Chef Solange

Chef Solange

Verified chef

Chef Solange is an award-winning chef, having received three gold medals for extraordinary performance at American Culinary Federation competitions. She looks forward to sharing her vast culinary knowledge with you, and thoroughly enjoys increasing motivation among those she teaches. Also a restaurateur, Chef Solange has a wide range of expertise in the culinary landscape that makes her an incredible well-rounded chef.

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Chad P.


16 May 2019

Chef Solange Ortiz proves to be a vegan chef with truly puerto rican roots. Her meals will change your perception of vegan food, and introduce you to flavors even meat lovers could enjoy. Her entrees are healthy but hearty recreations of staple puerto rican dishes, along with flavorful appetizers and delicious desserts. You'll be glad you learned to cook with the amazing vegan knowledge and skills of Chef Ortiz.