Chef Skye

Chef Skye

Verified chef

After being vegetarian for 25 years and vegan for 10 years, Chef Skye followed her passion of plant-centric cuisine and became a specialized plant-based chef, even being recognized in Los Angeles' yoga community as a top plant-focused chef. Chef Skye loves teaching others about the beauty and versatility of cooking with plants, and her talents have been recognized throughout the years at numerous events in Los Angeles.

Cozymeal guest reviews for Chef Skye

Anastasia L.


29 Aug 2020

Wow we had such a great time! It was surely a great experience~ the setting, the Chef, the ingredients, the time to just step back and zen into prep and cooking, I can't say enough about this class. Thanks so much Chef Skye, we will be back!

Ben L.


07 Jul 2019

Beautiful location/view, personable and helpful host, and some good ideas for vegan alternatives. Thanks Skye!

Charlotte M.


18 Feb 2019

Skye was very friendly. I would have preferred if she’d been a little more prepared, with real recipes to follow, and was more involved the whole time. The recipes were missing measurements, some ingredients, most steps, and some food items were missing completely. She stepped away a lot to manage some other things going on in the house which left us guessing. Overall I think it was a great day, the views were worth it, and we enjoyed our time together. I would have preferred a more professional experience for the cost, but overall it was a nice afternoon.