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15 Unlikely Famous Foodies: You Won't Believe Who Made the List!

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When they’re not commanding the stage, selling out world tours or walking red carpets, these famous foodies are enjoying their favorite foods. Do you ever wonder what celebrities do in their free time? Being a celebrity comes with a hectic schedule and busy lifestyle, but these famous foodies make sure to carve time out of their daily schedules to celebrate great food. 

These superstars all have great tastes when it comes to food. Many have authored cookbooks, host their own cooking shows and regularly share their most treasured recipes with adoring fans. Keep reading to discover which of your favorite celebrities made our famous foodies list.

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1. Ed Sheeran

English crooner Ed Sheeran is best known for his romantic ballads such as “Perfect” and “Shape of You,” but when he’s not touring sold-out stadiums and writing heartfelt love songs he’s searching for the perfect sauce. 

You heard that right. Finding the elusive perfect hot sauce is Ed Sheeran's pastime. When Sheeran couldn't find his ideal hot sauce, he set out on a mission to create his own. He partnered with Heinz, and Tingly Ted’s was born. Tingly Ted’s is his newest contribution to the culinary landscape and earns him a spot among our famous foodies list.

famous foodie Ed Sheeran's hot sauce bottles
via Tingly Ted's

2. Florence Pugh 

“Oppenheimer” star Florence Pugh is also a budding food influencer who went viral in 2020 for her Instagram series “Cooking With Flo.” This famous foodie captured hearts and taste buds with her tasty recipes showcased on Instagram. 

For Pugh, food is a family affair as her father owns several restaurants, and she grew up with a love of food ingrained from an early age. She often showcases British traditional foods as an homage to her native country and enjoys sharing her heritage with her extensive audience. Pugh has teased that she has her own cooking show in the works, and fans are excited to see what this famous foodie cooks up in the future. 

3. Stanley Tucci 

Actor Stanley Tucci, famous for “The Devil Wears Prada” and “Julia and Julia,” is a food fanatic. After a bout with tongue cancer in 2017 threatened to take his sense of taste, Tucci realized his true passion, food. 

This famous foodie went on to write a memoir not about his extensive acting accolades, but about his culinary adventures and favorite recipes. In his memoir “Tastes,” Tucci reminisces on his childhood and his Italian mother's impeccable cooking. He describes her as a role model and person who sparked his interest in food from a young age. 

Taste: My Life Through Food by Stanley Tucci
via Stanley Tucci

4. Amy Schumer

Stand-up comedian, author, producer and actress Amy Schumer is no stranger to great food. Being married to professional chef Chris Fischer has its perks, and this famous foodie and her chef husband have even hosted their own Food Network series called “Amy Schumer Learns To Cook.'' 

In her series, Schumer learns from her husband, an accomplished chef and James Beard award-winning food writer, how to prepare intricate dishes and how to build savory entrées like a professional. This pair of famous foodies are a perfect match. 

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5. Snoop Dogg 

Rapper Snoop Dogg was first introduced to cooking when he joined Martha Stewart on the “Martha Stewart Show” to learn how to make mashed potatoes. They formed a fast friendship and remained close friends for over 15 years. 

Over that time, Snoop also picked up an interest in home cooking. In 2018 he released his cookbook “From Crook To Cook: Platinum Recipes from Tha Boss Dogg's Kitchen” which quickly became an internet sensation. This famous foodie’s cookbook explores simple homemade recipes, comfort food dishes and boozy cocktails. It was met with positive reviews and is expected to have a follow-up released in the near future, much to the excitement of fans. 

famous foodie snoop dogg cookbook
via Snoop Dogg

6. Trisha Yearwood

Country music star Trisha Yearwood loves three things: food, family and country music. Yearwood has authored four cookbooks and now hosts her own Food Network series “Trisha’s Southern Kitchen,” showcasing her favorite recipes. She has a down-home Southern cooking style easily replicable by the average home chef. 

Yearwood often shares her husband, country music star Garth Brooks’, favorite recipes from her kitchen and offers viewers an inside look into their everyday meals. Yearwood swears by her slow cooker, calling it her secret weapon, and often shares simple crock pot recipes you can set and forget. After nine years on the Food Network, this country singer has earned her title of famous foodie. 

7. Ayesha Curry

Basketball wife and celebrity chef Ayesha Curry shot to fame after releasing her popular cookbook “The Full Plate.” Curry showcases down-home easy recipes perfect for a mom on the go. 

She briefly hosted her own show on Food Network called “Ayesha’s Home Kitchen,” which featured simple homemade meals for busy parents on the go. As a working mom of two girls and wife to NBA superstar Steph Curry, this famous foodie proves you can have it all and don’t have to sacrifice flavor for convenience.

famous foodie ayesha curry cookbook
via Ayesha Curry

8. Lana Condor

On screen, Lana Condor plays sweetheart and baking fanatic Laura Jean in her break-out film “To All The Boys I Loved Before.” In real life, this Pacific Northwest native is a seafood connoisseur. 

Condor frequently showcases her elaborate meals on Instagram and raves about how much she loves to eat. This famous foodie believes that enjoying fresh new foods is a great way to experience and learn about other cultures. This Vietnamese-American actress finds food to be a way for her to connect back to her roots and to enjoy other cultures. 

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9. Oprah Winfrey

Famous talk show host and American television icon Oprah Winfrey is no stranger to the world of food. In 2016 she authored the best-selling cookbook “Food Health and Happiness” which was an instant bestseller. 

Oprah is famous for her candid, truthful nature, and she frequently opens up about her complicated relationship with food and health. Through her cookbook, this famous foodie shows readers you don’t have to give up flavor to have a healthy meal that tastes great and makes you feel great. 

oprah winfrey cookbook
via Oprah Winfrey

10. Kim Kardashian 

Reality star, human rights activist, business owner and mom of four, there is not much Kim Kardashian can’t do. It comes as no surprise to her fans that she also has a taste for the finer foods in life. Showcased on her TV series “The Kardashians” on Hulu, Kim has a spotless commercial kitchen in her home sure to make any chef swoon.

As a busy mom of four, Kim values organization and meticulously organizes her pantry to make whipping up meals a breeze. This famous foodie indulges in her fanciest food whims and even has a frozen yogurt machine in her mansion. Her frozen yogurt machine comes fully equipped with a toppings bar containing heaps of sprinkles and other sugary treats to make the perfect bowl of froyo. 

11. Jon Favreau

Jon Favreau discovered cooking when he starred in the film “Chef.” His producer suggested he take private cooking classes to prepare for the role, and Favreau unexpectedly fell in love with cooking. After completing a few weeks of culinary school, Favreau was ready to work in the commercial kitchen and his transformation into a famous foodie was just beginning.

Renowned chef and fellow “Chef” star Roy Choi put Favreau on the line in his restaurant and made him work a real restaurant shift, and the rest is history. Favreau said he felt at home in the kitchen and enjoyed the parallels between a busy restaurant kitchen and a busy Hollywood film set. This famous foodie now has a deeper appreciation for the hard work and talent that goes into crafting an amazing meal.  

via Jon Favreau
via Jon Favreau

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12. Bun B

Famous rapper, one half of the rap duo UKG (Under Ground Kings), and Houston legend, Bun B is the newest famous foodie taking Houston by storm. His restaurant Trill Burgers won Houston's Best Burger of the Year award and is quickly becoming a Space City staple in the culinary scene. 

With drive-through lines going on for blocks and multiple celebrity sightings including Drake, Sean Kingston, Mike Tyson and Ludacris, Trill Burgers sold over 53,000 burgers to native Houstonians in its first month operating as a brick-and-mortar storefront. Bun B partnered with renowned local chefs Mike Pham and Fernando Valladares to bring fans a succulent juicy smash patty and crispy homestyle fries worthy of all the hype.

13. Chrissy Teigen

Social media influencer and ex-supermodel Chrissy Teigen’s other claim to fame is being a famous foodie. Teigen has authored her own cookbook “Cravings,” exploring indulgent comfort food recipes and accessible home cooking. 

As a busy mom of two and wife to famous singer-songwriter John Legend, Teigen has a lot on her plate but still manages to make room for an enticing meal. Teigen enjoys cooking with her mother and for her kids, and she often shares a behind-the-scenes look at how food plays a role in her everyday life. Her recipes are simple, flavorful and accessible for home cooks and aspiring chefs alike. This famous foodie often shares her recipes and creations with her fans on Instagram at “Cravings By Chrissy Teigen,” which has garnered a large supportive following of over a million home cooks.

famous foodie
via Chrissy Teigen

14. Questlove 

Questlove is a founding member and drummer of the Roots, the house band for “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,” an actor, an author of six books and an Academy Award winner, but his newest project is food. 

This famous foodie's love of scrumptious bites has led him to volunteer with the Future of Food Entrepreneurship Program, which matches underprivileged public high school culinary arts students with food tech companies. Questlove has said that chefs are the new rockstars, and he finds similarities between the symphonic world of music and the cacophony of flavors in the culinary world.

15. Gwyneth Paltrow 

Gwyneth Paltrow is an Academy Award-winning actress, CEO of Goop and author of four New York Times Bestselling cookbooks. She is a health food guru and a lifestyle influencer who encourages people to discover that clean eating can be delicious. Her plant-focused recipes from her most recent cookbook “It’s All Easy” have been a hit with health-conscious foodies. 

Paltrow shares recipes for fresh smoothie bowls, antioxidant-rich superfood vegetable grain bowls and warm comforting soups which have been popular among her readers. This famous foodie celebrates nutritious whole meals that nourish your insides and your taste buds. 

gwyneth paltrow cookbook
via Gwyneth Paltrow

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Try Cooking Like a Famous Foodie

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Which famous foodie surprised you the most with their presence on this list? As it turns out, celebrities are just like us, with multiple interests beyond the industry that made them famous! We love the fact that people in the spotlight are sharing their love for cooking on their Instagram accounts and even through publishing cookbooks. Famous foodies show us that anyone can develop or enhance their culinary skills at any time of life.

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