Chef Teffani

Chef Teffani

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Currently working as a pastry chef in a prominent restaurant, Chef Teffani is a renowned baker and chef known for her ebullient personality, irresistible culinary creations, and hospitality beyond compare. When all of these components come together in Chef Teffani's incredible cooking classes, the result is nothing short of an unforgettable culinary experience that will positivity transform the way you operate in the kitchen.

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Cozymeal guest reviews for Chef Teffani

Frederick C.


28 Jan 2020

Wow! So much fun! Teffani was a great teacher. So glad we had this experience.

Michelle T.


10 Jun 2019

I picked Chef Teffani for two reasons, I really liked the menu and her reviews said she was great. I was NOT disappointed! Chef Teffani gave all of us a wonderful experience that was more than just a cooking class. She was warm, welcoming, funny, and informative. It was wonderful and I highly recommend her!

Kathleen T.


18 May 2019

So fun! Chef Teffina was really nice. My son and I had a great time!