Best Cuban Food in Miami: 15 Favorite Restaurants in 2024

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When it comes to determining the best Cuban food in Miami, every Miami local, world traveler, Cuban politician and foodie will have a unique opinion. Cuban culture has influenced the city of Miami for generations, inspiring multiple restaurants and eateries in the area. One might even argue that Cuban food, art and music are the very lifeblood of Miami itself. 

Whether you’re a seasoned local looking for a fun date idea in Miami or a new visitor, you can’t say you’ve been to the Magic City until you have sampled plenty of Cuban cuisine. Ready to take your tastebuds on a journey? On the hunt for the best Cuban food in Miami? Check out this list of the 15 best Cuban restaurants and what to order there!

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Sample the Best Cuban Food in Miami

Some people may be surprised to learn just how many wonderful Cuban restaurants call Miami their home. With so many options, it can be hard to choose just one location to try Cuban cuisine. Sign up for food tours in Miami, and you won’t have to settle for just one restaurant. Follow your local guide through the city as you explore the best Cuban food in Miami.

15 Best Cuban Restaurants in Miami

1. Yuca Fries at Puerto Sagua

Puerto Sagua is a beloved Cuban restaurant offering some of the best Cuban food in Miami to the patrons of lively and chaotic South Beach. This hidden gem is known for its authentic and reliable Cuban cooking that always hits the spot. 

The Vibe

Puerto Sagua is a very popular yet comfortable and casual Cuban eatery. Just a few blocks from the beach, feel free to stop by Puerto Sagua to relax and recoup after a long day of suntanning. 

What to Order

Snack on a hot and crispy batch of yuca fries before digging into more of the best Cuban food in Miami. Feeling chilled from the ocean breeze? Don’t miss out on Puerto Sagua’s classic fish soup. 

Puerto Sagua | 700 Collins Ave., Miami Beach, FL 33139 | $$

Puerto Sagua has some of the best Cuban food in Miami.
via Puerto Sagua

2. La Flaca South Beach Omelet at Sergio’s

Over 40 years ago, Sergio’s was born from one local family’s Cuban and American cultural fusion. Today, Sergio’s is a mini-chain restaurant with multiple locations serving the best Cuban food in Miami. On October 1st of every year, Sergio’s celebrates their success with Croqueta Day! They also happen to offer some of the best-value breakfast in Miami that you can get your hands on.

The Vibe

Sergio’s restaurant décor is casual, warm and rustic. Sergio’s is a great place to bring small groups of friends and family for a quick bite of the best Cuban food in Miami. 

What to Order

Patrons of Sergio’s love their excellent breakfast deals, sandwiches, croquetas and churrasco skirt steak. Sergio’s also offers a “La Flaca” or “Skinny Menu” that features wholesome and lightweight swaps to traditional Cuban favorites, so you can enjoy Miami foods and still feel light on your feet for a day out on the town.

Sergio’s | Multiple Locations | $$

a healthy lunch of blackened fish, salad, and light sides
via Sergio's

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3. Ham Croquetas at Islas Carnarias 

Islas Carnarias is a family-owned restaurant located on the western edge of Miami. Among locals, Islas Carnarias is known as the best Cuban food in Miami, delighting patrons with its family atmosphere and delicious traditional meals. 

The Vibe

Islas Carnarias’ décor is inspired by trends of mid-century European architecture in Cuba: warm, welcoming and casually elegant. Islas Carnarias is the best Cuban restaurant in Miami for bonding with friends and family over authentic Cuban and Spanish cuisine.

What to Order

Islas Carnarias has a wide variety of authentic Cuban dishes, but what makes them some of the best Cuban food in Miami is their famous ham croquetas. Filled with hot ham, béchamel sauce and deep-fried to crispy perfection, don’t miss out on these traditional croquetas from one of the best Cuban restaurants in Miami. 

Islas Carnarias | 13695 SW 26th St., Miami, FL 33175 | $$

Islas Carnarias is some of the best Cuban food in Miami.
via Islas Carnarias

4. Cookie Skillet Sundae at Havana Harry’s

Ready to treat yourself or your loved one to a Cuban fine dining experience? Look no further than Havana Harry’s, a polished yet celebratory restaurant serving the best Cuban food in Miami. Havana Harry’s stays busy year-round, so secure your spot with a reservation! 

The Vibe

Havana Harry’s is one of the more refined Cuban restaurants in Miami. The décor is classic and upscale but comfortable, making it the perfect place to celebrate a birthday, graduation or anniversary with dinner. 

What to Order

To say that Havana Harry’s has a massive menu would be an understatement. Satisfy your hungry heart’s desires with the best Cuban food in Miami, including Cuban tostones, rice dishes, steaks and more. Be sure to indulge in one of Havana Harry’s famous desserts like their cookie skillet sundae!

Havana Harry’s  | 4612 Le Jeune Rd., Coral Gables, FL 33146 | $$

a skillet filled with a cookie and ice cream sundae
via Havana Harry's

5. Vaca Frita at Versailles 

For over 40 years, visitors have flocked to the Versailles restaurant for the best Cuban food in Miami, and they never leave feeling disappointed. Many Cuban politicians also frequent Versailles, which is seen as a cultural beacon for the Cuban community in Miami. 

The Vibe

Versailles offers an upscale atmosphere with a casual dress code and menu options. Marvel at the building’s ornate mirrored walls and chandeliers while you enjoy classic Cuban café-style dishes. 

What to Order

Versaille’s vaca frita is called the best Cuban food in Miami for a reason. Translated to “fried cow,” this traditional dish features slow-boiled and pulled shredded beef served with sautéed onions, white rice and black beans. 

Versailles  | 3555 SW Eighth St., Miami, Florida 33135-4196 | $$

Versailles is some of the most famous Cuban food in Miami.
via Versailles Restaurant

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6. Guava Cheesecake at Havana 1957

Transport yourself and your tastebuds to a vintage Cuban paradise at Havana 1957. With multiple locations, Havana 1957 is a local favorite for cozy sit-down dinners and the best Cuban food in Miami. 

The Vibe

Havana 1957 offers a truly unique experience compared to many of the other best Cuban restaurants in Miami. Here you can enjoy a gallery of quirky old photographs, 1950s décor and cushy vinyl booths. 

What to Order

Havana 1957’s patrons will attest to their delicious truffle yuca fries, masitas de puerco and enchilado de camarones. Before you wrap up your meal of the best Cuban food in Miami, indulge in a sweet treat like Cuban flan or guava cheesecake. 

Havana 1957 | Multiple Locations | $$

a heaping plate of Cuban rice and seafood
via Havana 1957

7. Bacon-Wrapped Plantains at Three Palms Cuban Café

This hidden gem is the perfect spot to find the best Cuban food in Miami if you’re staying farther north. Three Palms Cuban Café offers affordable breakfast, lunch and dinner options in a casual environment perfect for groups or a quick lunch date. 

The Vibe

Three Palms Cuban Café has a very laid-back, casual atmosphere, and is great for a quick bite of homestyle Cuban food. Despite being one of the lesser-known restaurants on this list, they’ve had many famous visitors including Martha Stewart and Khloe and Kim Kardashian. 

What to Order

Three Palms Cuban Café is a perfect place to sample a variety of the best Cuban food in Miami, including Cuban tamales, mahi-mahi, fried green tomatoes and more. Bring a friend to share in a delightful plate of bacon-wrapped plantains. 

Three Palms Cuban Café | 11500 Biscayne Blvd., Miami, FL 33181 | $

Three Palms Cafe serves delicious Cuban food in Miami.
via Three Palms Café

8. Cafecito at La Carreta

La Carreta’s most prominent location near Little Havana is a staple for the best Cuban food in downtown Miami. La Carreta prides itself on consistently delicious food and a relaxed, homestyle atmosphere. 

The Vibe

La Carreta is a sit-down restaurant with a comfortable and contemporary vibe. Here you can enjoy the best Cuban food in Miami, and visitors are often impressed by this restaurant's kind and generous servers. 

What to Order

La Carreta serves a variety of Cuban classics just like Abuela would make them. Grab a cup of strong cafecito to excite your senses before your meal. Just be sure to leave room for a decadent treat from their rotating dessert display!

La Carreta | Multiple Locations | $$

two people drinking cafecito from a Cuban restaurant
via La Carreta

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9. Bistec con Salsa Chimichurri at Little Havana Restaurant

Specializing in traditional Cuban food and drinks, Little Havana serves the best Cuban food in Miami at three locations in North Miami, Deerfield and Coral Springs. 

The Vibe

Little Havana’s homestyle Cuban cooking perfectly blends with the rustic, cultural vibe of the dining room. This is the perfect place to enjoy a filling, savory dinner and dessert with family or large groups. 

What to Order

Order an appetizer called the “Taste of Havana,” which will give a generous sample of all the best Cuban food in Miami. Little Havana’s house special, bistec con salsa chimichurri, is also famous for a reason; don’t miss out on this tender Cuban steak with spicy chimichurri sauce. 

Little Havana Restaurant | Multiple Locations | $$

a platter of yuca cheese bites from a Cuban restaurant
via Little Havana Restaurant

10. Chicharones at El Palacio de Los Jugos

El Palacio de Los Jugos, whose name roughly translates to “the juice palace,” has become known for much more than its sweet and fruity concoctions. Anyone on the hunt for the best Cuban food in Miami must make a stop at El Palacio de Los Jugos. 

The Vibe

El Palacio de Los Jugos is like a cross between a barbecue grill and a juice bar, resulting in some delicious, saucy meats with tropical inspirations. 

What to Order

If you’re planning a visit to El Palacio de Los Jugos, bring a hefty appetite. The chicharones, or fried pork rinds, are some of the best Cuban food in Miami. Pair your savory chicharones with a sweet margarita, sugar cane juice or mango juice for the quintessential Cuban experience. 

El Palacio de Los Jugos | Multiple Locations | $

El Palacio del Los Jugos is a famous spot for Cuban food in Miami
via El Palacio de Los Jugos

11. Paella at La Rosa

A favorite among locals and visitors alike, La Rosa certainly earns its place on the list for the best Cuban food in Miami. Since opening in the 1960s, they have made plenty of modern updates while keeping their service classy. 

The Vibe

Visitors may recognize a decent amount of Spanish inspiration in the dining décor and on the menu. This famous Cuban restaurant in Miami is perfect for a lighthearted celebration or boozy weekend brunch. 

What to Order

La Rosa is probably most famous for its paella, a complex Spanish dish of fried meats, rice, seafood and spices. However, La Rosa’s other dishes, such as their sopa de pollo and bistec empanizado are also some of the best Cuban food in Miami. 

La Rosa | Multiple Locations | $$ 

a plate of Cuban paella from La Rosa in Miami
via La Rosa

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12. Cubano Sandwich at Enriqueta's Sandwich Shop

Looking to grab an easy bite of the best Cuban food in Miami during your lunch break? Enriqueta’s Sandwich Shop is a small establishment offering big flavor in the Cuban restaurant game. 

The Vibe

Enriqueta’s is a very low-key Cuban eatery; they have a seated dining area as well as a quick-order ventana. This local gem can get busy, but the food is well worth the wait! 

What to Order

The Cubano is a staple in Cuban cuisine, and many restaurants offer this sandwich, but none do it so well as Enriqueta’s Sandwich Shop. Cheese, crispy ham and savory pickles melt between two toasty slices of bread for the perfect mid-day meal. 

Enriqueta’s Sandwich Shop | 186 NE 29th St., Miami, FL 33137 | $ 

Enriqueta's Sandwich Shop serves some of the best Cuban food in Miami
via Enriqueta's Sandwich Shop

13. Lechon Asado at Estefan Kitchen 

If you’re looking for the best Cuban food in the Miami Beach area, Estefan Kitchen is an elegant restaurant nestled in Miami’s design district, just a short drive across the Biscayne bay. 

The Vibe

Estefan Kitchen is all about showcasing Cuba’s exciting and artistic side in an upscale environment that feels like a dream. Cool, ambient lighting and elegant details set the stage for some of the best Cuban food in Miami Beach. 

What to Order

Estefan Kitchen serves a range of Cuban classics, including empanadas, sandwiches and entrees like lechon asado. This famous Cuban restaurant in Miami also stands out for its innovative vegan and vegetarian options. 

Estefan Kitchen | 140 NE 39th St., #133, Miami, FL | $$

a Cuban-style burrito with eggs on top and potatoes on the side
via Estefan Kitchen

14. Arroz Frito Especial at El Exquisito Restaurant

With a name that translates to “the exquisite one,” El Exquisito simply must make the list for the best Cuban food in Downtown Miami. This restaurant lives up to its namesake with fairly-priced dishes that pack exquisite Cuban flavor. 

The Vibe

Nestled along 8th Street in Little Havana, El Exquisito is a small Cuban restaurant that may not stand out to the unsuspecting eye. However, food-lovers who walk through its doors are sure to enjoy the most flavorful, best Cuban food in Miami. 

What to Order

One of El Exquisito’s most popular dishes is their arroz frito especial, or fried rice with shrimp. Of course, many locals adore the pork chunks and Cuban tamales, so it’s best to make multiple visits to this well-loved Cuban restaurant in Downtown Miami! 

El Exquisito | 1510 SW Eighth St., Miami, FL 33135 | $

a plate of fried rice with shrimp
via El Exquisito Restaurant

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15. Pallomila Steak at Rio Cristal

Rio Cristal is a cozy Cuban restaurant located off of SW 40th Street in Miami. This family-owned restaurant has been serving guests the best Cuban food in Miami for nearly 50 years, and they have the reputation and recipes to show for it. 

The Vibe

Rio Cristal offers a relaxed, small-town vibe in the western side of Miami. Here you’ll find classic booth seating as well as a cozy bar area amid red brick flooring and vintage Cuban décor. 

What to Order

Rio Cristal’s menu features the usual Cuban fare, but they also earn the title of best Cuban food in Miami for their famous original steak with a side of black beans and yuca frita. 

Rio Cristal | 9872 SW 40th St., Miami, FL 33165 | $

Rio Cristal's Palomilla steak is some of the best Cuban food in Miami.
via Rio Cristal

Cuban cuisine offers some of the most delicious dishes imaginable. From tender and savory vaca frita, to smooth and sweet guava cheesecake, these dynamic cultural dishes capture the hearts of all Miami’s visitors and locals alike. Once you experience the best Cuban food in Miami, you’re sure to feel hungry for more!

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