Chef Rhonda

Chef Rhonda

Verified chef

Chef Rhonda is a personal chef and caterer who has taken her culinary expertise to the classroom. She helped to develop one of the first farm to table school lunch programs in America and now lends her time to a non-profit organization, Junior Chefs of America, teaching kids how to cook. Chef Rhonda loves creating beautiful dishes that are experimental and tasty. She looks forward to showing you how food makes people happy!

Cozymeal guest reviews for Chef Rhonda

Katie M.


15 Feb 2018

I booked a cooking experience for my sister for a gift and she said Chef Rhonda was awesome! They had a great time cooking and a delicious meal. She said she would definitely contact Rhonda for future events or catering if the opportunity came up. Thanks Rhonda!

Xavier J.


24 Jun 2017

Chef Rhonda brought us a full flavored and quick recipes to prepare. Her passion for food and teaching it is contagious and make easier to learn to any level. With more than 20 years of experience in line cook, personal/private chef, caterer, food service director, chef Rhonda knows how to prepare and teach many types of cuisine. I was delighted with an extraordinary menu and traveled through the flavors of Spain with her Apple and Manchego tapas on grilled bread, had some of France with a Classic French Mussels, Asia with the Easy Beef Pho and Italy with the classic Spaghetti alla Carbonara. All of them were delicious. You will enjoy her classes and food. Highly recommend.

Guest reviews for Chef Rhonda



24 Aug 2017

My husband and I would highly recommend Rhonda as a Chef for your party or family meals. Rhonda has created delicious meals for both small and large gatherings at our home. Each menu was thoughtfully created with our input; the quality and presentation surpassed our expectations. Rhonda is delightful to have in your kitchen, extremely professional and lots of fun. She shopped for ingredients, brought specific utensils I didn’t have and cleanup afterwards without a trace!