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Chef Stefano

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Chef Stefano is a passionate and energetic epicurean with more than a decade of professional culinary experience. He loves food and traveling, and has spent much of his career studying and working in kitchens across Europe, including Michelin-starred restaurants. After spending time honing his craft in France, Malta, and London, Chef Stefano now lives and works in Florence, Italy, specializing in Mediterranean cuisine.

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Grace M.


22 May 2022

A wonderful class led by a knowledgeable, fun instructor! Would absolutely take a class with Chef Stefano again.

Judy Panico .

Judy Panico

04 May 2022

Chef Stefano's class was a lot of fun and his recipes were really tasty! Chef Stefano was able to effortlessly explain why we were doing specific techniques, the difference between similar ingredients, and he provided instructions on using equipment as well as the manual process. Great class!

Victoria L.


02 May 2022

This was a great class. Stefano was a great teacher and the food was amazing