Chef Sheila

Chef Sheila

Verified chef

Armed with nearly 20 years of professional culinary experience, Chef Sheila is now the owner and executive pastry chef of her own company focused on teaching all areas of baking and pastry. Chef Sheila also has 10 years of specialized experienced teaching aspiring chefs, and home bakers and cooks alike, and previously served as the resident pastry chef in Boca Raton for America’s largest hands-on cooking class program.

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Carlos S.


21 Oct 2019

Chef Sheila brings a classic and fresh baking style that makes you feel at home. As soon as you walk in the room, you smell the brown butter, bread and sweet scents that will make you call your momma. She's a very special way of teaching and the results will be memorable.

Guest reviews for Chef Sheila



30 Oct 2019

I just love cooking with you. You were super patient with all of us beginners. It gave me the ambition to bake at home and try using live yeast. I do want to explore other cooking techniques in the future. Thanks for so much for all your helpful information.