Chef Jared

Chef Jared

Verified chef

Food safety certified

For Chef Jared, cooking is much, much more than a profession. Blending his creativity and extensive background in the culinary arts, he enjoys sharing his passion with the world. After being certified at Le Cordon Bleu, Chef Jared held the role as line chef at the Grand Hotel in Barcelona. He has owned several restaurants throughout the years and currently provides fine dining experiences through his own catering company.

Cozymeal guest reviews for Chef Jared

Amanda Z.


03 Jun 2022

My husband and I took this class as something different to do. We both really enjoyed it. Chef Jared was very helpful and knowledgeable while keeping the environment fun. Also the food was amazing! Was able to take home some leftovers and recipes so we can make this in the future.

Lindsey C.


23 May 2022

Having this class with Jared was wonderful! He makes it entertaining and is open to all questions! We made enough food to even take home leftovers! I would recommend a class with Jared to anyone!

Earlene Miracle .

Earlene Miracle

19 May 2022

Jared was very interactive and explained each step of the process. There were a few things that he did in advance to save time, but he was good to explain what and why. Enjoyable experience.