Chef Harold

Chef Harold

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Chef Harold has more than a decade of culinary experience, including positions in high-end Michelin-starred restaurants, New York Times-starred restaurants, as well as small, quaint, family-owned eateries. Chef Harold has a deep passion for all things food, and finds the most meaning in his career when he is able to share his culinary knowledge in cooking classes and help others gain confidence in the kitchen.

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Thomas K.


18 Sep 2019

The "Chef" cancelled the event 2 hours before on a Saturday which was supposed to be my girlfriend's birthday present. To his request we moved the event to the next day on Sunday. On Sunday, he cancelled AGAIN 1 hours before meeting time. Thanks but no thanks. Really ruined the special occasion.



25 Jun 2019

We are going to have to reschedule our cooking class , someone was feeling under the weather . Thanks



24 Jun 2019

Good time