's passion is sourcing, roasting and serving exceptional coffees. 

The Vibe

This spot feels cool, comfortable and a bit funky. The space at Spyhouse includes high ceilings, modern wood furniture and floors, lots of greenery and cozy, cushioned seating. 

What to Order

Try the signature ginger coffee, which comes with a slight bite. Pair it with a flaky ham and Gruyère croissant for a light breakfast in Minneapolis. 

Spyhouse Coffee Roasters | Multiple Locations | $$

27. Mara

For delicious Mediterranean cuisine in the city's heart, visit Mara for your next breakfast in Minneapolis. A James Beard award-winning chef and Minneapolis local, Gavin Kaysen takes guests on a culinary journey to coastal destinations, showcasing the flavors and techniques of 22 countries.

The Vibe

Located inside the Four Seasons Hotel, Mara has an open kitchen and floor-to-ceiling windows, letting in plenty of natural light. Green class lighting hangs from the ceiling, providing a warm and inviting feel while you enjoy breakfast in Minneapolis. 

What to Order

Try the Mara Omelette for a protein-packed breakfast in Minneapolis, made with farm-fresh eggs, woodsy mushrooms and crispy breakfast potatoes. 

Mara | 245 Hennepin Ave., Minneapolis, MN 55401 | $$

For a healthy breakfast in Minneapolis try this chickpea hummus bowl with bread.
via Mara

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From sit-down restaurants to local coffee shops, the variety of establishments offering a variety of breakfasts in Minneapolis are eager for you to try them out. Whether heading out to spend the day at Minnehaha Falls with the family or traveling downtown for work on a Monday morning, add these breakfast stops to your list and start your day on the right foot. 

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