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Chef Jamie

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Originally from Chicago, Illinois, Chef Jamie studied Baking and Pastry at the Culinary Institute of America's Napa Valley campus. Prior to her career as a chef, Jamie attended Williams College, where she studied Spanish, and then lived in Madrid as a bilingual teacher. Chef Jamie has done quite a bit of work as a pastry cook for restaurants and banquets, but her true passion is bread baking! She hopes to eventually step back from the hectic restaurant pace to become a chef instructor.

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Cozymeal guest reviews for Chef Jamie

betsy m.


20 Apr 2019

i signed up for the course called "beyond baking" with chef jamie. when i got there the course was entitled "french macarons" and the chrf was evelyn. so i am totally confused - i was at the correct place at the correct time but it was not what i signed up for, i did enjoy the class but wish it was a bit more hands on. i would like to select some other experiences but i would like to attend what i signed up for, IS THIS THE WAY COZY MEAL TYPICALLY OPERATES???? betsy

Anthony T.


26 Sep 2018

So I didn't actually attend class with Chef Jamie. When I arrived at the BCAE (the location in the cozymeal email) I was directed to a class with Chef Lars and it featured several fall desserts. After my initial confusion, I went with it. The actual class was great and Chef Lars will make me want to go back to BCAE again, but I see that BCAE's classes are less expensive than what is offered through Cozymeal. So ultimately I won't use Cozymeal and instead go directly to BCAE to both save money and reduce the confusion (which builds on the fact that I had two classes previously cancelled on me.)

Ramya C.


26 Jul 2018

Fun experience!