Miyabi Koh 4 Pc Steak Knife Set

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Enjoy enhanced slicing, dicing and cutting capabilities with the Miyabi Koh 4 Pc Steak Knife Set. Fusing expert German engineering with timeless Japanese tradition, Miyabi created these state-of-the-art steak knives to outperform their average counterparts. The blades on each of these Japanese steak knives are forged from high-quality FC61 fine carbine stainless steel — clocking in at 61 on the Rockwell hardness scale — to deliver unrivaled resistance to corrosion and chipping. That means that your Miyabi steak knives will retain their astounding sharpness for years to come, especially thanks to the innovative ice-hardening process, which provides for greater durability, sharpness and cutting performance. Not only that, each blade is handcrafted and honed with a true katana edge, like the samurai swords made in Seki, Japan centuries in the past. Each blade is also complemented by a stunning pakkawood handle that promotes comfortability while cutting and supports both Western-style chopping and Asian-style rocking cuts.


Handcrafted in Seki, Japan.


Dimensions: Length: 16.75”; Width: 9.75”; Height: 5.5”

Care & Use: Hand-wash with warm water, rinse and dry immediately. Regularly hone the steel to maintain the knife’s cutting edge.

Materials: Stainless steel