Zwilling Sommelier Wine Vacuum Pump

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The Zwilling Sommelier Wine Vacuum Pump keeps your opened bottles of wine fresher for longer. When you open a bottle of wine and come back to it later, you may have noticed that it’s turned flat, or maybe developed a vinegary or bronze-like aroma and flavor. This is the result of oxidation, the process by which air gets into the wine and essentially ruins the taste and aroma. Regular corks can only do so much, which is why Zwilling’s wine vacuum pump is so revolutionary. The stopper extracts oxygen from the opened bottle to slow down the process of oxidation and preserve the freshness of your wine for up to seven days! And, each vacuum wine stopper also features built-in indicator valves to help you keep track of freshness. Letting your bottles go bad before you can manage to finish them off is a thing of the past, all thanks to this ingenious wine vacuum sealer.


Dimensions: Length: 7.48”; Width: 4.53”; Height: 2.13”

Care & Use: Hand wash only

Materials: 18/10 Stainless Steel

2 Product Reviews
Cozymeal Team Shot
Jill H.
10 Jun 2022
I was surprised at how easy it was! The wine stayed fresh so much longer, and tasted like it had just been opened every time!
Cozymeal Team Shot
Cozymeal Team
10 Feb 2022
We love the Zwilling Sommelier Wine Vacuum Pump because it so greatly improves the shelf life of your wines! You won’t have to toss out anymore half-full bottles due to oxidation, because this tool sucks the air out of opened bottles and keeps it out for up to seven days