Chef Luis  or Resident Chef

Chef Luis or Resident Chef

Verified chef

Chef Luis was born in Madrid and is a food connoisseur with special interest in the complexity and variety of the regional cuisine of Spain. In his travels through America and the Philippines Chef Luis identified the flavors of Spain and the influence of tapas in many of those countries. He believes in a practical and creative way of cooking that engages the cook wanting to explore with quality and healthy ingredients of the Mediterranean.

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Cozymeal guest reviews for Chef Luis or Resident Chef

Lucille S.


15 Dec 2018

Excellent event Fun Great Food Interactive

Bene Z.


10 Aug 2018

This is the best cooking class I have ever attended and the food was spectacular. However, I must say that the Chef and his assistant went above and beyond to make things perfect. Thank you both!

Chris H.


13 Nov 2017

Very fun experience! It was the perfect level of participation for me, sharing responsibilities with the group and volunteering when you wanted to get some hands on experience. Chef Luis was knowledgeable and charismatic, open to helping and teaching us about the food he was making.