17 Top Subway Secret Menu Items To Try in 2024

Published on May 22, 2024 | 0 Comments
Subway sandwich served on a plate

There’s a good chance you’ve been eating at Subway unaware of the existence of a Subway secret menu — hidden away deep in the recesses of the kitchen. Or perhaps you don’t know how to order these innovative creations and shy away from asking the food artists in case you embarrass yourself?

Well, shy away no more! This article will guide you in finding the perfect sub and satisfying your Subway secret menu craving so you can eat to your stomach’s content. At the end of a hectic day, relax with a special sub and drinks or get together with your gang and go all-out by trying various Subway secret menu items, rekindling your love for fast food, Subway style.


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Does Subway Have a Secret Menu?

Yes, and the best part is that you can customize it as you like! The Subway secret menu is something of an unofficial offering by Subway, where innovations like the foot-long Italian B.M.T, Meat Feast and more lie in wait for the perfect moment to be discovered by foodies like yourself. 

The Subway hidden menu consists of old Subway-style creations and new combinations worth the hype. For those who aren’t aware, there is a proper way of asking the food artists to prepare your Subway secret menu choice. Keep reading to discover palate-pleasing items and how to order them from the Subway secret menu. 

17 Best Subway Secret Menu Items

1. Pizza Sub

The pizza sub is a savory delight offering the convenience of a sandwich but tasting like a pizza with cheesy layers, marinara sauce and toppings of your choice. 

You’ll have to be specific with your order since it’s a unique Subway secret menu item. Make your choice of bread followed by the marinara sauce, cheese and toppings (salami, olives, mushrooms, bell pepper, pepperoni, etc). Toasting is optional, but make sure to finish with some seasoning like cheese, oregano or red pepper flakes. 

Subway secret menu is filled with delicious subs
via Subway

2. Deconstructed Breakfast Taco

Subway combines its unique take on a taco breakfast with classic flavors to highlight its signature ingredients. To order this Subway secret menu item, specify the name and the ingredients you want. 

Start by asking for a deconstructed breakfast taco followed by the protein of choice (sausage, steak or bacon). Next comes the cheese and veggies finished with Subway’s varied selection of condiments. 

Three subway subs with veggies and cheese
via Subway

3. Chicken Cordon Bleu

If you’re feeling a little indulgent, be sure to try this savory Subway secret menu item. It combines tender chicken breast, Swiss cheese, ham and the usual veggies and sauces.

Ask for the bread of your choice (Italian Herbs and Cheese is the most recommended) followed by grilled chicken breast slices, ham and oodles of Swiss cheese that will later melt into heavenly gooeyness. Customize further with veggies and sauces of your choice.

Chicken Cordon Bleu is a tasy sub from the Subway secret menu
via Subway

4. Sweet and Sour

Give the usual Subway classics a tasty twist by ordering a sweet and sour sub. This Subway hidden menu item requires some customizations to an existing Subway sandwich to get the perfect tangy and sweet flavor profile.

Start by asking for a standard menu item — either the sweet onion teriyaki chicken or the chicken teriyaki. Next, ask for honey mustard and sweet chilli sauces since they’re the stars of the Sub. Further customizations include veggies and cheese to suit your preferences. 

Sweet and sour is the perfect mix for a Subway secret menu item
via Subway

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5. Spicy Nacho Steak

Craving some steak and chips? The  spicy nacho steak is all you need. The zesty flavors of a freshly cooked steak drip into cheesy Doritos with added cheesiness and a crunch of veggies. 

Ordering this Subway secret menu item is easy. Fill up your bread with steak, Chipotle Southwest Sauce, shredded Monterey cheddar, nacho cheese Doritos, bell peppers and onions. Have it toasted and then add more veggies or seasonings as you’d like. 

Subway served with steak and chipotle sauce
via Subway

6. Subway Old-Cut

This Subway secret menu item is more about recreating an old-time classic sandwich cut rather than what goes between the breads. 

To order this specific Sub, ask the food artist to prepare a sub of your preference but let them know, in advance, to cut the bread in a "V" shape. You can explain how the cut goes if the food artist is unsure.

Enjoy a Subway Old-Cut from the Subway secret menu
via Subway

7. The Wing Effect

The wing-style sub likes to leave its meat hanging. Off the sides, we mean. This Subway secret menu creation is more of a sandwich hack than a special menu item. 

The food artist prepares it so that the meat of your choice is let to hang from the sides of the bread instead of being tucked in neatly. You can ask them to prepare your sub wing-style, to give it the wing effect or to leave the meat hanging off the sides. 

Three subways silled with ham, pepperoni, cheese and veggies
via Subway

8. Chicken Parmesan

Although it was taken off the roster back in 2010, Subway fans can still recreate this classic as a Subway secret menu item. You’ll have to be specific with every customization since it's a standalone item. 

Order a sub with roasted chicken topped with marinara sauce followed by melted parmesan cheese and seasonings like black pepper, olives and spinach. 

Chicken parmenan is a cheesy sub from the Subway secret meni
via Subway

9. The Footlong B.M.T

This Subway signature, according to legend, stands for "Bigger. Meatier. Tastier." As the story goes, this Subway secret menu item was born from a truck driver’s hunger who wanted a hearty meal for the road. 

The flavors are intense. To order it, ask for the B.M.T and if the food artist isn’t clear on what you mean, ask for eight double portions of meat, eight double cheese, nine layers of bacon, extra bread in between, every vegetable on the roster and any sauces or seasoning you prefer. 

Footlong Subway filled with meats and veggies
via Subway

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10. Autumn Roasted Chicken Sub

The sweetness of apples, roasted chicken, a drizzle of the perfect sauces and crunchy veggies on top makes autumn come alive on your plate! 

To recreate this delicious Subway secret menu sub, have the food artist put roasted chicken, bacon, crisp apple slices, swiss cheese, green peppers, spinach and cucumbers in the bread, followed by a generous drizzle of BBQ sauce. 

Autumn Roasted Chicken Sub is a savory sub fro the Subway secret menu
via Subway

11. The Ultimate Celebration

And truly so, since it is a celebration of juicy meats and gooey cheese in every mouthful. That is, until this Subway secret menu item is devoured into non-existence!

Ask for a big sandwich with eight salami pieces, six turkey pieces, eight pepperoni, six roast beef slices and Swiss cheese. Have this roasted well and put on sauces, seasonings and veggies to your liking. 

Subway filled with ham, cheese, veggies and pickles, topped with mustard
via Subway

12. The Feast

As the name suggests, it is a feast combining every standard deli meat with customizations that include even more meats. 

To order this unique Subway secret menu item, request a sandwich with ham, turkey and roast beef. Add salami and pepperoni to double the meat and have oodles of cheese and veggies with seasonings and mayo as you’d prefer. Add a sauce to double the zing and enjoy your feast. 

The feast is a Subway secret menu item that combines delicious flavors
via Subway

13. More Please

This sub is a delight and a unique Subway secret menu item that you can customize as you like.

It tastes, well, however you want it to. Order more bread if you’d like, more meat, more cheese, more toppings, more seasonings, veggies, mayo and sauces to create the ultimate sub that only you can think of! 

To enjoy the More Please from the Subway secret menu simply ask for more!
via Subway

14. Eggs Florentine Flatbread

Touted as the healthiest sub, this Subway secret menu item is a quick Italian breakfast-cum-lunch that fulfills your protein intake. Although not on the regular menu, it is quite popular with customers and Subway food artists are familiar with its make-up.

Ask for an eggs Florentine flatbread with egg whites, banana pepper, red onion, black olives and any Italian dressing, all wrapped in a super fluffy and light flatbread.  

Flatbread served with cheese and coffee
via Subway

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15. The Big Philly Cheesesteak

As straightforward as it sounds, this cheesesteak sub combines the goodness of rich steak with cheese in a filling sandwich. Sitting gracefully in the Subway secret menu, this popular item will satisfy your cheese and steak craving.

Order this foot-long sub with three helpings of steak and double the cheese, sauces, veggies and seasonings. Have it toasted and let the cheese coat all the ingredients before you dig in.

Philly Cheesesteak subway filled with steak, cheese, sauces and veggies
via Subway

16. Tuna Melt Sub

If you’re in the mood for some fishy business, choose the tuna melt sub from the Subway secret menu. It's a simple sandwich with simple ingredients and you can customize it as you like. 

Order a sandwich with tuna salad and add cheese — cheddar and provolone are both good choices. Have the sub toasted till the cheese melts and enjoy your meal!

The Tuna Melt Sub is a perfect subway secret menu item for seafood lovers
via Subway

17. The Chicken Pizzaiola

Combining chicken and pizza in a Subway sandwich has to be one of the most delectable sandwich experiences. Since it's not on the regular menu, you’ll have to describe the ingredients needed to make this Subway secret menu item. 

Ask for the bread of your choice, roasted chicken breast, pepperoni and cheese. Have this toasted with cheese and marinara sauce before adding add veggies and seasonings. The result? That zingy pizza flavor that we all know and love.

The Chicken Pizzaiola features chicken, pepperoni and cheese
via Subway

The thing about Subway’s secret menu is that it hides its specialties in plain sight. Whatever you fancy and however hungry you are, the Subway secret menu is full of variety, keeping things fresh and allowing you to make the most of your meal as you wander in search of your next gastronomic adventure. 

Hopefully, now that we've unearthed some of the best Subway secret menu items, you can overcome that shiness and order your dream sandwich with confidence. Whatever your choice, you can now satisfy that craving for something new and delicious every time you visit this popular deli. 

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