31 Best Bakeries in London, UK in 2024

Published on July 8, 2024 | 0 Comments
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If you “knead” to know the finest bakeries in London then look no further — we’re dishing the dough on the 31 top spots for baked treats in the capital.

Shelves in these London bakeries are groaning with delight, from doughnuts drizzled in glimmering icing to buns filled with unctuous cream that will splurge out deliciously when you take the first bite. We’ve looked in every corner of the city to find the top bakeries in London, discovering everything from Lebanese and Swedish favourites, to French and traditional British bakes, allowing you to quite literally have your cake, and eat it.


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31 Best Bakeries in London 2024

1. Hummingbird Bakery

As the bakery responsible for introducing red velvet cupcakes to a hungry populace, it’s no surprise that Hummingbird is first up in our rundown of top bakeries in London. 

The Vibe

There are multiple Hummingbird bakeries in London which means that cakes can be baked on-site fresh every day. 

What to Order

The founding principal at Hummingbird is to bring American-style baking to London so you can expect to find a variety of cupcakes, brownies, cheesecakes and more.

Hummingbird | Multiple Locations | £

For a delightful rainbow cake with sprinkles try this bakery in London.
via Hummingbird

2. Carmelli Bakery

One of the best-established bakeries in London’s Golders Green, Carmelli is a kosher bakery which uses traditional techniques.

The Vibe

The delicious aroma of baking pervades the area around Carmelli to tempt you through the doors. Inside, it’s traditional with lots of counters providing a head-turning array of treats.

What to Order

The rugelach (filled pastries) come with a chocolate, vanilla or cinnamon filling and are all amazing. The bagels are some of the best you’ll find at any bakeries in London.

Carmelli Bakery | 126, 128 Golders Green Road, London NW11 8HB | £

3. Layla Bakery

Found in Ladbroke Grove, NW London, Layla Bakery is one of the best bakeries in London for seasonally inspired bread and bakes.

The Vibe

Layla is a popular spot so be prepared for a wait, especially at the weekends as is the case at many bakeries in London. There are a few tables inside but if it’s sunny you can take advantage of the benches outside.

What to Order

The menu at Layla features sweet and savoury delights, from pastries and sausage rolls to cookies and spiced buns. 

Layla Bakery | 332 Portobello Road, London W10 5PQ | £

A tasty garlic swirl pastry with cheese can be found at this bakery in London.
via Layla Bakery

4. Camden Bakery

Established in 1972, this is one of the oldest bakeries in London on our list. Camden Bakery has supplied the great and good, such as Harrold’s, as well as loyal regulars in the area.

The Vibe

Bustling and friendly, Camden Bakery has plenty of booth and table seating. Try some of the best breakfast London has to offer or a fresh morning coffee at this location

What to Order

The fresh sourdough loaves are ideal for toast but, if you want to indulge your sweet tooth, you’ll go nuts for the pistachio doughnuts.

Camden Bakery | 94 Camden High St., London NW1 0LT | £

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5. Pavilion Bakery

A labour of love from baker Rob Green, Pavillion is among a group of bakeries in London that specialise in sourdough.

The Vibe

There are multiple Pavilion bakeries in London. Each handsome, wood-fronted site has a friendly vibe with helpful and efficient staff to get the queue moving seamlessly.

What to Order

Green started Pavillion after a stint working in Sri Lanka and this influence can be seen in all of the dishes at Pavillion. As well as delicious sourdough and crisp croissants, the menu includes hearty bowls of Sri Lankan daal curry.

Pavillion | Multiple Locations | £

Get freshly baked croissants at this bakery in London.
via Pavillion

6. Fortitude Bakehouse

If you’re a visitor to the city then Fortitude Bakehouse is one of the best situated bakeries in London. Close to the British Museum, it’s a great pitstop while you’re sightseeing.

The Vibe

Tucked away among gabled houses, the blue-fronted Fortitude is small but inviting with a few benches outside for sunny snacking.

What to Order

If you can, make a beeline for a beignet, a treat you won’t find at too many bakeries in London. They come out of the oven at 11 a.m. and stay until they’re sold out. There’s also a changing selection of savouries, such as feta and spinach sesame pastry.

Fortitude Bakehouse | 35 Colonnade, London WC1N 1JD | £

7. Gail’s Bakery

Gail’s is a chain of bakeries in London, with conveniently located sites in Soho, Kensington and more, making this one of the best bakeries in South London.

The Vibe

Each Gail’s site has a similar neat and open vibe, with blonde wood furniture and plenty of space to sit down. 

What to Order

The windows are piled high with delicacies made using seasonal ingredients. The carrot cake, buttery croissants and borekitas (a pastry crescent with a savoury filling) are particularly good.

Gail’s Bakery | Multiple Locations | £

Small sandwiches, cookies and scones can be found at this London bakery.
via Gail’s Bakery

8. Arôme Bakery

Many bakeries in London focus on bread and cakes but every confection at trendy and imaginative Arôme is a true work of art. 

The Vibe

Both Arôme venues have a chic and orderly interior with a small number of tables. As with many of the bakeries in London in our guide, you should be prepared to queue at busy times. 

What to Order

The pistachio and chocolate escargot is a swirling wheel of delight and regulars rave about the honey butter toast (beware, as you’ll find yourself craving it once you leave).

Arôme Bakery | Multiple Locations | £

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9. Rose Bakery

Rose Bakery holds a distinctive place in our selection of bakeries in London because of its location in Dover Street Market, a multi-storey fashion emporium.

The Vibe

After a busy morning of shopping, step into Rose Bakery to refuel. The understated interiors include plenty of tables and chairs so you can show off your latest purchases while you enjoy a delectable bake.

What to Order

You have to try the banana bread, carrot cake and fresh scones with clotted cream!

Rose Bakery | 3rd floor, 18-22 Haymarket, London WC2H 7EA | £

Lemon and chocolate cakes can be found at this London bakery.
via Rose Bakery

10. Chestnut Bakery

Bread is a big deal at all of the bakeries in London on our list but it’s an obsession at Chestnut. This bakery champions ancient grains and uses recipes honed to perfection to produce crusty loaves, flatbreads and rolls.

The Vibe

There are two Chestnut locations: in bustling Covent Garden and upscale Belgravia. Both are completely cashless, so don’t worry about bringing any dough.

What to Order

Go for the kimchi flatbread, if there are any left, or a halloumi bagel for a light lunch or brunch. Alternatively, you could try a croissant, voted Best in the UK in 2023 at the Best Croissant UK Awards.

Chestnut | Multiple Locations | £

11. Blackbird Bakery

In common with many bakeries in London, Blackbird Bakery grew from a market stall into a full-blown upscale bakery with several locations across the city. 

The Vibe

There are three Blackbird bakeries in London, all with plenty of seating if you’re looking for the perfect locale to meet up with friends. 

What to Order

The ultimate chocolate cake is a chocoholic’s dream and comes smothered in gooey, fudgy icing. All of the bread is made fresh daily. As well as a core choice of sourdough, baguettes and ciabattas, there’s a changing schedule of special loaves. 

Blackbird Bakery | Multiple Locations | £

Try a Rose & Pistachio Cake at this London bakery.
via Blackbird Bakery

12. PAUL

PAUL is an international brand that started in France in 1889. It entered the UK in 2000 and there are now more than 30 PAUL bakeries in London alone.

The Vibe

Each PAUL location is light and bright, with elegant touches and plenty of seating making it the perfect spot for a coffee after work or a Saturday morning treat.

What to Order

PAUL specialises in French baking and the croissants and pastries are trés bien. The èclair Paris-Brest filled with praline is also a special favourite.

PAUL | Multiple Locations | £

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13. Bageriet

Bagariet (meaning bakery) has a neat and compact setting in a charming thoroughfare just off Covent Garden, home to many bakeries in London.

The Vibe

Packed full of Nordic charm, this Swedish bakery in London serves traditional Scandinavian cakes and breads. Take a trip to Bagariet to experience light and airy Scandinavian culture without the need for a flight. 

What to Order

The butter knot is mouth-wateringly good, as are the cinnamon buns. The Princess cake is a sweet treat royalty among regulars — lookout for a special festive version at Christmas, too.

Bagariet | 24 Rose St., London WC2E 9EA | £

Try cakes and pastries at this London bakery.
via Bagariet

14. Patisserie Sainte Anne

Following a move from Paris, experienced Patisserie Sainte Anne has become one of the most loved French bakeries in London.

The Vibe

Saint Anne’s has a relaxed and comfortable vibe but be aware: there’s limited seating.

What to Order

Treat yourself to an indulgent éclair or tarte au citron to take away or stay in and take advantage of the lunch deal. You have to try the almond pastries, too, which are made with butter imported from France.

Patisserie Sainte Anne | 204 King St., London W6 0RA | £

15. Rinkoffs Bakery 

Rinkoffs has a history stretching back 125 years, making it one of the oldest bakeries in London. Now managed by the third generation, Rinkoffs still uses the family’s original recipes to prepare its cakes and breads.

The Vibe

You can feel the assurance of more than a century of baking know-how as you step into friendly and relaxed Rinkoffs. There are plenty of tables so this is a great choice of bakeries in London if you’re meeting friends.

What to Order

You’ve got to try a famous crodough — that’s a croissant dough fried and filled with a delicious custard or caramel. 

Rinkoffs Bakery | Multiple Locations | £

colourful iced donuts are for sale in this London bakery.
via Rinkoffs Bakery

16. Ta’mini Lebanese Bakery

Head to Ta’mini (meaning "feed me") for a taste of Lebanese baking at this family-run business. Proudly innovative, this was the first bakery in London to introduce classic Lebanese dishes such as ka’ak street bread.

The Vibe

Both Ta’mini bakeries in London are elegant and friendly, with plenty of space for lingering over a coffee and a pastry.

What to Order

The kafta wraps, filled with beef, lamb and onions, are always popular, as are the sweet versions filled with Nutella.

Ta’mini Lebanese Bakery | Multiple Locations | £

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17. Happy Sky Bakery

Unique among our list of the best bakeries in London, Happy Sky creates traditional Japanese breads and cakes. 

The Vibe

Happy Sky has limited space so getting your bakes to go is a good plan.

What to Order

Each delectable loaf and pastry is an exciting combination of Japanese flavours and international baking techniques, such as the croissant filled with chicken and drizzled with katsu sauce or the matcha custard cream pan.

Happy Sky Bakery |  94 Askew Road, London W12 9BL | £

Try mini hot dogs, sandwiches and pastries in this London bakery.
via Happy Sky Bakery

18. Ararat Bread

Legendary among bakeries in London, Ararat Bread produces Middle Eastern flatbreads, known here as naans. 

The Vibe 

Ararat is a hole-in-the-wall joint found behind Ridley Road Market. There’s no seating so naans are strictly for takeaway, making this an ideal spot to grab a Sunday brunch.

What to Order

Most people go for a hot naan bread topped with cheese, egg or meat but you can also buy one cold for an ideal picnic centrepiece.

Ararat Bread | 132 Ridley Road, London E8 2NR | £

19. Vida Bakery

A vegan specialist among bakeries in London, the excellent Vida Bakery can be found on bustling Brick Lane.

The Vibe

This delightful bakery is as sweet as its cakes, with pastel interiors and charmingly eclectic china. It’s a perfect space to meet friends for brunch or afternoon tea. 

What to Order

An entirely vegan and gluten-free menu makes this one of the top bakeries in London for those avoiding wheat and dairy. Try the colourful rainbow cake or one of the nearly-too-good-to-eat cupcakes.

Vida Bakery | 139 Brick Lane, London E1 6SB | £

A vibrant and filling rainbow cake is on offer at this London bakery.
via Vida Bakery

20. Mystic Burek

Like many of the bakeries in London in our guide, Mystic Burek originated during the Covid-19 lockdown.

The Vibe

Mystic Burek keeps things simple inside and has a proper London caff feel with red and white checked gingham tablecloths and fold-up metal chairs. 

What to Order

There are four types of filo pastries made daily with delicious fillings like creamed spinach or lamb and charred onion. We hope you leave room for dessert because the baklavas are out of this world!

Mystic Burek | 227 Dartmouth Road, London SE26 4QY | £

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21. The Dusty Knuckle Bakery

Originally housed in a shipping container, Dusty Knuckle has expanded to become one of the best-loved bakeries in London.

The Vibe

The Dusty Knuckle has a personality all of its own — cool, rough and ready but with a gentler side, too. There are tables inside and a sunny courtyard which is a fantastic hang-out spot with mates.

What to Order

Be quick to snag a chocolate brioche if you can as these regularly disappear by mid-morning. The organic rye loaf is a great option for toast or sandwiches.

Dusty Knuckle | Abbot St., London E8 3DP | £

Multiple pastries are on offer at this London bakery, including tarts, cinnamon rolls, croissants and more.
via Dusty Knuckle

22. Raab’s The Bakers

If you’re looking for traditional bakeries in London then Raab’s fills the role perfectly and has over 70 years of experience.

The Vibe

Bustling and lively, with a shop window full of cakes and bakes that just invites you to press your nose against the glass, Raab’s is one of the best bakeries in North London and an ideal takeaway spot.

What to Order

You can’t go wrong at Raab’s whatever you have but the sausage rolls, jam doughnuts and cream horns (made on Friday and Saturday) are particularly good.

Raab’s The Bakers | 136 Essex Road, London N1 8LX | £

23. Bunhead Bakery

Holding its own in the crowd of bakeries in London, Bunhead is owned by the self-taught Sara Assad-Manning. 

The Vibe

As with many of the bakeries in London on our list, there’s limited seating at Bunhead but there’s a handy park opposite which is great for a stroll as you nibble.

What to Order

The speciality here is, you guessed it, buns. The cinnamon is an absolute classic but the knafeh is also unmissable. Inspired by a Palestinian pudding, it features rose petals and lashings of syrup.

Bunhead Bakery | 145 Dulwich Road, London SE24 0NG | £

try this crispy and fluffy pastry at this popular London bakery.
via Bunhead Bakery

24. Crumbs & Doilies

Small and perfectly formed, Crumbs & Doilies is a tucked-away treasure on a cobbled street in Soho and one of the best bakeries in London.

The Vibe

Light and airy, Crumbs & Doilies is staffed by a friendly team who will happily help you make your selection. Be aware that popular cupcakes and cookies sell out fast.

What to Order

Many bakeries in London make cookies but few are as good as the New York-style cookies here. Generously filled and gloriously chewy and oozy, you can’t beat the lemon meringue and triple chocolate versions.

Crumbs & Doilies | 1 Kingly Ct., Carnaby, London W1B 5PW | £

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25. Pophams

Aiming to put a new spin on traditional Viennoiserie baking, Pophams was opened by Ollie Gold in 2017. Cut to a few years later and there are a string of Popham’s bakeries in London plus a newly-opened pasta shop.

The Vibe

All of the Popham’s bakeries in London have a contemporary, Scandi-chic vibe with pastel colours, stoneware plates and plenty of scrubbed wooden tables.

What to Order

The innovative team at Popham’s experiment with new and exciting flavour combinations but regular favourites include a rhubarb and cardamom custard and the bacon and maple pastry.

Pophams | Multiple Locations | £

A freshly baked loaf of bread
via Popham’s

26. Aries Bakehouse

One of the best bakeries in South London, Brixton-based Aries offers freshly baked artisan cookies, pastries and bread.

The Vibe

Housed in a handsome Georgian terrace, Aries has a trendy and welcoming vibe. There’s often a queue outside so it’s best to get there early. 

What to Order

Weekend patrons travel for miles to grab a croissant or a bear claw pastry, evidence that this is one of the top bakeries in London. That said, the crisp and airy sourdough bread is the real star of the show.

Aries Bakehouse | 99 Acre Lane, Brixton Hill, London SW2 5TU | £

27. Little Bread Pedlar

Diminutive in name but big in flavour, Little Bread Pedlar was started by friends who used to deliver their bread via cycle at various food markets. Now, like many of the bakeries in London, they’ve found a permanent home and grown to open two venues.

The Vibe

Little Bread Pedlar has two venues which both offer take-away and limited seating.

What to Order

Little Bread Pedlar uses only the finest ingredients (it's another of our bakeries in London that imports butter from France) to make bread, cakes and pastries. The Danishes are a customer favourite and come with changing imaginative toppings; we’ve heard whispers of a candied beetroot and ricotta version!

Little Bread Pedlar | Multiple Locations | £

At this London bakery try a variety of freshly baked breads and pastries.
via Little Bread Pedlar

28. Panadera 

Found on Kentish Town Road, Panadera is one of several Filipino bakeries in London. In fact, it might just be the best of the bunch.

The Vibe

As with most of the bakeries in London in our guide, you’ll need to be lucky to snag a table. If you don’t manage to, you can get your cake to go and enjoy a walk around the area’s interesting architecture.

What to Order

Go for the ube cream doughnut oozing a Wonka-esque purple cream for a signature taste of Panadera’s style. Alternatively, the panko chicken and mushroom sando has very generous portions.

Panadera Bakery | 83 Kentish Town Road, London NW1 8NY | £

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29. Dunn’s Bakery

Clocking in as the oldest of our bakeries in London, Dunn’s has been on the same site in Crouch End since 1820, with the team proudly proclaiming that they’re bakers born and bread!

The Vibe

There are now several Dunn’s bakeries in London and each one is a bustling hive of activity. The chain is takeaway only so you can enjoy your treats al fresco.

What to Order

Dunn’s has a long history, but it innovates regularly to keep pace with the changing London food scene. The vegan sausage rolls are excellent as are the traditional, lip-lickingly good sugar-coated doughnuts.

Dunn’s Bakery | 6 The Broadway, London N8 9SN | £

Freshly baked stuffed donuts.
via Dunn’s Bakery

30. Baban’s Naan

An institution on Blackstock Road, Baban’s Naan serves up some of the best naan in London. And while choosing from London's bakeries isn't easy, you'll be glad you decided to make this your next stop.

The Vibe

This tiny bakery is fitted out with a kitchen, an oven and a counter so there’s no space for eating in. It's perfect for grabbing a bite and going for a walk, especially if you’re looking for imaginative date ideas in London.

What to Order

One of best bakeries in North London, Baban’s serves naan fresh from the oven with an assortment of fillings such as minced lamb, falafel and chicken. Even better, they’re very wallet-friendly. 

Baban’s Naan | 51a Blackstock Road, Finsbury Park, London N4 2JW | £

31. TOAD Bakery

Last but not least in our list of bakeries in London is TOAD. Found on Camberwell High Street, this proudly independent bakery creates fresh breads and cakes every day.

The Vibe

Inside TOAD Bakery is a well-oiled machine, with friendly staff working like troopers to serve the queue of hungry Londoners. There are a few seats outside but most customers get their treats to go.

What to Order

The menu changes often but regular choices are the sticky and sweet cinnamon buns and sweet and savoury Danishes. You’ve got to try the saffron and vanilla teacake, too.

TOAD Bakery | 44 Peckham Road, London SE5 8PX | £

This London bakery has a unique signature bake - a twice baked croissant topped with cacio e pepe sauce and house made pasta
via TOAD Bakery

Learn to Bake in London

Picking up a cake or a croissant is super convenient but why let the bakers have all the fun? There are hundreds of fun baking classes in London that will give you the skills to master a loaf that’s the best thing since sliced bread or the supreme croissant. If you’ve got more of a sweet tooth then expert-guided cake baking classes in London can help you to perfect cookies, sponges, brownies and more to delight your friends and family.

Whether you’re a London local looking for your new favourite spot or you’re after some sweet treats to fuel you up for sightseeing around England’s capital, there’s certainly no shortage of amazing bakeries in London.

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